10 Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom


The idea of having houseplants in your bathroom isn’t as vague as it sounds, I never thought of doing this until I did a little bit of research and found a potential host in my bathroom. No doubt the conditions in our bathrooms are a bit different from the rest of our house. It’s humid, warm (cool when left unused for a long time) and has lesser availability of sunlight, not all the plants are favorable to these conditions. 

Still there are some tropical plants that can make a truce with such an environment and thrive well in it. Growing plants in your bathroom can benefit you a lot – they will purify the air, absorb moisture, add up to its aesthetic value. 

Let’s have a look at some of the plants you must definitely pot inside your bathroom to doll it up with lush greenery and freshness.

10 Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom

1. ZZ Plant

Other names for the ZZ plant are eternity plant and Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. Its resilience trait and low light requirement make it the perfect fit for a place like your bathroom. 

It has glossy and lustrous leaves which are probably the most engrossing feature of this ZZ plant. Above all, they grow well under negligence as well and you will have to water them every 10 or 12 days. Don’t overwater as it may rot the plant. 

To grow a ZZ plant, use any variety of well-drained soil as they don’t ask for any special treatment.

2. Snake Plant

I’m assuming you already know that a snake plant is also called Mother-in-law’s tongue. This house plant is approved by NASA for its air-purifying quality and it can be a potential survivor as your bathroom plant as well. 

You just need to water it moderately every once in a while and keep it under low to bright sunlight. Not just it would enhance the lavishness of your bathroom but it’s also non-toxic.

3. Peace Lily  

Lilies are the most common sight around the houses and they serve the purpose quite well. But let’s talk about keeping them inside your bathroom, yes they’ll still turn out to be the most flamboyant flowers ever.

Peace lilies are so fond of humidity that they require regular misting in bathroom conditions. They don’t necessarily require sunlight instead they can thrive on the wavelengths radiated by artificial lights preferably a fluorescent CFL. 

4. Dracaena

Also known as the dragon plant has the strength of a dragon literally! This plant is hard to kill and is ready to face utter negligence. Humid and low light conditions of your bathroom would help it to grow well. 

Don’t expose it to direct sunlight and don’t bother about the type of fertilizer to be used. You can use a weak fertilizer every once in a while to ensure its upkeep. Best part? There are a plethora of options you can choose from!

5. Earth Star

Earthstar is also known as cryptanthus , these plants are ideal for indoor conditions. They can stand anything as long as you’re ensuring proper supply of moisture and humidity. 

They require indirect but bright sunlight, direct exposure can cause their leaves to get sunburnt. They can survive in a wide range of temperatures ranging from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 and even 100 degrees Fahrenheit under some conditions. Add dilute fertilizers to ensure maximum growth. 

6. Begonia

Your search for a plant that requires almost no sunlight ends here. Yes, begonia is a type of flower that can blossom entirely on artificial lights and thus they’re the best fit for dark places like bathrooms. 

They’re colorful and attractive plants that are fond of staying in extreme humidity. The soil used must be dry having a pH value of seven ( or sometimes below as well ) and rich in humus. 

7. Orchids

Whenever I hear the word ‘exotic’ in floral terms, orchids are the first name to come up. This incredibly beautiful flower plant will turn your plain bathroom into a fancy retreat.

It’s really easy to grow, just pour water every once in four days or so and water deeply infrequently. The plant can survive in highly humid regions and least exposure to sunlight, in fact these are one of the plants that require almost no sun! 

8. Aloe Vera

You must have heard about houseplants that are toxic or have adverse effects on touching. On the contrary, we have this aloe vera plant that is widely used as a houseplant around the world. You’d be flattered to know the medicinal values it holds. 

Using it as a bathroom plant is a brilliant idea as they generally can’t tolerate direct sunlight and survive well under artificial or indirect lights. The soil must be well-drained and they need to stay a few inches dry before watering. 

9. Gardenia

Gardenia plants love all that your bathroom has to offer – moisture and humidity; but remember you can only grow these plants in your bathroom if there’s an inlet of adequate amount of sunlight. They can’t tolerate too much direct sunlight so consider this factor before selecting the right place. 

Time to get rid of those artificial air fresheners because gardenia plants are going to provide you with their natural fragrance. Voila! That’s a plus. 

10. Croton

This is another air purifier in the list. Croton plants will add up to your bathroom’s dull decor and give it a top-notch attractiveness. Their leaves have this quirky pattern of colors on them which makes them unique. 

They require bright, indirect sunlight with frequent watering (the water shouldn’t standstill in the pot). Another point to be noted is their size, they can grow quite wide and tall therefore you will have to be cautious about the spacing. 

Little did I realize that these dark places require a touch of life as well. Unlike other places around your home they have adverse conditions so you must have complete knowledge of the plant so that you don’t end up being a ‘plant killer’.


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