5 Best Sod Pluggers To Buy In 2021


Gardening is fun only when you have the tools for it. Digging the soil with a shovel, spade or rakes can become tedious after a point, especially if you have a big garden. Planting seeds in a row is quite a task when you have to dig with a shovel. And gardening is soothing but weed removal isn’t. You dread the weed removal day and try to shift the chore to some other day or on someone else.

Moreover, these tools don’t provide the same efficiency as a sod plugger.

A sod plugger digs or to be more exact, “plugs” out soil from the ground. It does so by plugging out only a small hole in the ground and doesn’t disturb the rest of the area. It makes a clean, hole in the ground that renders it more effective than a shovel or spade.

A sod plugger is especially handy when you want to plant/replant a row of vegetables or flowers. You can easily dig holes in a single line without much exertion when using a sod plugger. Weed removal also becomes easy with a sod plugger.

Hence the tool is enjoying rising popularity among professionals. Since you love gardening, you should let the sod plugger do the laborious tasks while you decide on the flowers and seedbeds.

Here, is the list of the best sod pluggers to buy in 2021 so that you get a comprehensive idea about which sod pluggers give value for your bucks.

5 Best Sod Pluggers to Buy in 2021

1. ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn Tool and Garden Tool

ProPlugger 5-IN-1 lawn and garden tool is a multi-purpose sod plugger that allows you to plant and replant easily. It is designed for comfort as you don’t need to bend anymore and get back cramps or knee pain. The sod plugger can be used for border planting, digging holes, weed removal, bedding planter as well as lawn plugging.


ProPlugger makes gardening easy for the elderly. You just have to step on it, twist and pull to get a clean hole. The comfortable handgrips suit senior citizens with mild arthritis.

The tool is made with all welded carbon steel and features a powder coat finish. This makes it durable and sturdy for year-round application.

It sports a long-handled bulb planter to easily plant spring bulbs. The sod plugger can be used for transplanting creeping-type grass. The plugger also works as a soil sampler tool that is used for soil testing. The weeder is designed to remove taproot weeds such as dandelions and thistles.

The plugger doesn’t cut through the weed control fabric. One unique addition to this sod plugger is the depth ring. It comes with depth rings of different heights that allow you to dig holes 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches deep.

The sod plugger has foam padding on the handles. It plugs a  2.125 inches wide hole. The plugger also doubles as a drip-edge fertilizing tool. The plugger ranks high on quality of material and sturdiness so you know this is perfect for the long run. You shouldn’t use it in dry or overly saturated soil.

When you dig with the plugger, the soil gets stored in the tool and you can empty it by turning the sod plugger upside down.


  • The depth ring allows you to customize the depth of the hole.
  • It is comfortable for usage by senior citizens.
  • Made of durable material.
  • It is a multi-purpose plugger that serves 5 functions.
  • It allows soil testing.


  • The tool is not suitable for St. Augustine Grass.
  • The narrow tubing prevents wide holes that are needed for large bulbs.
  • The foam padding on handles should be improved as they can get damaged easily.

2. Corona LG 3720 SodPLUGGER, Red

Corona LG 3720 SodPLUGGER, Red
  • Fill grassless areas without the expense of buying and installing sod

When it comes to ease of use nothing compares with  Corona LG 3720 sod plugger. The sleek design is paired with an equally impressive solid steel footplate that comes with slip-resistant traction.

It sports a quick-release plunger. So, you don’t need to turn it upside down. You can plug with a single touch. This makes the work easy and puts less strain on your body.


The slip-resistant traction grove designed into the footplate and the quick-release plunger is its flagship features.

It also has anti-blister grips which show that ease of use was the top priority for the manufacturers. The slip-resistant groves will ensure that you won’t slip off while pulling out a plug.

The sod plugger is made of heat-treated, high carbon steel for durability. Though doubts are raised on that front because the external steel frame is thin perhaps, to make the product weigh less. But, this can reduce the product’s durability.

The sod plugger makes holes that can accept standard 3-in. grass and sod plugs. It fills grassless areas sparing you the cost of buying and installing sod.

You can water the soil a day before so that it gets soft and makes the job easier. After the sod is inside the soil, rock it back and forth before pulling the plugger out. This is useful in breaking the bonds of the roots.

One maintenance advice is that after you use it for plugging the ground continuously, you have to dismantle the rod and clean the plug chamber. Otherwise, the dirt will enter past the flat push plat. This in turn will decrease the depth till which the plugger is generally able to penetrate the sod.

To use this plugger, you have to press your foot on the footpad. This will form a plug in the grass or sod. Then use the plunger to remove the plug. Finally, plant the plug in a hole.


  • The plugger has slip-resistant traction groves
  • Anti-blister grips to relieve the strain
  • It also features a quick-release plunger so that you can remove the plug with a single touch.
  • Another aspect where the makers have managed to score is the color, sleek design, and overall appearance.


  • The thin steel frame reduces durability
  • Doesn’t offer much variety in terms of plugging and gardening activities like multi-purpose ProPlugger.

3. Yard Butler Sod Plugger

Yard Butler Sod Plugger turf cutter and grass plug tool for zoysia, St. Augustine, fescue, or centipede grass transplanting & repair - ISP-33
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Stop buying plastic or cheap metal products that don't hold up over the years....
Yard Butler Sod Plugger comes in a simple, conventional design devoid of embellishments. It may not have multi-purpose usage like ProPlugger but it does its primary work perfectly.
It can transplant plugs from all types of turf grasses whether it is Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, and St. Augustine.


It digs a 3″ X 3″ square piece of sod or soil where you can also plant saplings. It features an easy ejector handle that makes the work easy as we don’t have to bend anymore.

The plugger is made up of powder-coated steel that makes it durable and sturdy. It is 33 inches in length and is 9 inches in width. It weighs around 4lbs.

The manufacturers have prioritized customer satisfaction with this product and hence the plugger comes with a no-risk, 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find the plugger suitable, then you can receive a full refund or replacement when you return it.

The sod plugger is useful for creating a new lawn or repairing a damaged turf. You can also use it for converting a troubled lawn.

The tool sports a sawtooth blade for accurate and neat holes. The foot bar on top provides more leverage that makes for a smooth and easy digging experience.

This lightweight tool is suitable for the elderly as well. The product is difficult to operate with a thick, sticky, clayey plug. You have to pound the top with a rubber mallet to get the plug out.

The tool is suitable for planting grass plugs but you have to water the area before you plant. Also, the teeth aren’t sharp enough and you need to sharpen them using a file.

One gripe with the product is that the metal plate that is responsible for ejecting the plug is constructed of thin metal. So, it can easily deteriorate.


  • The biggest plus point of this product is the easy ejector handle.
  • The 30-day satisfaction guarantee is another unique addition.
  • It is lightweight and suitable for senior citizens.
  • The sod plugger digs distinctive square plugs.


  • The teeth should be made sharper.
  • The metal plate could be thicker and sturdier.
  • You have to have a rubber mallet with you if you want to remove the clayey, sticky plugs out.

4. STBM Bulb Planter

STBM Bulb Planter has an unconventional design that makes it stand out among the rest. It has two rods and a cylindrical case at the bottom for digging. The case can dig 7 inches deep and 2.5 inches wide plugs. The sod plugger doubles as a weeder, planter, and soil tester. All in all, it is a must-have tool in your gardening kit.


You can plant bulbs easily using this tool as the long handle allows you to plant while standing.  It prevents unnecessary bending and prevents backaches.

The size of the holes is perfect for planting all types of bulbs and bedding plants. Whether it is tulips or Dahlias or Gladiolus, this tool makes it easy to plant it all.

The sod plugger is made of powder-coated steel which adds to its durability.

One key feature missing from this product is the footpeg. In the absence of a footpeg, you have to generate all the strength through your hands for putting extra pressure.


  • The unconventional design with a long handle that allows you to dig easily without much bending or stooping.
  • It is multi-purpose and offers many services with one tool.
  • The size of the plugs is suitable for most bulbs and bedding plants.


  • The missing footpegs can be a source of bother because you may have to apply more pressure with your hands.
  • Unlike ProPlugger, there are no depth adjustment rings.

5. CHUMAA Bulb Planter

Chumaa Bulb Planter is a multi-use garden tool that makes gardening a painless experience. No more backaches from stooping or hand strain due to planting.

The long rod, comfortable T-bar design with footplate, and sturdy handgrips make this sod plugger a perfect choice for senior citizens or those people who have mild arthritis.


The sod plugger is constructed from carbon steel adding to its overall durability. Like the ProPlugger, it also has 5 uses namely: sod plugger, weeder, soil sample tool, bulb planter, and drip-edge fertilizing tool.

The sharp edge easily penetrates the soil and digs a planting hole that is 3.5inch in diameter. The size of the holes suits both planting bulbs as well as transplanting grass.

The long handle, the sturdy grip, and the footplate are all designed to ensure comfort while digging.

Ease of use has been their priority while making this tool. You only have to identify the place from where you want to remove the plug then press the handle and pedal down. Turn the sod plugger to check whether the plant can be plugged out completely. Finally, pull the plugger up then press the raised pedal to release the plant.

You must water the place before using the sod plugger so that it makes your task easier. The sod plugger isn’t very effective in digging out dry or sandy soil.

The makers have also instructed against using it in soil that is too compact. If you feel you are using too much labor while rotating the planter then you risk damaging the tool. It is recommended to give the plugger a slight shake before lifting it when you encounter a problem like this.

The product also comes with a no-risk, 30-day satisfaction guarantee which allows for a full refund or replacement on return.


  • The sharp edge and the size of the holes definitely add to its appeal as an effective sod plugger.
  • It has multiple uses which makes it an indispensable gardening tool.


  • The welding isn’t very good which raises concerns over its durability.
  • You cannot adjust the depth of the holes which is where ProPlugger scores over this product.
  • It doesn’t work very well with soil that is too compact. Another problem you might face is while rotating the sod plugger. It can feel laborious at times.

What Is A Sod Plugger and Why Do You Need One?

A sod plugger as the name suggests is used to dig or transplant sods or turf. You use a sod plugger to dig a piece of sod and plant it in another place. People also use sod pluggers for digging a hole to plant sod in that place.

You need a proper sod plugger for sod transplantation otherwise you can end up ruining your lawn. One major reason why people buy a sod plugger is that it makes digging easier and simpler. You don’t need to bend, stoop or suffer backaches. You can dig standing straight without much exertion.

Also, if you have a big garden then a sod plugger is the best option for any transplantations. It can do the work quicker and less painfully.

You will also need a sod plugger when you do the borders of your garden. If you wish to plant a row of flowers or vegetables or fruits, a sod plugger is a perfect tool to make the process smooth.

If you have mild arthritis but still have a passion for gardening, a sod plugger may just be the tool you need to aid you with your gardening activities.

While digging manually, the depth of the holes may differ but a sod plugger eliminates that margin of error as it digs out uniform holes. Digging holes becomes more precise and neater with sod pluggers.

A sod plugger gives you more time for deliberating on the kind of flowers you want in a border or the number of vegetables you want in a patch as it helps you in doing all the tiring and laborious tasks quickly and easily.

Things to Look for in a Good Sod Plugger: Buyers Guide

1. Durability

A good sod plugger should rank high on durability. You should keep the material in mind before selecting a sod plugger. Steel and stainless steel are good options for a sod plugger.  The body should be thick so that it doesn’t snap easily.

Another important factor is weather resistance. Buy sod pluggers that are made of weather resistant material so that it lasts long.

2. Size and depth of the Plug

The size of the plug is an important factor to consider before buying a sod plugger. You need different sizes according to your need. If you want to plant seeds, too big a hole may damage the seed and it won’t be able to grow into a plant.

On the other hand, you need bigger holes for planting bulbs or transplanting sods. Thus, it is best to buy a plugger that offers depth rings like the ProPlugger. Shape of the plug also differs: it can be circular or square. Buy one that suits you.

3. Versatility

Some people want a simple plugger like Yard Butler that does its primary job right. Others, want to get maximum utility from their sod plugger. Hence, they want one that does multiple jobs. Chumaa bulb planter or ProPlugger can be a good choice for multi-purpose pluggers.

4. Plug release

No one wants a plugger that you have to hit with a mallet to release the plug. Unfortunately, this can be the case with most plug releasers. Hence, it becomes very important to buy a plugger that comes with a quick-release plunger like the Corona LG 3720 to make your work easy.

How To Use Sod Plugger

1. Water the area one or two days before using the sod plugger. Ensure that the soil is moist, not wet hence water the area accordingly.

2. Identify the place where you want to dig or transplant a plug.

3. Then hold the plugger over that area and press down on the footpeg to apply pressure.

4. Push the tool so that it penetrates the soil.

5. Then pull the tool out of the soil.

6. Finally, press “release” or hit it with a mallet to release the plugs. The release mechanism differs with different tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a sod plugger work for all grass types?

A sod plugger works for most grass types but there are exceptions. Some sod pluggers may not work with zoysia, St. Augustine or some similar species. Thus, you should always ensure that your sod plugger is compatible with the grass in your lawn.

Can I purchase sod plugs instead of transplanting them from my existing grass?

You can buy sod plugs instead of transplanting them but that would cost money. This is a cheaper way. If you want to repair a small damaged part of your lawn, transplanting is a better option than buying.

If you want to buy them, you can purchase sod plugs from nurseries, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

What is the best material for a sod plugger?

The best material for a sod plugger depends on what suits the conditions in your lawn. Stainless steel is a good option. Pluggers with powder-coated steel are a safe bet as they help in protecting the steel.

Does the size of the sod plugger matter?

The size of the sod plugger is one of the most important considerations while buying the product. The primary reason for buying this tool is that it eliminates excessive bending and stooping while digging holes.

Old people especially benefit from this as they sometimes suffer from mild arthritis or backaches and doing gardening chores while stooping can be a severe strain on their health.

You should buy a sod plugger whose height is suited to yours. A perfect sod plugger would be one where you don’t have to bend much and can complete digging while standing upright.

You should also consider how much force you will have to exert while standing on the footpeg of the sod plugger so that it digs efficiently.

If you need to apply a force that puts a severe strain on your body or makes you uncomfortable, it is best to avoid that plugger especially if you have a big garden. You will have to use the plugger repeatedly for doing the garden borders and it can get tiresome very soon.

As mentioned earlier, you also have to check whether the length of the plug is suited to your gardening needs. That height matters as well.

So, the height of the plugger, the depth of the plughole as well as your height are some important factors that decide whether you will have a smooth experience with the plugger or not.

Keep these important considerations in mind while finalizing your sod plugger so that you don’t have to go through the process of return, refund, and replacement with your tool.

Does the size of the plug produced by the plugger matter?

The size of the plug matters depending on your need. If you are planting seeds then the size of the plug matters because if the hole is too deep, the seed won’t be able to germinate. It is commonly advised that seed should not be planted deeper than twice its width.

If you want a healthy plant, make sure that the depth of the sod plugger is suitable for your seeds. Otherwise, you might end up buying a planter that you can’t use for your seeds.

Another time when the size of the plug will matter is when you buy sod plugs instead of transplanting them from your existing grass. The size of the holes in your garden should have some resemblance to the size and shape of the sod plugs you bought from the store.

If the hole is too small or too big compared to the sod plugs you bought from the store, the plugs will not fit properly. This can end up ruining the overall look of your lawn and do more damage than good. Hence, you should also keep in mind the shape and size of the plugs you had purchased before you finalize a sod plugger.

If you intend to transplant plugs from one place in your garden to another then the size and shape will not be much of a deciding factor.


We have given you a comprehensive guide for buying a sod plugger that will help you select the perfect one for your needs. The list has sod pluggers that cater to every need be it planting, weed removal, or soil testing. It also features pluggers that are designed to be used by senior citizens or those with mild arthritis.

You can choose ProPlugger if you want a multi-purpose sod plugger that allows you to adjust the depth or you may buy Corona LG 3720 if you want a plugger with a quick-release plunger that will make the process of extracting the plug, smooth and simple.

I hope you find this guide helpful in finalizing a sod plugger that caters to all your needs as well as lasts long so that you can get maximum utility from it.


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