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21 Best Vines for Containers

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

Ideally, gardeners grow vines in deep soil around the trellis as they require an abundant supply of nutrients from soil and water. But as we all know ideal things are conventionally not fun to do, so how about planting vines in a container? 

The concept is really offbeat and neat. There are several plants that you can grow in the containers. This provides a sense of privacy and greenery to your home garden. 

You will now be able to enjoy the lush green and reinventing retreat at your own place. 

Just find the right container which should hold ten to twelve gallons of water and have a drainage hole at its bottom. The container must be wide and deep allowing the prolific growth of your vines. 

21 Best Vines for Containers

1. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle plants have a recognizable fragrance and a sweet taste. They grow well under full to partial sun. You can grow this vine in a container using soil with a significant amount of organic matter. Frequent watering and feeding suitable plant food will maximize its growth. 

2. Virginia Creeper  

The best part about these Virginia creepers is that they don’t require support to climb (saving you some extra effort). The plant will attract several birds to your backyard. Water the plant frequently and keep it under direct sunlight to promote colorful flower blooms. 

3. Morning Glory   

The morning glory flower blooms in the early morning ( evidently that’s how the name originated ). The plant usually becomes invasive, so most of the people prefer to grow them in the pots. The plant requires about one inch of water a week and direct sunlight. The soil must be moist and well-drained. 

4. Sweet Pea  

Use a mixture of rich potting compost and loam-based compost to provide the best nutrients to your sweet pea vine. You will have to attach a stick into the potting mix ensuring support to climb. Be careful about the watering as the plant tends to get dry quickly.

5. Black-eyed Susan Vine  

First things first, black-eyed Susan vine is a toxic plant so keep your pets and children at bay. The plant is tolerant of little heat. If you live in a hot and dry area, make sure to keep it under shade during the afternoon. Supply with a dilute water-soluble fertilizer in the growing season and water it frequently. 

6. Clematis   

The best way to grow a clematis vine is to plant it in a large pot with lightweight potting soil. During the summer season, the vine requires regular watering and plant food during the growth season ( usually spring ). There are a lot of varieties of this single plant and it’s advisable to follow the instructions label to ensure the best growth.

7. Butterfly Pea   

The beautiful flowers of the butterfly pea vine attract a number of pollinators and are soothing to human eyes. It is a retreat to watch them grow in your garden. For this, you just have to select any type of soil and regularly water the plant (avoid overwatering). A good drainage system in the container is necessary and fertilization is superfluous. 

8. Bleeding Heart  

Bleeding heart vine is a shade loving climber that you can grow in a container using a trellis. Grow this plant in a rich, well-drained, and lightweight soil under the partial sun or even full shade. Water the plant regularly and allow the soil to dry in between the consecutive waterings. 

9. Climbing Hydrangea   

Climbing hydrangeas usually contain a group of flowers and foliages which makes it heavy to climb. If you’re planning to plant it in a container, you’ll have to arrange a trellis as well. They require rich, well-drained, and moist soil along with the direct sunlight. Water it regularly so that the soil stays moist for the most time. 

10. Passion Flower 

If you’re longing for something exotic in your home garden, then these passion flowers are for you! Get ready with a large container filled with well-draining and rich soil. Fertilize and water the plant regularly. The plant can survive under full to partial sun depending upon the climatic conditions of your area.

 11. Ivy 

As you know there are several varieties of ivy vine available in our mother nature. This plant doesn’t have flowers as such but the cluster of leaves is what makes it a potential houseplant. As a general rule of thumb water this plant regularly with frequent fertilization. Choose the best ivy for your garden and follow up with it accordingly. 

12. Purple Bell Vine   

The plant grows well in acidic soil and regular watering. Feed it with the liquid fertilizer in the growing season. Generally, it prefers full sunlight but if you’ll keep it under partial shade, it will grow there as well. The soil must be well-drained, moist, and rich in nutrients. 

13. Sweet Potato Vine  

Are you wondering about baking sweet potatoes already? See I got you! You can now enjoy sweet potatoes anytime after growing them in your home garden. These vines grow best under full sunlight. Feed the vines with an all-purpose, water-soluble fertilizer once in a month. 

14. Jasmine  

This ornamental and highly fragrant plant is one of the most commonly used plants in the patios. You must keep the plant under bright sunlight. Water it regularly and don’t allow the soil to dry. The plant loves to grow in moist soil. 

15. Climbing Rose

Climbing rose, as the name suggests, is a vine which you can grow to enhance the beauty of your home garden. You can plant these roses in a pot along with a trellis to facilitate climbing. Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter and water the plant frequently. 

16. Oxalis

This colorful plant can inject life to any garden. Use a container with a drainage hole and a well-draining soil mix. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Water it frequently but allow the soil to dry between consecutive waterings. 

17. Wisteria

Another fragrant exotic looking plant is wisteria. Place this attractive plant under the full sun for maximum growth and water it regularly without letting the soil dry in between. The plant can be toxic for some so it’s better to keep it away from your lovely pets and children.   

18. Cup And Saucer Vine

One of the easiest vines to grow up in a home garden is cup and saucer vine. It’s hard to plant these vines if you live in a cooler region. Water it regularly in the summer season and irregularly during the winters. Wash the leaves of the plant to shoo away insects.

19. Bougainvillea 

You can grow these cute little flowers in a relatively smaller container with a drainage hole. Water the plant regularly and allow the soil to dry between the waterings. To speed up the growth, you can use water-soluble fertilizer every once in a week or two during the growing season. 

20. Dracaena 

Dracaena vine grows straight up vertically and they thrive best in well-draining and rich soil. It’s comparatively a low maintenance vine that doesn’t even require much watering. Just water it once a week and feed plant food once in the growing season. 

21. Trumpet Vine  

Owing to its name to the flowers shaped like a trumpet, trumpet vines are considered as weeds in some areas. To grow them in the container, use well-draining soil and water frequently when the topsoil is dry to the touch. You can even place the plant indoors once it gets established. 

Growing these usual plants in a pot or container will provide a sense of newness in your garden. They’ll cover all the empty spaces on your wall and give them unparalleled beauty.


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