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The Best New Perennials And Shrubs For 2021

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

Are you gearing up for your 2020 gardening calendar? Do you want some beautification of your green thumb? 

We have brought together some of the most interesting new flowering perennials and shrubs of 2020 that could not only adorn your garden but bless your interiors as well!

If you are a flora lover, you do deserve to try some new plants and seed every year and get them rolling in the growing season. One of the striking specimens of 2020 is blackcurrant punch. With a Fuschia hue and dark eye, it is no doubt eye-catching, but no offense, the eye looks like a painting from a leaky fountain pen! 

The debutants are one-of-a-kind, and they pose low-maintenance characteristics like drought tolerance and average water requirements. While the hydrangea is appreciated for its longevity and long blooming season, Echinacea Raspberry is adored for those mighty blooms! 

From a bright pink phlox variety to purple coral bells, these shrubs and perennials can bless your garden with its dramatic appeal and make the landscape top notch. All of them are capable of attracting butterflies and bees and even hummingbirds. Yes, its nothing less than nature at your doorstep, isn’t it? 

1. Dwarf Butterfly Bush

A variety of the beautiful butterfly bush, dwarf ones are typically 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, and the famous Asian moon is one such species. Other varieties include White Ball, Summer beauty, and Ellen’s Blue. 

Butterfly bushes prefer full sun and slightly moist soil would make them smile. Though these are drought-tolerant, they do need good water for full growth. They prefer the natural growth of pruning and shaping, but you can remove flower spikes to encourage flower buds. Also, avoid fertilizing as they promote leaf growth over flower blossom and we love flowers more! 

2. Echinacea KISMET Raspberry

A majestic raspberry perennial with compact upright foliages and is blessed with a crown of yellow pollen is all hot and new in 2020! These are long-lasting and blooms early and long where larger flowers remain attractive for weeks. They can grow up to 16 inches and spread over 20 inches in optimum conditions. 

These coneflowers begin blooming in the early summer days and they can grow for a long time if faded flowers are removed regularly. They can survive on dry soil and need full sun exposure. With a very good texture, the pink, flat-petaled, raspberry flowers are drought-tolerant and can attract butterflies! 

3. Reblooming Mountain Hydrangea

Beautiful blue-pink flowers that attract pollinators and rebloom in early summer is none other than mountain hydrangea. A deciduous variety, mountain hydrangea can spread up to 36 inches and has green foliage. This live shrub can also bear purple or blue flowers that can make you smile! 

The optimum amount of sun for mountain Hydrangea is 6 hours and has wonderful cold tolerance because it has a ‘mountain’ in its good name. They are colorful and showy and can rebloom on both old and new wood. With an average water requirement, the blooms can change their color according to the soil pH! 

4. Bright Pink Phlox

A dwarf, herbaceous perennial, phlox is a species with varied characteristics, which are extremely attractive. The fragrant flowers are adorned with a dark-pink eye and can attract butterflies with their nectar. The light coral pink shades can spread up to 24 inches, blessing your garden. 

The large pink clusters are mildew resistant and require full sun exposure for healthy growth. Blushing during the summer, the blooms demand water just like hydrangeas and moist soil. Also, if you want the blossoms to be extraordinary, fertilize bi-monthly, and thank us later! 

5. Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Sienna

One of my favorites from the lot, heuchera hybrida has its charm and something that you must consider the best in 2020! Belonging to the Sienna variety, this species can get up to 20 inches tall and holds great rust resistance. The landscape holds more value during the blooming season which is mainly the summer. 

They need well-drained, organic soil and they need full sun and partial shade. The evergreen perennial grows actively during the spring and has great longevity. It is no doubt a perfect, landscape plant! 

6. Superbells Blackcurrant Punch

Blessed with continuous reblooming, this one is has a blackcurrant thrill with a stunning deep-black eye, bright petal edges, and crisp, green foliages. They can spread up to 24 inches and can be used for both patio or combination planters. Superbells Blackcurrant Punch is a long blooming species that blushes during the fall. 

They need 4 to 6 hours of sun exposure and can survive on average water with well-drained, damped soil. A heat tolerant, low maintenance species is everything and has a hypnotizing charm. Plant those climbers in hanging baskets and adorn your interiors with its stunning beauty! 

7. Purple Leaf Coral Bells

Bring in a splash of bright purple in your outdoor garden with these incredibly glossy coral bells! Native to North America, this one is an award winner and can attract hummingbirds together with butterflies. The annual perennial shines with bold leaves with charcoal veins, white flowers, and white flowers. 

The glossy purple foliages require full sun for 6 hours to smile and have water and soli requirements similar to blackcurrant punch. Use this as an edging or border plant or enhance the beauty of your garden with coral bells fillers. Amazingly, they grow very well in full shade as well, so if you have a greenhouse, you must go for this one! 

8. Double Blue Calibrachoa

If you want an annual perennial that could steal the garden thunder any day, you have Double Blue Calibrachoa. The small, petunia-like flowers are reblooming and have cascading growth. They can trail up to 30 inches in an open garden and make the landscape all blue! 

They need either full sun or full shade for 4 hours straight for healthy growth. Unlike the coral bells, calibrachoa does not prefer moist soil and they do wonderfully well in the ground soil. With the long blooming season, the blue-purple blooms are heat tolerant and can make you go aweeee in seconds! 

9. Phlox Popstars Rose with Eye

Another herbaceous species, this phlox variety can blow your mind any day with its striking beauty and uniqueness. The white eye together with the pink edges contrast pretty well with those mild green foliages making them a perfect choice for border plants in your garden. 

The bloom time is mild summer when they must be watered regularly for healthy growth and perfect blossoms. They can grow up to 12 inches in height and those majestic flowers are mostly 2 inches. Bring home this popstars series plant in 2020 and let those pink and white flowers enhance the beauty of your green thumb! 

Most of these species are award winners and can be show’s topper in your garden. These annual perennials and shrubs are so much more than showpieces and some of the best new varieties of 2020! 


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