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13 Best Smelling House Plants To Perfume Your Home

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

When you think of plants, you probably think of colors, the earth, and a little natural decoration, hoping to add the oomph factor to your house. But did you think of the perfume factor when it comes to plants? There are literally so many flowers that can bring a wonderful scent to your house, especially if you’re in dire need to spruce up your house. Especially if you have stinky toddlers running around the house, dogs that aren’t yet potty trained, or the fact that you still set the fire alarm off with that burning smell…..every time you cook.

Don’t worry, I can totally relate. It’s kinda like Rachel Green cooking. Without further ado, let’s get into the plants that can instantly perfume your home!

1. Scented Geranium

I mean, if you’re looking to woo someone with a scented plant, this is pretty much the best thing you’re going to find! Why buy your loved one perfume, when you can just buy a plant that constantly smells wonderful? I mean, unless it’s a plant you’re planning to give someone after breaking up. In which case, this will probably soften the blow. The different scents you can get are rose, lime, lemon, chocolate, ginger, and so much more! It has lovely, fuzzy foliage and needs plenty of sunlight and a good amount of water. And love.

2. Arabian Jasmine

These are a personal favorite to many because they’re like a small, sweet-smelling package. These flowers are a brilliant, pearly white, and they’re used to make jasmine tea. They’re also very sweet smelling and easily fall off the stem.

Fun fact: The Jasmine flower is a big part of Chinese and Indian cultures. The Chinese use Jasmine to make tea, so apparently flowers are now edible, which is probably good news for vegetarians. This type of flower also needs a good amount of sunlight and must be regularly watered.

3. Spearmint

I feel like the words itself describe how awesome this plant smells. Personally, I hate peppermint, even though I LOVE Christmas. Yes, I understand how weird it sounds. Spearmint leaves your house feeling fresh, without an overwhelming sense of mintiness. It’s also very easy to grow and maintain, and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about pest control! Spearmint keeps the pests away. It’s great to incorporate homegrown spearmint in your tea or desserts, giving it a rustic feel. The scientific term for it mentha spicata.

4. Silverdrop Eucalyptus

If you’re the type of person who looks simple and understated, yet beautiful things in life, then this is the plant for you. This plant is subtly colorful and simple, yet adds a touch of color to your home. The silvery-blue leaves give off a unique vibe and a wonderful scent to your home. Let the plant face a window that is pretty much blasted with sunlight everyday. Or, you could hang a few pots of it from the rafters…..whatever floats your boat!

5. Gardenias

As someone who strongly feels like roses are overrated, gardenias are like roses 2.0. Not only do they look and smell beautiful, but they provide a wonderful backdrop to an otherwise overly green garden. Gorgeously blooming white flowers nestled among the waxy green leaves? Who can say no to that? They need about 6-8 hours of light and love the humidity. So, while I can relate to Monica’s hair in humidity, if the Gardenias request it, they must have it.

6. Indoor Citrus

If the smell of citrus doesn’t catch your attention as soon as you walk into the room……..either you’re getting old, or you need to see a doctor. Citrus is definitely a wonderful smelling addition to your room, especially the living room! It could be lime, lemon, or orange, but every house definitely needs a bit of sprucing up in terms of smell. All these plants need are good lighting, proper watering, and soil that drains properly.

7. Orchids

These vibrant flowers come in a variety of colors including pink, lavender, dark purple….pretty much the entire pink/purple shade palette. Depending on your style, you can opt for more elaborate or simple flowers or simple ones that just make your day as soon as you smell them!

8. Angels’ Trumpet

The great thing about these types of flowers is that, they actually release their scent at night. So the apartment will definitely be smelling as fresh as a garden the next morning! Hello nature, goodbye Febreeze! The wonderful scent permeates the whole room, but make sure it gets a sufficient amount of sunlight. Basically…….place it in front of the biggest window in your house. That’ll do the trick.

9. Lemon Balm

As you can see from the title, the smell this plant gives off is lemon.  If you rub the leaves lightly, you’ll find that it gives off a pleasant lemon scent. You can incorporate these leaves in tea or desserts for that homey taste. Personally, I would put this in the bathroom where it’s needed THE MOST. But, that would probably freak your guests out. It’s important to note that the more light it gets, the shorter the stems and the bushier the growth. Less light, means long, lanky stems which are definitely less appealing.

10. Stephanotis

For a second there I thought they spelled Stephanie wrong. Before realizing, that a plant can’t have a human name. Silly me. Fun fact, these flowers are famously used in weddings due to their brilliant white color and wonderfully aromatic fragrance. Even when it’s not in bloom it’s still beautiful due to the waxy, hunter green leaves that stand out on their own.

11. Begonia

This is probably one of the most commonly seen plants on porches, that many people love to hang near the porch. This plant isn’t very highly scented but does give off a subtly distinct “Tea Rose” aroma. The exotic combination of the pink flowers and dark green leaves is appealing to the eye, making it a house favorite and quite old-fashioned. Looking at Begonias always brings back wonderful memories of lemonade on the porch, hula hooping on hot summer days, and having a hell of a lot of water balloon fights.

12. Tuberose

It looks as weird as it sounds, trust me. But with a complex scent, and the freshness it brings to a dull atmosphere, who’s complaining? An interesting fact about Tuberoses is that their scent was considered so powerful and sensual, that it was considered displeasure for respectable women to wear Tuberose scented perfume in the Victorian Era. Now of course, it’s totally normal for half-naked people to leave the house. Oh, how times have changed.

13. Hyacinth

These plants brighten up the place in an instant, they’re like blue bundles of joy. They have a strong, floral and powdery scent that many people adore, making them a more favorable plant to have indoors in December, Since the bulbs are poisonous, wear gloves as you plant them in the place you desire to have them. The great thing is, it doesn’t need a ton of water, and grows perfectly well in partial shade!


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