10 Best Oscillating Sprinklers


Watering the lawn is a necessary activity if you want to maintain a thriving yard with flower beds, vegetable beds, and lively grass. But it can be extremely time-consuming and tiring when you have to water the lawn in the unforgiving summer heat.

Watering with pipes isn’t an efficient method either as you may overwater some parts of your lawn and leave some others dry. Purchasing an oscillating sprinkler can become the only solution you need.

An oscillating sprinkler is a simple machine that sprays small drops of water in a circular arc. That can help you spread water evenly all around your yard effortlessly. The machine works automatically so you can enjoy yourself in the shade while it does its work.

Having a sprinkler for watering also comes with other benefits like it can be a fun activity for your kids to enjoy in the summers. It also saves a lot of water and time as you can adjust the length, range, and power of the spray according to the location.

Oscillating sprinklers though come in a variety of designs that cater to different needs. You will find oscillating sprinklers in different price options and their performance varies accordingly. 

Check out this list of 11 excellent sprinklers that cater to a variety of needs. To make the buying process easier for you, we have included a full-fledged buying guide where you will be able to know everything you need to understand before buying this gardening tool.

The Top 10 Oscillating Sprinklers

1. GrowGreen Sprinkler, Rotating Lawn Sprinkler, Large Area Coverage Water Sprinklers for Lawns and Gardens

GrowGreen Sprinkler for Yard, Rotating Lawn Sprinkler, Large Area Coverage Water Sprinklers for Lawns and Gardens
  • POWERFUL & VERSATILE LAWN SPRINKLER: Give your yard maximum even water sprinkling with 80 PSI water...

GrowGreen sprinkler is one of the most feature-laden sprinklers providing you immense control watering. Its nozzle rotates a complete 360 degrees to ensure you water your yard evenly. It can spray up to 32.8 feet away and can hence cover a medium-sized yard easily.

The sprinkler is built of high-quality ABS plastic that looks premium. The rust-resistant polymer also increases the sprinkler’s longevity. The sprinkler’s controls are pretty easy to learn, and you can set it up within minutes. You don’t need to keep it stationary because of the ease of setting it up.

The sprinkler will cut down on your water bills with its even sprinkling system. 

While the tool can cover a long distance, you can limit the space when watering smaller areas by reducing the pressure of water. That would also help reduce the spin. The head of the spray though is built of mediocre plastic material, so you need to use it carefully.


-Quick and easy setup

-Premium quality ABS plastic built along with rust-resistant polymer

-Covers 360-degree spin



-The inner plastic ring and plastic head are quite fragile and may break over time

2. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler on Weighted Sled Base

The compact offering from Gardena is designed for smaller yards and lawns. It can water up to a range of 76 to 2300 sq ft. The turbo driven unit looks quite exquisite with its matte black texture. The small bar on the top contains a whopping 16 flexible rubber nozzles for even distribution of water.

You can adjust the width and length of the spray from as little as 10 ft to 60 ft. It doesn’t deliver the most potent water stream but is good enough for flower beds and hedges. It is relatively easy to install a garden hose. The company has already included a connector making it easier to join the garden hose.

Despite the compact size and average power, the base is pretty heavily built of cast iron. The upper body looks pretty attractive but is all plastic which shouldn’t last lusty blows. The machine also comes equipped with a filter that doesn’t let debris get into the stream. You can clean it easily, using soapy water and a brush. 


-Sealed Turbo Driven Unit for a Powerful spray

-Durable cast iron base

-lightweight at 2.49 pounds

-Adjustable length and width of the spray


-The machine lacks basic instructions and a user manual

3. Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler on Step Spike

Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler on Step Spike with QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Black, Yellow
  • Coverage up to 3, 900 sq. Ft. Great for watering the lawn, newly seeded areas, or a large garden

The compact Melnor Mini Turbo runs smoothly and you’d hardly know it’s operating by its noise. It’s one of the easiest sprinklers to control with the option to regulate the position of the spray and its direction. You can also regulate the length of the watering pattern using the controller tabs.

It comes with a patented one-touch adjustment, and you can spray in a range of 10 to 53ft. That makes it suitable for small to medium-sized yards which are typically the work of these portable sprinklers. You can also optimize the water flowing pattern based on different conditions using the integrated flow dial of the sprinkler.

The turbo infinity motor of the sprinkler works on both low and high pressures. It works on a minimum of 40 PSI pressure and can go up to 60 PSI which can also let your kids have fun with the device. It also limits the water wastage with even sprinkling, although the wind also affects the amount of water sprayed.

It won’t work well enough on the low-pressure stream of water as the directional controls often keep going back to narrow in that vase. Some users have also complained of leakage, but it’s just an anomaly.


-Smooth Operation

-One-touch adjustment of spray length

-Reduces water wastage

-Built tough


-The pressure of the stream should be high, or the stream direction keeps getting narrow

4. Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler with Adjustable Spray

One of the popular features missing in some of the top-rated sprinklers is customizing the watering pattern. Aqua Joe doesn’t compromise on that aspect and offers you just that. Coming from a reliable brand, this sprinkler covers a massive 3600 sq ft area, making it ideal for your yard and terrace gardens.

The customizable coverage patterns come in particularly useful when you apply the water on flower beds and other such locations. The sturdy build quality of the portable sprinkler makes it looks expensive beyond its budget-friendly price. 

Since you can control the width of the spray and range consistently, it reduces water wastage too. It has a well-sealed leak-resistant connection that prevents overwatering and your water bill.

Any standard-sized garden hose is good enough for this sprinkler so you won’t have to buy one especially for it. If you have to cover a larger area, you can also choose the 3-way turbo oscillation sprinkler covering a massive 4500 sq ft. Its well-built powerful motor ensures the sprinkler lasts long.


-Covers medium-sized gardens with ease

-Tough plastic base

-Leak-resistant connection

-Sleek and compact design


-Poor regulator quality

5. Melnor 65055-AMZ XT Metal Turbo Oscillator with 3-Way Adjustment

Melnor 65055-AMZ XT Metal Turbo Oscillator with 3-Way Adjustment and QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Amazon Bundle
  • 20 Precision nozzles provide maximum coverage of large lawns or gardens up to 4, 500 sq. Ft.

Melnor metal turbo oscillator is another excellent option for medium to large yards. It covers up to 4200 sq ft and sprinkles water evenly with its 20 precision nozzles. It also ensures proper coverage and even distribution in your flower beds and grass.

The oscillator, despite being pretty expensive, is built of plastic. That is not to say that it isn’t sturdy. It looks pretty tough but is still plastic on the outside. The use of plastic, though ensures the sprinkler is rust-free. 

The sprinkler also comes with a zoom control which allows you to set the area of coverage. You can use the water spread to the max of its ability or shrink it to a narrow size depending upon your usage.

The three-way adjustment of the sprinkler also limits water wastage. You can choose your area of water coverage and water only the area that needs it. It also prevents overwatering and hence soil damage. 

The metal base of this sprinkler holds it firmly on the ground and allows the water to flow at high pressure. Its hose connection is also universal so that you can fit in your old hose. The lifetime warranty testifies the brilliant build quality of this sprinkler it comes with.


-20 precision nozzles for comprehensive coverage

-Good stability with metal base

-Lifetime warranty

-Adjustable range of water spread


-Pretty expensive

-Gear rotation could have been smoother

6. Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 20-Nozzle Max Coverage Adjustable Gear Driven Oscillating Sprinkler on Sled Base

Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 20-Nozzle Max Coverage Adjustable Gear Driven Oscillating Sprinkler on Sled Base
  • Easy control: control your spray with the adjustable spray Width, spray range, and water flow

Another budget option from Aqua Joe, this sprinkler offers you a wide range of controls. The sprinkler is compact standing on a circular base, unlike the long pipe-shaped ones. Much like the more expensive options, this oscillator also comes with 20 precision nozzles for a wide range of spray.

It allows you to adjust the width, spray range as well as water flow with ease. You can minimize water wastage as well as prevent overwatering damage to your plants using this one. It also makes the sprinkler ideal for different flower beds as well as differently shaped gardens.

It has a maximum width of 59 feet and a full coverage area of 4250 sq ft making it ideal for medium-sized yards. Since its head is in the center, it can rotate 360 degrees and spray all around it. You can adjust it to turn clockwise as well as counter-clockwise for various needs.

The clog-resistant rubber nozzles ensure a smooth outlet of water and even distribution all around. The color of the sprinkler is quite vibrant and beautiful if that matters to you. The build quality though is average, and you’d be better off handling it with care. That is expected with the low price and high power offered by the sprinkler.


-Adjustable spray width and range

-Lightweight and Portable

-20 clog-resistant nozzles

-Adjustable neck that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise


-The sprinkler is susceptible to leaks

7. Melnor 65013-AMZ TurboTek Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Nozzles and QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, 3,600 sq. ft, Amazon Bundle

Melnor has been around the block for 70 years and still has the broadest range of sprinklers. This one looks quite durable with its brass nozzles and metal built. It comes with a 7-year warranty and is built to last even longer than that. The stainless steel rod in between holds the nozzles and is rust free.

It comes with a sliding range adjuster which ensures you can precisely direct its spray on the plants. That comes in useful when watering plants on the terrace, around the driveway, and the porch. That minimizes water wastage and makes watering an efficient and quick process.

It can cover up to 3600 sq ft area and is suitable for use in small to medium-sized lawns. The brass nozzles are clog-resistant, and the water comes through sediments, ensuring a smooth, high-pressure supply. 

You can also quicken the process of connecting with the Quick Connect Product Adapter included in the package. You would have to spend some extra bucks buying the Quick Connect Product End Connector otherwise sold separately.

It also comes with a built-in water gauge despite the low price pf the tool. You can monitor the amount of water you are spraying and adjust the width and range quickly. The plastic built of the puter covering though feels fragile and needs to be handled with care.



-18 spray nozzles for a wide range of spray

-7-year warranty

-sliding range adjuster


-Cheap build quality of outer plastic

8. Rocky Mountain Goods Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler – Rust-Proof Aluminum Base

If you are looking for a sprinkler that does the job in quick time and lasts long; you are better off spending a few bucks extra on the Rocky Mountains oscillator. The heavy-duty sprinkler has a solid aluminum frame along with a brass jet. The aluminum built looks quite premium and is completely rustproof. 

The coverage isn’t too comprehensive though, and it would cover a maximum of 3600 sq ft suitable for small to medium gardens and lawns. The all-metal construction of the machine also includes a solid metal base that sets the sprinkler firmly on the ground.

You can also adjust the spray direction, oscillation, and angle with a smooth slider button. The company has also made the sprinkler clog-resistant by adding an inbuilt water filter at the hose connector’s tip.

The filter protects the sprinkler from debris that might otherwise get inside and block the stream. Cleaning the sprinkler and clogs is also pretty easy as the package also comes with a jet cleaning needle. 

The basic design of the sprinkler and the challenging build makes it suitable for all kinds of uses. The only drawback one would feel is the plastic built of the slider which seems mediocre on the otherwise tough built sprinkler.


-Tough aluminum frame and brass nozzles

-Easy spray control

-Clog-free nozzle with a filter on top of the hose connector

-Easy cleaning with jet cleaning needle


-The built quality of the slider could have been better

-The metal sprinkler is pretty heavy for use by children

9. Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler; Waters up to 4000 sq. ft., Model:XT360M
  • Backed by a Melnor Lifetime Limited . Melnor stands behind its products. Need additional information...

Melnor Metal Turbo is similar to the mini turbo in more ways than one. Both models have a flow control dial integrated with the sprinkler hose as well as steadily operating tabs. It comes with a large volume tube which makes it suitable for a larger area making it better than the mini turbo model. 

The volume tube ensures a smooth, streamlined flow of water to the 18 nozzles included along the metal strip of the sprinkler. The heavy-duty metal frame of the sprinkler makes it look classy and extends its longevity. It comes in direct competition with the Rocky Mountains, one with both products priced aggressively.

The sprinkler can spray water up to 4000 sq ft although you can choose a cheaper model with a range of 3600 sq ft if that fits your needs. It can easily water your flower beds, lawns as well as vegetable beds along the driveway.

The built-in filter ensures the machine doesn’t take in much debris and remains clog-free for long. The easy adjustment slider allows you to change the direction of the stream. The sprinkler can work on high-pressure streams up to 60 PSI and hence is suitable for a quick sprinkling job.

You still would need to check the nozzles occasionally to ensure they aren’t clogged for a powerful spray. The sturdy construction of the sprinkler is indeed its highlight, but other parts like the plastic connector could have been sturdier.


-Built-in cleaning tools to avoid clogging

-Tough and sturdy aluminum built

-Precise spray from the large volume tube

-Sliding adjuster and 18 nozzles for a wide range of spray


-Other components are weak and may come off if used roughly

10. GARDENA 1975 Aquazoom 3900-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler with Fully Adjustable Width Control

The most expensive of the lot, Gardena Aquazoom justifies its name by offering an extended length of water spray from 23 to 69 feet. Its adjustable width also ranges from 13 to 18 ft. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a sprinkler for a large garden full of flower and vegetable beds.

The extra cost is worth it because of the time it saves. The machine isn’t heavily built but has a premium and sturdy plastic build. The attractively designed sprinkler can cover up to 3800 sq ft area although it’s the spray length stands out. If you concentrate on one place at a time, you can distribute even spray of water in a large yard much quicker than other sprinklers.

The 18 nozzles of the sprinkler allow the spray length to be as long as 69 ft. You can easily adjust the height and width of the spray by sliding a smooth lever given on the sprinkler.

You can also adjust the spray angle and cater to tall plants and those growing in narrow spaces. It also avoids water wastage by allowing you to adjust the spray accurately. The sprinkler though comes with just a 12-month warranty which is much lower than offered by some of the other less expensive sprinklers. Spending this much isn’t ideal for a small yard either.


-Long spray the length of 69 ft for medium to large yards

-Easy access lever for adjusting the height and width of the spray

-Quick Connect hose fitting for a leak-free connection

-Lightweight yet built sturdy


-Expensive than most other sprinklers

-Plastic built doesn’t justify the price


Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkle

Sprinklers aren’t just for watering the lawn. They can double up as fun toys for your children. Children love the light rotating sprinkling and love to play in the yard around these in summers. So here’s a sprinkler specifically made for kids to play.

This cute sprinkler looks very attractive with its 12 petals sprinkler nozzles and green plastic base. Your kids will love to play around it and in the process, learn to have fun in nature instead of using mobiles and computers all the time.

The materials used to build this sprinkler are pretty durable and constructed for outdoor use. Your children might kick it while jumping around and hence the device has to be tough. You can also use it to water a small flower bed or the terrace garden.

It’s lightweight at just 1 pound so your kids can carry it to the garden. The tool promotes outdoor play and is fun for adults too. 


-Sprinkler for playing outdoor

-Tough and durable

-Looks adorable with petal nozzles



-The tubes are large, so a lot of water flows from them. You may have to move it now and then.

What is an Oscillating Sprinkler, and Why Do You Need One?

An oscillating sprinkler is a watering tool that helps to spread out water within a range evenly. Typically, an oscillating sprinkler can cover from 10 to 60 feet distance and is good enough for watering yards, flower beds, and more. 

The oscillating sprinkler, as the name suggests, spreads water in a to and fro motion. It comes with an attached arm that keeps moving front and back to apply the water for a large area. It can evenly distribute water to a wide area as it can handle high water pressure too.

Its spray is adjustable so you can vary the length, width, and direction of the fountain. Some of the oscillating sprinklers also come with 360 degrees rotating dial to distribute the water all around them. These are excellent tools to save time and effort.

The proper hose connection of these machines also ensures you don’t get wet with water while connecting the hose to the sprinkler. Having oscillating sprinkler water in your garden is also beneficial for your plants. The plants won’t suffer from overwatering, which is common when spraying with a pipe as you can’t control the stream.

That makes puddles in some areas and leaves others dry. The sprinkler doesn’t discriminate and can even get the job done faster when you increase the speed and pressure.

It will hence save you a lot of time, effort and pass on benefits to the plants. It is also useful for reaching branches and plants in narrow locations. You can just increase the length, set the direction, and water the branches between the trees quickly.

Not to forget how fun the sprinklers are for kids. They absolutely love splashing around the droplets of water, and it can turn out to be a great weekend activity in summers.

Things to Look For in A Good Oscillating Sprinkler: Buying Guide

Oscillating sprinklers or garden tools aren’t something you buy often. You want such equipment to last longer and be future proof. For instance, you would desire a sprinkler that covers a bit more than your yard or gardening area. 

That would ensure your sprinkler works even when you expand your vegetation or move to a larger space. The ideal sprinkler would be one that saves your time, effort and lasts long. It should also be easy to operate because that’s the primary reason behind you buying a machine for something you can do manually.

Here we look at the factors you should consider before buying an oscillating sprinkler. 

1. Coverage Area

Oscillating sprinklers cover a larger area than stationary ones because their stream keeps moving to and fro. Sprinklers that cover up to 30 ft area are suitable for medium-sized yards. Gardena Zoom max is an excellent option for small to medium yards.

You would need to move the sprinkler around the garden to cover a larger area. Some sprinklers cover over 50ft and can cover your large yard and garden efficiently. You should consider the size of your yard and match it with the coverage area of the sprinkler.

2. Nozzle

The number of nozzles in a sprinkler determines the coverage area as well as the spread of the spray. A higher number of nozzles mean more even distribution of water over a large area. Your stream must be of high pressure for the sprinkler to cover enough space though.

You can opt for sprinklers with rotary nozzles which help cover large distances quickly and minimizes water wastage. A higher number of nozzles means you are providing enough water to all parts of the yard.

3. Adjustability

Oscillating sprinklers today come with the option to adjust the length, width, direction, and pressure of your spray. That ensures your sprinkler caters to various locations and adjusts accordingly. You can set it up once and leave it for some time to do its job.

Highly customizable sprays like Aqua Joe metal sprinkler allow you to precisely spray in a direction and avoid watering the sidewalks and driveways. The quality of the adjuster should also be good enough that it doesn’t break easily.

4. Build Quality

The build quality of the sprinkler depends upon the material used to construct its body. Rocky Mountains sprinklers is a bit expensive but are made up of rust-free aluminum and brass nozzles for increased longevity. Sprinklers made of plastic are fragile and need to be handled carefully.

5. Water Pressure

A residential oscillating sprinkler typically handles a water pressure of 30 to 60 PSI. The higher the pressure a sprinkler can take, the longer would be the spray distance. You can use a sprinkler with a low-pressure rating for smaller yards but you would a high pressure for larger areas. Choosing a high-pressure sprinkler is better as it is more versatile.

6. Price

The oscillating sprinkler you will end up buying also depends upon your budget. You can find well-functioning sprinklers in the range of $10-$20, but these sprinklers are a bit thin on quality.

It would help if you didn’t settle for a model cheaper than $10 because you can get a much better option in just $5 or more. If you want a durable machine for residential or professional use, go for more expensive options in the range of $30-$50. These sprinklers have the exceptional build quality and can typically cover large areas.

7. Warranty

Warranty isn’t something people pay much attention to when buying a device like a sprinkler. But you should consider it an essential factor since the turbo sprinklers work through electricity and can even be dysfunctioning on arrival.

You get a guarantee of getting it replaced. Some sprinklers come with over three years warranty while you can even find those offering a lifetime warranty like the ones from Melnor and the Rocky Mountains. 

5 Benefits of Using an Oscillating Sprinkler

1. Ensures You Water Your Lawn Regularly

Summers can be an unforgiving time for us humans and plants alike. Plants can get dry quickly if you fail to water them once in a while. But flooding the plants in the yard using a watering hug can be a tough job in the searing heat.

A device like an oscillating sprinkler can go a long way in reducing your time and effort. It takes just a few seconds to set it up, and you can just let the plants get watered while you sip on a juice in the shade.

2. Conserves Water

When you water your yard using a pipe, you can’t control the amount of water you spray in each area. You will create puddles of water in some places and overwater at locations. You may even pour the water on the sidewalk. Oscillating sprinklers help reduce water wastage since you can adjust the spray length, direction, and pressure. 

It spreads the water evenly and prevents overwatering too. You can also use the automation to your advantage and set the sprinkler in the cooler evenings.

3. Quickens Watering Process

You can customize the range and power of your spray according to the needs. As a result, the sprinkler sprays water according to the needs and gets the job done quickly. 

It will shoot a quick spray in the narrower location while you can slow down the spray to spread water quickly in closer areas.

4. Water Areas Other Than Lawn

You can adjust the sprinkler to water your flower beds, hedges, trees, and even the terrace gardens. That will help you get the most out of your sprinkler to ensure you take proper care of all parts of the garden.

You can also water the vegetable beds and flower beds properly. Oscillating sprinklers automate the watering process for the whole lawn and not just the grassy parts.

5. Saves Plants

Plants need consistent watering to thrive and grow quickly. Plants need proper care primarily in their early stages of life, so you have to water at the right time in the right amounts. An automated watering system will ensure you never miss doing that and save your plants from dying.

Lawns provide excellent spaces for kids to play, and having a sprinkler offers another activity for your kids.

Sprinkler Care and Maintenance

Oscillator sprinklers are excellent watering tools, but sooner or later, they can stop working at least at the maximum efficiency. We have found a few ways that can not only increase the longevity of this product but also help you use it on maximum efficiency.

1. Ensure that the Nozzles are Unclogged

While most oscillators promise clog-free nozzles, they would still be susceptible to clog based on the dust and debris flowing around. You can choose the ones that have an inbuilt filter to prevent debris from entering the nozzles. 

You should also occasionally poke the nozzles with a thin paper clip, especially when you notice a nozzle delivering a weak stream. Always pole from the inlet side and then open the plug to clean the area. You can also buy oscillators that come with a jet cleaning clip.

2. Don’t Sprinkle at Misty Times

Water streams can change direction during windy times which can lead to frequently changing of the spray direction if you have to sprinkle with wind around, small water areas that don’t require a long or tall stream. It is time taking but will cover more space quickly.

3. Don’t Mist

Oscillator sprinklers spray large drops of water, but a misting stream won’t water your lawn efficiently. Push the faucet down to stop misting. If it persists, you might have to adjust the water pressure from the regulator.

4. Use Adjustment Options

It can take a while to get accustomed to adjusting the spray. But try working out different combinations to find the right stream for each need. Once you find the right adjustment for each of your spray, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Figure out moving the stream direction and speed using the instruction manual.

5. Check Soil Saturation to Know the Duration of Watering

Oscillator sprinklers take more time than regular sprinklers but cover more area simultaneously, so you aren’t wasting water. You should check the soil’s saturation to know the exact time you need to keep the sprinkler turned on. Check every 20 minutes if the ground has become soft by poking up to 6inch deep. You will just need to do it once and then repeat the same process next time.


How does an oscillating sprinkler work?

An oscillating sprinkler is a portable machine with a metal arm that oscillates to and fro throwing a fan-shaped spray of water. The component has several nozzles that help reach long distances up to 60ft and spread the water evenly. The speed of the water supplies the power for the cam to move the arm. The high-pressure water drives a turbine which in turn is attached to a gear train which helps adjust the speed of the spray.

How long does it take for a sprinkler to water 1 inch in soil depth?

The time taken by a sprinkler to water 1 inch in soil depth depends on your sprinkler and the power you have set it. Get an idea of the soil saturation by checking the soil if it’s moist after 20 minutes. Usually, it takes 20 minutes to get half an inch of water in the ground. So you can sprinkle for 20 minutes two to three times a week in your grass lawns.

How long should I water my lawn with an oscillating sprinkler?

Check your sprinkler’s output by arranging tuna cans in your lawn along the line of spray. After about 15 minutes, check the amount of water collected in the cans. After getting the average, you would know how much time you’d need to water 1 to 2 inches a week.

How much Water Does Your Oscillating Sprinkler Use?

On an estimate, an oscillating sprinkler uses 15 gallons of water per minute, although that can vary depending upon the change in pressure of water at your home. If you water for 20 minutes, three times a week, you will consume around 900 gallons of water in your yard. 

Why do Oscillating Sprinklers Stop Working?

Your oscillating sprinkler can stop working due to a clog in the nozzle. The debris might get stuck and prevent water from flowing out. If anything rubs the rotating arm, can cause friction which affects the gear assembly’s working. Your oscillating sprinkler may also stop working if you try to spin the nozzle bar manually.


The ideal oscillating sprinkler will keep your grass and flower beds thriving even in the hottest month of the year. If you have a large yard, you might need to use the sprinkler separately in different locations or buy more than one to save time. 

GrowGreen rotating sprinkler is our top pick with its ability to spin 360 degrees and a wide range of adjustments. It’s built to last long and yet comes on a tight budget. If you read the buying guide intently, you would be able to buy the sprinkler perfect for your watering needs.


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