7 Best Electric Grass Shears to Buy in 2021


Trimming your grass and hedging regularly is essential for the amazing look of your garden landscape, but the age-old pruning saw or manual shear requires elbow grease and hours of your precious time.

While a fresh and well-trimmed garden is a look that deserves time and attention, you don’t want to spend your whole day just trimming the branches in the garden. Luckily, we have just the tool to put your troubles to rest! An electric grass shear can make your gardening life so much easier.

The high-speed blades of the machine help make clean cuts and trim the yard uniformly for a neat and beautiful look. Unlike the gas-powered shears, this tool doesn’t hurt your back even if you use it for long periods of time. It also saves you a lot of money using just a few units of electricity instead of gas.

If you’re looking to put one of these in your gardening inventory, you have come to the right place. Here we bring 7 excellent grass shears that would prove to be beneficial for not only your garden but also your own time and energy. 

Stay till the end for a bonus comprehensive buying guide that we have put together to aid you in making wise long-term purchase decisions.

7 Best Electric Grass Shears to Buy in 2021

1. Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium-Ion Grass Shear

Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut
  • Powerful easy care lithium ion rechargeable batteries - High power for best cutting results.

Coming from the reliable brand of Gardena, this electric glass shear is known for its high-quality blades and impressive runtime. The cordless grass shear works in a variety of scenarios including forming boxwood plants, creating crafty lawn edges, and cutting grass uniformly and beautifully.

A major concern for cordless grass shears is the low runtime, but the 3.6V battery of Gardena Grass Shears runs for around 45 minutes on a single charge. Juicing up the powerful machine would take about six hours of charging, but that is a passive investment in exchange for convenience!

As a result, there’s no need to book the entire weekend for the maintenance of your beloved garden. The rechargeable battery of the shear ensures you won’t have to worry about replacing it after every few usages.

The ergonomic handle of the shear is one-fits-all and can be adjusted according to your comfort. You’ll be able to angle up and down easily and adjust according to your comfort leading to relaxed hours of grass cutting.

And of course, when it comes to grass shears you can’t overlook the quality of blades. Thankfully, the sharp and sturdy interchangeable blades of the Gardena grass shear are spot on and work like a charm. The machine can also be converted into a hedger in no time, making it one of the best in business.

  • Powerful Lithium battery that runs for up to 45 minutes in 6 hours of charge
  • Lightweight – ideal for extended usage
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable handles
  • Interchangeable and safe blades for universal usage
  • 6 hours of charging time might be too much for some

2. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer Combo, Green
  • Scotts battery-operated grass trimmer that uses a 7.2-Volt 2Ah high-capacity built-in lithium-ion...

Although not a very renowned brand, Scotts has consistently delivered reliable products, including this one. Apart from other gardening tasks, the grass shear is ideal for precise trimming, flower bed shaping, and hedge trimming. If you have an eye for aesthetics and want your garden to look like the one in movies, this is the right tool for you.

The battery of Scott’s shear lasts pretty long and saves you a lot of costs otherwise consumed in fuel. The quick snap-on and off system makes the device easy to operate and fast forwards your session. It also has an added safety switch to ensure you stay away from accidents.

The device comes with the option of two blades – the 6.5-inch hedge blade for a good reach, and the two 4-inch shear blades for double action. The cutting head is adjustable to maneuver in narrow spaces smoothly. The product boasts durability and comes with a  2-year warranty for further assurance. The convertible machine quickly changes to a hedger from a shear, saving you a lot of time and extra tools.

  • Cushioned soft-grip handle  for easy cutting
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pivoting and adjustable cutting head
  • Doesn’t cut thick branches efficiently
  • Battery run-time allows only for quick trims

3. Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 1250-RPM Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer

Sun Joe HJ605CC Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear + Hedge Trimmer w/Extension Pole, Green
  • VERSATILE: Best used for small gardens, Hedge grooming and areas your mower cannot reach

If you are looking for a shear and hedger ideal for a small area, look no further than this Sun Joe product. This does an excellent job at post mowing touchups, making your cutting job look extremely neat. The heavy-duty blades cut through rough grasses with ease, evening them out to perfection.

The product comes with a long-lasting battery installed and is perfect for low maintenance. It isn’t a great product to cut through large areas because of its relatively small size, but it is the ideal choice for when you need to cover a small area.

You’ll be able to use it almost instantly in the morning by using the instant power-up button. It also comes with a safety switch that protects it from starting accidentally and saves you from any mishaps. The product has a 2-year warranty and promises to be sturdy enough to last much longer.

Despite all that, it weighs just 2.5 lbs, which means you’ll be able to maneuver it around smoothly for quite a while. The low maintenance shear also converts to a hedger in no time and is an apt machine to have for smaller yards. If preciseness is the name of the game, Sun Joe shear is the best player out there.

  • 7.2v lithium-ion battery for long usage
  • Excellent precision in smaller yards
  • Ergonomic rubber handles for convenient usage
  • Safety switch for optimum protection

4. WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubbery Trimmer

WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubbery Trimmer - Handheld Hedge Trimmer, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Included
  • Safe and Quick - Double lock design of child safety lock and security key forms a double security...

WorkPro is one of the top-selling brands in gardening equipment for a reason – this 2-in-1 shear from the brand gives you several reasons to buy it. The variety of features in the machine means that you won’t have to spend much time struggling with loads of rough grass and hedges in the yard. With dual protection, it is safe enough to be used even by a child.  

The child lock-and-security key makes it practically impossible for accidents to occur with this machine. The lightweight machine is pretty easy and safe to handle. It gets easy to maneuver into tight spots when you have this machine handy.

The comfortable grip of the machine allows one-handed usage, making the task of trimming grass extremely easy. The high-quality blades also come with a quick charge function for uninterrupted grass-cutting sessions.

The device isn’t ideal for cutting thicker branches as it is sleek and lightweight. Like most cordless shears, it is suitable for cutting grass in smaller lawns but might need a recharge for larger ones.

  • Dual safety lock to prevent accidents
  • Lightweight and quick to start
  • Easily interchangeable blades with a quick-release system
  • Not ideal for cutting thicker branches or large yards
  • Battery life could have been better

5. Worx WG801 20V Shear Shrubber Trimmer

Worx WG801 20V Power Share 4" Cordless Shear and 8" Shrubber Trimmer (Battery & Charger Included)
  • [QUICK & EZ SHRUBS] The WORX 20V Power Share Garden Shear Shrubber is easy to maneuver, easy to...

Worx offers a good combination of durability and innovation to bring a shear that meets most people’s imagination. It promises modern features with the sturdiness of traditional shears. The easy blade change and rubber handle make the equipment a pretty standout option in the market. 

The state-of-the-art design of this shear ensures smooth maneuvering and makes clean cuts for a neater-looking yard. The dual-action blades work relatively faster and reduce the time taken to complete a task. You would hence have most of your weekend to yourself after cutting the grass around the yard.

The large 20V battery is pretty unbeatable at this range. This means that you can complete your cutting task in one go. The 4-inch shears allow you to ease into the tasks and get them done quicker. The additional 8-inch shrubbery blade extends your reach, allowing you to reach difficult places and cut neatly. You would also be able to work convenience-free for long hours with the addition of rubber handles in the machine. 

Lower levels of fatigue ensure better productivity. The vibrations are weak enough to not be a bother – you won’t have to place the machine away after a short while. The blade change mechanism is pretty smooth and can be done with a simple push of a button.

However, the surface of the blade isn’t corrosion-free. You may have to oil it now and then to make it last longer. The machine, like much of its competitors, is good enough only for smaller yards, unlike the gas-powered shears.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easily interchangeable blades
  • Safety sheath guard
  • Good enough for small yards
  • Blades need lubrication and aren’t made of stainless steel

6. Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear

Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear, Tool Only
  • Makita-built motor delivers 2, 500 SPM for efficient cutting

Here is a powerful tool from Makita that features a unique design and a number of features that you’d need to get a good shearing job done. The 5.0Ah battery of this shear produces about 2500RPM that speeds up the boring process of cutting branches and grass in the backyard.

Couple the high speed with a dual blade mechanism and you get a blade that offers clean, uninterrupted cuts in minutes. The product also addresses the issue of dealing with branches of different heights. You can switch between the height of the machine operation to suit all kinds of hedges and shrubs.

The tool-less blade change mechanism ensures the seamless switch between different blades for shearing and hedging. This also helps you minimize the time involved in cutting and allows for more time spent in shaping the garden of your dreams.

The run time of about 200 minutes is absolutely unbeatable at this range. It’s good enough to work in medium-sized yards if you are willing to work for longer hours. You won’t have much trouble operating it because of the minimal vibrations ensured by the rubber grip on the handle. All these minimal but significant improvements that beat most of the other products in the range, it an overall convenient choice.

  • Multiple Height Adjustments
  • Long 200 minute runtime best in the segment
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable usage
  • Tool-less blade change
  • The clip-on tray comes with problems of its own
  • You may suffer from the issue of long handle extension

7. SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter, Grass Clippers Cordless, Trimmer Cutter, Handheld Trimmer, Grass Shear Electric

If precision is at the top of your list when cutting grasses and hedges, look no further than the SereneLife grass cutter. Albeit slower, the shear does its work with great accuracy and is highly efficient in its job. It covers a small to medium-sized yard efficiently and saves plenty of your time. 

It also solves the common issue of overcharging among portable grass shears. The LED indicator of this equipment turns on while charging and turns off after it fully charges. The 2-hour runtime of the shear is achieved at just 4 hours of charging, which easily surpasses most of its competitor’s efficiency.

The equipment comes with two different blades that specialize in cutting shrubs and grass respectively. The 1000RPM speed of the grass shear gets the job done quickly and accurately. The precision offered by this tool leads to a neat and clean look all along the yard.

Since it is pretty lightweight, the grass shear trims fast and is easy to handle. You would also be able to reach tight spots faster because of the ease of maneuvering offered by it. The machine starts smoothly with a quick on and off button, while also providing you with extra protection with the safety lock. 

Having said that, the machine isn’t suitable for cutting thick branches because of its sleek built. The blades aren’t tightly fixed either and may lead to interruptions during rough cuttings. 

  • 1000RPM fast speed for precise cutting
  • Long 2 hours battery backup in just 4 hour charge time
  • Grass and shrub cutter blades included
  • Auto shut off when completes charging
  • It isn’t an ideal machine to cut thick blades because of the slim profile
  • The blades can fall off leading to interruption in cutting sessions and subsequent damage

5 Benefits of Using Electric Grass Shears

When you spend your precious afternoons cutting shrubs and grasses with manual equipment in awkward positions under the burning sun, it gets rough and messy. Using an electric grass shear for the first time seems too good to be true, as it makes the daunting task extremely easy and convenient.

Shears are so easy to use that they’re almost fun! You’d particularly enjoy your time developing an impressive backyard while using the portable grass shears. They allow for better reach and greater control.  Here are some reasons to use grass shears in your yard as soon as you can!

Excellent Efficiency

If you have an eye for detail, you won’t be satisfied cutting grass in your yard without a portable shear. The electric shears allow for excellent control over your actions and can reach tight areas easily. Whether it’s the footpath or the flower bed, you’d have a rewarding time cutting the branches and grasses to precision.

A shear reaches areas that a mower wouldn’t even touch. Moreover, certain shears don’t miss any spots because of their dual-blade technology, unlike a mower which cuts in wide swaths. A mower is surely an option for quick maneuvering but precision isn’t the name of the game there. Last but not least on the efficiency list, the battery-fueled shears complete several tasks worth several liters of diesel in a few units of electricity.


Compact and lightweight, shears are much easier to store in a small home. The electricity-powered shears are small in size and fit in tiny spaces, like behind the doors and in corners of your broom closet. Moreover, they are pretty easy to carry around, particularly useful for older people or those with back pain.

Since they’re so light in weight, they can also be considered portable. In needed, you can also perform the cutting task in another location by taking your machine with you. Although it isn’t ideal for larger yards in one go, the machine can surely trim parts of the yard precisely. You’d love the unit when you can finally make that particular hard-to-reach part of the garden look neat and clean.

Easy Usage

Electric shears are easy-to-use machines that don’t require any expertise in operation. One quick (but attentive!) read of the user manual will equip you with enough knowledge to operate them. In a matter of minutes, your first hesitant use of the device will lead you to expertly maneuvering your entire garden space.

The large comfortable handles and rubber grips make them a superb item for longer usage. You can easily play around with the machine and be creative in your activity. The grooves on the handles make the grip sturdier and the usage more convenient.

Easier on the Body

While using a heavy device like a mower or even a gas-powered shear, back pain or bodily stress is a common problem. It is indeed hard to lift and harder to maneuver heavy-duty machines. Due to the difficulty, the task neatly shifts backward in priority and all you wish is for the job to be done quickly.

The rough vibrations of heavy-duty shears make the trimming job extremely tiring. The electric shears vibrate much softly because of their lightweight bodies and rubber handles. They are much easier on the body – you’d actually want to use them instead of procrastinating over several weekends. 

Several models list their weight as less than 5 pounds. They are also very silent in operation, unlike gas-powered machines that result in a headache after consistent usage. Your neighbors would be a happier bunch when you employ the battery-powered units because of the relatively silent operation of these units.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance cost and time are reduced by a mile when you use the electric shears instead of the gas-powered ones. All you need to do is clean any debris from the shear and charge it again for a few hours. This is all it takes for the unit to deliver maximum output for the next time you want to trim the grass and shrubs around.

Depending on the model, it does take 3-4 hours to charge. This shouldn’t generally be an issue as you are unlikely to use the machine again in a few days. Hence, you can always be ready with a juiced-up machine. Trim the yard, clean the debris and charge the machine to get it ready for the next time.

Things to Look For in a Good Electric Grass Shear – Buying Guide


The major drawback of using a lawnmower or a gas-powered shear to cut grasses is the sheer weight it puts on your body. It can be a painstaking experience cutting grass around the yard with a heavy machine.

Make sure to look for a lightweight electric shear that you can maneuver around easily. It should be made of fiberglass or aluminum, and weigh under 10 pounds for you to use for at least an hour without pain. A lightweight shear would be good enough for a small yard and get your job done in under an hour.

Adjustable Height

Cutting branches neatly requires you to reach narrow spots effortlessly. A shear with an adjustable height allows you to switch between different heights for different kinds of branches, ensuring a consistent cut throughout the garden landscape. If precision is on your priority list, choose a shear with an adjustable height for the best results.


A sharp and sturdy blade is a must when looking for a good shear. Sharp blades cut faster and ensure a neat look, while blunt or unstable blades may result in unevenness at best, and unwanted injuries as the worst-case scenario. The blades should be made of stainless steel so that your machine lasts long and doesn’t fall prey to rust easily. You would have to lubricate the blade frequently if it isn’t made of stainless steel.

Prioritize shears that come with dual blade options for trimming grasses, shrubs, and hedging. The blades should allow for effortless changing to prevent long interruptions that make the trimming process even more tiring. It should also be easy to sharpen the blades to ensure durability and performance.

Cutting Mechanism

The main function of an electric shear is to serve as a good cutting machine. Look for an electric shear with a cutting mechanism that suits your yard and personal needs.

If you want to cut rough branches often, look for a powerful shear. If your reason behind buying the shear is just trimming and shrubbery hedges, you can consider buying sharper but low-powered equipment. Think about why you’re buying the equipment before making a decision. Look throughout your yard and see what kind of branches and shrubs you have before zeroing in on a product. 

Ease of Use

Working with a shear will offer a better arm workout than your gym does. Make sure you opt for a lightweight shear that would be handy for you. You may be able to work with a heavier shear if the handles have a rubber grip and are especially ergonomically designed. 

Remember to check the vibration-absorbing bumpers because it’s challenging to use a machine that vibrates a lot. The rubber handle of your shear will ensure your comfort even if you work with the equipment for longer periods of time.

How to Use Cordless Grass Shears?

Attach Blade and Battery

Cordless shears are pretty easy to use once you figure out how to attach the blades and the battery correctly. Read the instructions manual carefully to understand how to change the blades and fix the battery inside. Preferably, get a shear with quickly interchangeable blades to minimize interruptions in the cutting process. You’d just have to push the hatch to release the battery of a portable shear.

Turn on Safety

A shear is a sharp machine that can hurt you severely if not used in the right way. You should always keep the safety knob on when you’re not operating or running the shear, turning it off only when the machine is in use. Look for a shear that comes with a child safety mode or has double locking to keep you and your kids safe from accidentally starting it.

Use the Shear

After starting the unit, you should maneuver it around carefully to make clean cuts throughout the space. For edging, tilt the machine at an angle between the grass and ground with the tip touching the ground. Use it according to your comfort level.  A good way to ensure uniform cuts throughout is to keep it parallel to the ground. 

Before trying to replace the blade for hedging, always turn off the machine first. Make sure to take the battery out for charge every time you stop using the machine. If you aren’t going to use the shear for long, always keep the battery outside to avoid unnecessary drainage and longer battery life.

How to Maintain Cordless Grass Shears?

Caring for the cordless shear properly will lengthen the battery life of your machine. The first and most important step in the maintenance of the machine is cleaning. Always clean all dust and debris from the shear after usage, since this buildup will reduce the significant time from the life of your electric grass shear.

If the manufacturer mentions any specific cleaning tips, follow them closely for as long as you can. This will also help increase the life of the shear way more than its durability. 

You could also sharpen your blade every now and then to ensure maximum efficiency while cutting. Cutting with a dull blade can have impact on your grass quality adversely. As mentioned before, always clean any wet grass or mud sticking to the blade after use.

If needed, you could take the modules out from the shear and clean them separately. Avoid washing the whole unit as you may damage the motor in the process. Read the user manual carefully to understand the cleaning process of your equipment.

After cleaning the blade, use some lubricant oil along the edges to sharpen them and keep them clean. Some lubricants in the market also offer an anti-rust coat over the shear and prevent it from getting damaged.

Try to charge the battery completely before the first usage and keep it completely charged before storing to improve the battery life in the long run.

Best Brands

Gardena and SunJoe are the two leading brands that have been known to create reliable grass shears.

Gardena shears are often lightweight and offer precise trimming. These machines aren’t good enough for large yards but do their job neatly. The warranty accompanying Gardena products is the testification to their durability.

SunJoe’s range of grass shears is highly impressive. You’d get a variety of options from high-powered shears for large yards to the quicker ones for neat cuts. These shears are known for offering an unbeatable battery life, letting you complete tough trimming jobs in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can grass shears also cut through small roots and branches?

Grass shears are specifically built with ultra-sharp blades to precisely cut fine slices of grass and branches. Depending on how heavy duty your equipment is, they can cut through small roots and branches in a quick time. If you are looking to go into the details of trimming, choose a grass shear instead of a device with a thick blade. The shear won’t cut woods which is the job of machines with thicker blades.

How long do electric cordless shears last?

A good quality electric shear typically lasts 3-5 years, although most of them come with a warranty of under 2 years. The life of your shear depends upon your maintenance and the intensity of the usage. If you use it in the right way and maintain it as instructed, an electric shear can last much more than its warranty.

You need to keep the battery outside when not in use for long periods of time to avoid unnecessary drainage. You should also keep it fully charged after each use. It is a good practice to lubricate the blades from time to time to avoid damages due to rusting.

How long does a charge last?

The major factor that determines your electric shear’s runtime is its battery. Typically, the battery of a grass shear lasts around 40 minutes to two hours. On continuous operation, some grass shears can last even more than a couple of hours but mostly, you’d end up consuming the battery in an hour.

The runtime depends upon the motor as well. You would find the runtime of the shear on the product’s manual or description. If you’re looking for shear for a large yard, you should consider one with a high runtime. 

The performance of the grass shear also depends on the type of grass you are cutting and the speed of your hands. The battery drains faster when you are slowly and taking too much time on small spots throughout your yard.


A grass shear can be a very handy machine to maintain your garden, trim your grasses regularly and keep them healthy. It makes it possible to make your lawn picturesque without bending your back and mowing around for long. Whether you have a small yard or a large one, you should consider having this equipment to make it look neat and bereft of weeds.

Gardena grass shear is our number one choice because of the sheer speed of its blades. Although it runs for just 45 minutes on a full charge, it provides excellent efficiency and precision in terms of trimming and hedging. 

The machine is also very safe to use eliminating the risk of damage due to the sharp blades with just a switch. If you have a larger yard or rough branches, choose a shear with a larger runtime. Since it is an expensive investment, use our guide to help you choose a machine that cuts well and lasts long too.


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