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8 Best Rakes for Acorns to Buy in 2021

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

The task of keeping your lawn clean and pristine is neverending because of those dried leaves shade every day. If you are looking for the best rakes to clean acorns, I am guessing you have an oak tree in your yard as well which would be raining soon. 

Before we get to the cursing and cleaning of the fallen nuts, their strong branches give us shade without any fuss unless it’s spring. Just like any other big tree, oaks often shade leaves and acorns in the spring seasons which raids our yard. Additionally, the messy garden attracts squirrels and mice, and to steer those animals out, you must get rid of the acorns first. 

Cleaning up acorns should not be a punishing chore for you. You can avoid the stress of bending, kneeling, and gathering with some nut gatherers and rakes. There are several rakes decked up with modern designs that would help you reduce manual work. 

To help you with this, we have shortlisted 8 efficient rakes that could keep your lawn acorn-free for years to come. From rolling and detachable baskets to adjustable handles with extra grip, we have reviewed them all. 

Check out 8 Best Rakes for Acorns to buy in 2021 and explore what’s gonna be trending soon! 

8 Best Rakes for Acorns to Buy in 2021

1. Groundskeeper II Yellow Rake

Nothing like your average rakes, it has got all your gardening needs covered. With 28 steel tines and a long fiberglass handle, this pretty rack can remove leaves from bushes without damaging the green stems. 

The round and stiff tines also work very well to get rid of those fallen acorns. You can simply use the flexibility of the rake and pick up acorns that are trying to harm the beauty of your garden or lawn. Unlike plastic rakes, this versatile and sturdy rack can face the worst of leaf die-offs and keep your lawn clean.

The best thing about this rake is it is multipurpose! Will it rake leaves or mulch? Yes! Will it rake rocks or even dog poop? Absolutely, yes. As I said, it has got all your raking needs covered. 


  • The equipment is very easy to assemble.
  • Very high efficiency and it could cut manual work by 75%. 
  • It is multipurpose and can clean acorns, rocks, mulch, leaves, sticks, etc. 
  • The 55-inch handle is long enough and it can reach any corner without hassle. 
  • Can work well in high grass and flower beds without damage. 


  • When compared to other rakes, this one would cost you way more.
  • Not suitable if you have an open lawn space as mowers can do almost all the work. 

2. Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
  • ✅ 63 Inches Long. Similar rakes on Amazon are only 48 inches long. The adjustable head expands...

Outstanding addition to this list, this super-long rake comes with an adjustable head that can expand from 7 to 22 inches as per your requirement. It has 15 flat tines to suffice your raking needs and it is ideal for leaves, acorns, and lightweight elements.  

The easy-to-use and lightweight product have ¾ inch zinc-plated handle to avoid rust and keep it functional for years. It is not designed to work on heavy materials like rocks, but it could keep your garden free from dried elements seamlessly. 

I love how you can adjust the head according to the area to be cleaned. I mean, you can make it a tiny 7 inches rake and clean smaller areas that are difficult for conventional rakes. For cleaning acorns, a length somewhat in the between would be perfect.

Not only for raking leaves, but it can also handle shrub and grass clippings very well. For tree sticks and grass branches, a wider head would do the job and you don’t need traditional racks for every purpose. 


  • The handle is whopping 63 inches while similar rakes are 48 inches long.
  • The tines are stiffer than normal ones. 
  • Except for a part of the handle and slide mechanism, everything else is metal. 
  • Due to the versatile design, the rake is very handy. 
  • Tines are adjustable enough and can work well in hilly areas. 
  • Perfect for gathering leaves and pine needles. 


  • The thickness of the claws might not be suitable to rake anything as it might fall. 
  • The thin tines can puncture green stems if you are not careful enough. 

3. Fixed Tine Shrub Rake

Corona RK 62060 Fixed Tine Shrub Rake, Aluminum Handle, 8-Inch Wide
  • QUICK CLEANUP: An ideal tool to quickly and easily rake up clippings, leaves, and other lawn and...

This fixed tine rake by Corona is something for your quick cleanup routines. It is an ideal tool to quickly rake up dried leaves, acorns, clippings, and other garden debris. You won’t need much labor to work with this since it is lightweight and a big handle with an anti-slip vinyl coating. 

The rake has a bi-curved bow which provides maximum efficiency and ensures even pressure to all the tines. 11 wide tines can remove debris without causing any damage to the feeder plants. It can also clean up mud that is stuck between tall grasses with minimal effort. 

The handle is about 55 inches long, perfect for every quick cleaning session. You cannot bend the handle and it isn’t an ideal choice for thorough cleaning. Overall, a good and effective product to clean fallen twigs, sticks, and acorns from your garden. 


  • Made with high-quality material.
  • The handle size is neither too big nor too small. 
  • The product is light and can be handled by anyone. 
  • The handle is made from heavy gauge aluminum with a good hand grip. 
  • The tines are very stiff and can clean mulch and dirt around the shrubs. 
  • Can be used to clean mud and manure. 
  • It can work on uneven ground without jumping too much. 


  • It comes with a brand label that could be a nuisance when you are cleaning.
  • The handle is fixed with a single screw and it might not tolerate heavy jerking. 

4. Corona Quick Collector

Corona LG 3694 ComfortGEL Grip QuickCOLLECTOR, Red
  • Reduces time and effort in collecting tree nuts and seed Pods

Something unique and very different from traditional rakes, this quick collector tool was designed to pick up nuts and seed poods from lawns and gardens. Instead of tines, it has a basket head that is 9.5 inches wide and 7 inches in diameter. 

The flexible spring-steel cage ensures simple rolling action and significantly reduces time and effort in gathering acorns, tree nuts, and more. Weighing less than 4 pounds, it has 48 inches handle which would work well for quick sweeping of your lawn. Depending on the size and firmness of what you are piking, you can simply roll the basket on top of the items like a plunger and gather them up. 

My favorite thing about this basket rake would be its head shape. The basket can pick up acorns, leaves, and fine mulch seamlessly. Disposing of the rolled-up acorns is also very easy as the basket is flexible. 


  • The price is affordable in comparison to the efficiency.
  • Very efficient in collecting nuts on the lawn.
  • Weighs less than 4 pounds and a child can operate it without any hassle. 
  • Rolling it over the seeds, acorns and other firm elements would pick them up. 
  • It can also work on small apples, oranges, or mandarins. 
  • Disposal and cleaning of the tool are quite easy. 


  • Be careful with the wires while you are emptying the bin as it might come out of the bolt. 
  • It cannot clean acorns that are buried in thick grass. 
  • To collect nuts, you have to figure out the technique first. 

5. Garden Nut Harvestor Tool

This one has got your back when it comes to gathering large nuts that are trying to make your garden messy. This large nut rake is durable and the rolling design ensures an easy cleaning at a very affordable cost. 

This nut picker upper roller can easily pick large acorns, crab apples, hickory nuts, and anything that is bigger than 0.4 inches in diameter. The normal handle length is 4 feet and it can be adjusted with stainless steel rods. 

The small height of the nut harvester tool can be an interesting toy for your child who in turn can do the cleaning chore with ease. The lightweight tool can also be used as a gift for children who could help adults clean the yard and have fun with it. 

We know how back-breaking raking acorns could be and this tool would relieve you from that pain. The collection basket is flexible and it can roll seamlessly without stooping the user. The tool would be super-efficient on acorn lawns and would have a nice time cleaning those fallen nuts. If you aren’t satisfied with the features, we have also listed a groomed and automatic version of this one later, read on! 


  • Time and back-saving design. 
  • Designed to work on acorn lawns. 
  • Can pick up small fruits like apples and pears. 
  • The adjustable handle makes it easy to operate. 
  • Can be a good tool for children if they are involved in the cleaning chore. 
  • Lightweight and durable tool. 
  • The handle has an anti-rust coating. 


  • Not an ideal option for the stepped lawn. 
  • The emptying aid is not satisfactory. 
  • The basket wires must be handled carefully when you are disposing of them. 

6. Bully Tools Bow Rake

This 16-inch bow rake comes with a fiberglass handle and it can pick up anything, loose elements or something buried deep into the soil. It has 16 steel tines that could gather small items like dried leaves or bigger nuts like walnuts, acorns, and so on. 

This commercial tool has an extra thick steel handle that is 59 inches long and it can work with you during your routine garden cleanups. Weighing 3.45 pounds, it is a traditional rake with some integrated modern design. The tool is a professional tool rake that has a solid single rivet that holds the handle and the head together. 

As per my opinion, this heavy-duty rake can work well on gardens where you need to rake rocks sometimes. It can be used to dig holes in the soil because of the super-strong handle joint which is an added advantage. The tool can also handle tough yard cleanup projects like those after storms or mower clippings. 


  • In comparison to other heavy-duty rakes, this one is lightweight. 
  • Can be used to rake nuts, leaves, mulch, and rocks as well. 
  • Welding is solid, and the head would never come off. 
  • Faster and durable than common bow rakes. 
  • Bulky Tools has amazing customer service and warranty contracts. 


  • If the head falls off the handle, joining them again would be difficult. 
  • If not used properly, the tines might come out of the head. 

7. Medium Nut Wizard

If you are looking for a rake that would pick up English walnuts, acorns, red oak, and other firm tree elements, this wizard rake would suffice for all your needs. This tool could be a dedicated rake to gather any medium-sized element, even golf balls, and shotgun shells.

Weighing 3 pounds, this rake has a basket head that is very similar to the Corona quick collector and this one is for larger items. You can gather things just by rolling on the item and they can be disposed of by widening the wires. The tool can pick items ranging from 3 to 4 inches by seamless spins. 

I loved how this can be used to collect smaller rocks that generally fall out of regular rakes with tines and traditional rakes aren’t sturdy enough to handle rocks. Quoting a user ‘You can pick buckets and buckets of acorns with this and it won’t get tired.’ We can get an idea about its durability from this which cannot be ignored! 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Can pick up gumballs and dirt with minimal pressure. 
  • The nut wizard will not destroy your lawn like traditional rakes. 
  • Available in small and large baskets. 


  • It cannot pick up nuts if they are stuck in thick grass or soil. 
  • The tool won’t pick up mashed acorns. 
  • It is not very efficient if you have a bumpy lawn or slightly rocky garden. 

8. Small Acorn Harvestor

You asked for an acorn rake and we have shortlisted a super-efficient acorn harvester for you. Ideal for big lawns or gardens, this harvester comes with an 18-inch handle and it can pick up nuts without bending over. Available in two sizes, analyze the size of acorns that raids your garden and choose the nut picker accordingly. 

With an innovative design, this tool can maneuver under trees and circle around trunks without breaking your back. It is suitable for both children and adults and you don’t have to worry about irregular terrains as it has got that covered as well. Gathering nuts would not be a time-consuming and knee-aching chore anymore! 

I love how this commercial nut sweeper can just roll over those fallen nuts and gather them up. Made with pre-consumer recycled plastic, the design is environment-friendly and doesn’t involve any fuel or exhaust. The rolling-push mechanism also comes with a removable basket and hence, disposing of those acorns would be super-easy! 


  • Lightweight and durable tool
  • A simple operation can be operated by anyone. 
  • The tool can maneuver around tight corners with ease. 
  • The user won’t have to bend and a comfortable push would do. 
  • It can pick pecans, acorns, and leaves as well. 
  • Comes with a detachable basket and an easy disposing feature. 


  • The price is high as it is a commercial sweeper. 
  • With a push-roll mechanism, it is not a sturdy heavy-duty tool. 

Which Type Of Rake For Acorns is the Most Efficient?

Choosing the right rake for your garden or lawn isn’t tough if you have figured out your requirements, more precisely, you know how many trees would shed those nuts and try to mess up your garden. The right rake would maximize the efficiency of the agricultural tool and you don’t have to spend extra on gathering tools.

Here are some useful tips that would help you choose the best rake or acorn picker and keep your garden clean. 

1. Storage

One of the important aspects when you are picking a garden rake, whether you are opting for tines or baskets, it must hold the nuts until you dispose of them. There are several sizes in the market and depending on the size of things you would be gathering, pick the correct one. 

Tines are amazing when it comes to cleaning dried leaves whereas baskets work pretty well when your sole purpose of raking is collecting acorns or pecans. Make sure you match the sizes before buying a rake for your lawn. 

2. Handle and Pole Strength

If you are an experienced gardener, I am sure you know the perfect length of the handle of any gardening tool. The length of the handle, what material is it made of, is it adjustable or not, these features must be taken into consideration before you buy a rake. 

When using a nut-gathering tool, you don’t want to deal with an inferior metal that is prone to corrosion. So, not only the length, the weight of the tool must be considered as heavy-duty tools take extra effort to operate while plastic tools aren’t durable. The average weight should be between 3-4 pounds and the length range would be 44-55 inches for domestic tools. 

3. Portability and Disposability

We are talking about a nut gatherer and disability plays a very important role here. Classic rakes are designed with fixed components and it is inconvenient when you have to dispose of the nuts. A design with detachable components might be less affordable, but very easy to use. 

Portability is how easily the tool can be assembled or disassembled. If we can separate every unit of a nut gatherer, and transport them to another place, the job is easier. 

4. Ease of Use

Don’t choose something that would take a huge toll on your back every time you clean the yard. A good nut-gatherer must have adjustable and extendable handles that could reach any corner with less stooping. Usually, tough pools with anti-slip technology would be the ideal choice when it comes to ease of use. 

On What Surface Does An Acorn Rake Work Best?

An acorn rake works the best on a plain surface with no bumps or rocks. It is easier to make a pile of acorns on the plain ground by raking rather than on an uneven surface. For nut gatherer or weasels as well, the rolling mechanism isn’t very efficient on hilly terrain. 

This doesn’t mean that a rocky garden or an uneven lawn cannot be raked to drive the acorns out. It would take more effort than usual, but with the right technique, you can keep your garden clean and tidy! 

Are Acorn Gatherers With Plastic Rollers Useful?

A simple rake with tines could be a good choice for small gardens or yards where the area affected by the acorns is less. You can just rake every nut and dispose them on a bucket or pile them up on a corner and scoop them on compost bins later. 

For larger yards or lawns, using traditional raking to gather the acorns is not an efficient method. It would require tremendous effort and time as well. Plastic rollers on nut gatherers turn out to be very helpful in this situation. 

Most of these tools would gather those fallen nuts when you roll the tool over them. Any nut gatherer or weasel with plastic or metal rollers are very useful. You should go for metal rods instead of plastic since they lack tensile strength. 

How Should I Maintain My Rake for Acorns?

Most of the top-quality nut pickers are factory-made to last. That doesn’t mean it would tolerate neglect and rough usage from the user and last for years. Here are a few care and maintenance tips for those acorn rakes. 

1. Use the right technique

I have always said how the right technique can make any tool 10 times more effective and long-lasting and the same goes for nut pickers. If you have an adjustable rake, modify the length of the handle according to your users instead of trying to bend or tilt it to reach tough corners. 

Similarly, if you have a nut picker with rolling baskets, always maintain a slow speed while rolling and target areas that are filled with nuts and fruits. While disposing of, if you do not have a detachable basket, be careful when you widen the wires to dump the nuts. 

2. Choose corrosion-resistant components

Most of the agricultural and gardening tools are easy to maintain, but they have a common enemy- rust! Make sure your pick is rust and corrosion-proof as there would be no extra expenditure for this. Metals like stainless steel and aluminum bars can prevent any damage from weather and it is the perfect material for baskets.

Always clean the collection basket after one or two use and dry them up before assembling. Don’t leave the fruits inside metal baskets as the fruit acids can damage the materials. 

3. Disassemble the components

Since acorn rakes or nut pickers are annual tools and they are only used for 1 or 2 months every year, storing them properly is very important. One surefire way of storing nut gatherers would keep them in smaller units. This would prevent the rusting of joints and it also has an impact on durability. 

Which Brands Make the Best Rakes for Acorns?

Among several options available in the market, here are a few brands that are trustworthy when it comes to the best rakes for acorns. 

1. Corona

2. TRG Inc

3. Bully Tools

4. Bag-a-nut



What Length of the Nut Gatherer’s Handle is Ideal for Tall People?

I would recommend going for a tool with adjustable handles rather than fixed parts. A tool is never used by a single person, and there cannot be a fixed length. Adjustable handles can be used by any adult and can also be made short for children. 

The average handle length for fixed rakes ranges from 55 to 65 inches. Anything below 50 would be very inconvenient and longer rakes would not be optimum for domestic use. 

Why Should I Use Acorn Pickers Instead Of Using My Hands?

You can use your hands for picking nuts, but it won’t be feasible if your oak tree has rained last night and the entire lawn is covered with acorns. Just like we use a tool for sweeping and trimming of lawns to reduce manual work, using acorn pickers can significantly reduce the time of cleaning as well as labor. 

Besides, picking up fruits or nuts from a big garden can also stimulate joint and muscular pains and I would never want that. Would you? 


You know how fun gardening is and with the right tools, you can even make the cleaning chores interesting. Nuth gatherers and rakes have a unique design that not only reduces your effort but also help you complete the job in record time. 

Versatility is always the key when we are talking about a good gardening tool and I would always recommend something that could solve more problems in fewer resources. Modern rakes like Groundskeeper II yellow rake and Corona Tines Shrub Rake are good for raking. I would go for nut gatherers like Small Acorn Harvestor as it involves minimal manual effort among other alternatives. 


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