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8 Best Watering Wands to Buy in 2021

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

Watering plants is part of your me-time that relaxes your mind. This peaceful activity is ruined when you have to lug heavy cans around the garden or when you need to water hanging plants. This is where watering wands become our savior as they help us lazy folks to water our plants and direct the stream right at the roots without having to crouch or bend.

The multiple spray settings serve different purposes. Harsh sprays are meant for cleaning the deck or gutter while the gentle settings are intended for delicate plants and seedbeds.

You need not worry about your plants being pulverized by a harsh blast of water. Instead, a watering wand will concentrate water on the root zone where the plant really needs it. This will ensure the healthy growth of your plants.

A watering wand also washes away pests from the plants. So, one wand has multiple uses and proves to be more efficient than a watering can.

But with the rising popularity of watering wands and the ease they provide has turned it into a problem of plenty. There are too many options available in the market and you are confused about which is the best for you. You want a wand that has advanced features and suits your needs in 2021.

Fret not, here is a list of the 8 best watering wands to buy in 2021.

Top 8 Watering Wands

1. Green Mount Watering Wand

Green Mount watering wands are designed for comfort and ease of use. It comes in 2 sizes 24 inches and 16 inches. Blue, purple, and blackish green are three of the colors available.


The wand has 661 holes for watering delicate seedbeds and flowers which makes it the perfect choice for anyone just starting with gardening.

It features a flow control knob with a heavy-duty fireman’s nozzle which allows it to concentrate the water flow on a particular area that prevents unnecessary water wastage.

The makers have put maximum emphasis on creating a portable, easy to hold wand. Made with aluminum, the wand sports a soft foam which makes it easy to grip. The wand is curved which makes it easy to water plants. The hose nozzle is thumb controlled with a lever on the top.

The watering wand doesn’t tire your hand as it features a hold-open clip for continuous spraying.


  • This lightweight watering wand helps you reach difficult places and hanging plants easily.
  • It comes with a removable shower head which aids in cleaning the clogged parts.
  • It has 8 adjustable watering patterns. These are namely Jet, Full, Angled, Soaker, Mist, Cone, Shower, and Flat.


  • Considerable temperature swings affect it and the thin metal plate with holes can be deformed. It may even cause the neck to split. So, don’t leave it outside at night.

2. Melnor RelaxGrip GentleRain Shower Watering Wand

Melnor Watering wand doubles as a cleaner for clogged, dirty, gutters. This watering wand has the distinction of being approved by the Arthritis Foundation for its ease of use commendation because the wand is easy to grip with its RelaxGrip handle.


The Soft watering Showerhead concentrates water flow to the roots which prevents water loss. It also suits newly sown seeds and flowers that are damaged easily by high water pressure.

Comfort was their top priority. The easy-grip reduces stress on your wrist and hands which makes it ideal for use by all ages. The thumb control allows you to regulate water flow easily. No more tight clenches or press downs are required for operating the wand.

We know the struggle is real when it comes to hose connections. Thus, the USP of this wand is its QuickConnect Adapter which helps in connecting to the hose easily. QuickConnect adapters let you switch tools without stopping the water flow due to their water stop feature.


  • For watering a shrub, you don’t need to stand there for the entire time. You can regulate the lever and put it on the desired flow level then walk away.
  • You can attach it to a hose and have around 3 feet of extra length.


  • Don’t leave it out in winter. It shouldn’t be used when the ambient air temperature is less than 40°F or with water temperature exceeding 115°F.
  • Don’t hook it up to a pump inside a bucket and hose for indoor waterings as it isn’t very watertight and may leak.

3. H20 Works Watering Wand

This is a multi-purpose watering wand that helps you to clean the top of your SUV, or patio, or driveway, or deck as well as water the lawn or your pets.


The sprayer wand is constructed by using a powerful blend of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and TPR. The TPR material is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. The aluminum alloy coating does not allow rust. Thus, the watering wand is designed to be durable.

It sports a trigger-locking clip at the bottom. You don’t have to apply any pressure on your part as the clip allows the water to continue flowing.

Cleaning is made easy with the hose washer mesh which filters the clogged dirt. H20 Works watering wand comes with a ratcheting head that rotates 90 -120 degrees.


  • The three mist pattern makes the water flow gentle yet powerful. Hence, the watering wand is versatile and can be used for patio cleaning or watering seedbeds.


  • It has 6-way spray patterns while its contemporaries have 8.

4. Orbit 36-inch Fireman Grip Wand with ratcheting head

The simple, ergonomic design suits people who want a wand that reaches difficult places without being too heavy on the hand.


The watering wand has nine spray patterns to suit all your needs. Cone, center, fan, shower, flat, angle, flood, jet, and mist are the different options available.

The wand swivels without causing any leakages. The head is adjustable which allows it to be used for cleaning the underside of a car.

It is flexible as the ratcheting head can rotate 180°. The lever fireman grip allows us to regulate the water flow easily. The long handle makes for easy watering of difficult places.


  • The watering wand offers 9 options which are more than most of its competitors. Most come with 6 or 8.
  • The long handle is another plus point along with the simple, functional design.


  • You can use it outside only with cold water.
  • The long handle may be cumbersome for gutter cleaning.
  • You can’t water plants indoors with this wand.

5. The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand - 15" Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer 8 Adjustable Spray Patterns and Thumb Control Shut Off Valve
  • NO MORE HAND STRAIN from trigger-operated nozzles. Our one-touch thumb operated on/off switch also...

With an unconventional design, the Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand may be shorter in length but packs in the same amount of power required for effective cleaning and watering.


The Unique Selling Point of this wand is its one-touch thumb controlled on/off switch. You don’t have to strain your hands by applying pressure with your thumbs as you did for trigger controlled hose nozzles.

The 8 spray patterns are namely shower, mist, jet, cone, flat, soaker, full, and center.

Another striking point of this watering wand is that it comes off with an anti-leak hose connection. The precision threads and washer make for a tight leak-free connection.


  • The thumb controlled on/off switch is its biggest plus point.
  • It weighs 9.6 ounces which is less compared to the other wands.


  • Some might find the length too short for their comfort.
  • It can’t take sub-freezing weather. The tube is plastic in the handle which may not be able to handle extreme temperatures without some damage.

6. Dramm One Touch Rain Wand

Dramm 14864 One Touch Rain Wand with One Touch Valve, 16-Inch, Green
  • Dramm One Touch Rain Wand Green 16in 16" One Touch Rain Wand

Available in bright colors like green, blue, red, and berry, this watering wand is high both on functionality and aesthetic. It is available in two sizes 16 and 30 inches. Made of aluminum, the watering wand is ideal for use by professionals.


Dramm one touch rain wand has a control lever that you can operate with your thumb to regulate the flow of water. Even old people will find it easy to operate this wand.

It concentrates on watering the root zone with its 400 PL water breaker that allows for a gentle rain shower that prevents delicate plants from damage.

A rubber covering over the mold protects the natural wear-point from damage. It has a removable head which makes it easy to clean.

The durability and ease of use make it an ideal purchase for professionals who need it long term.


  • This watering wand ranks high on maneuverability and ergonomics. It is lightweight and sturdy so it is a perfect gift for your grandpa who loves gardening.
  • The thumb control valve is another argument in favor of gifting it to elders as the operation is simple and hassle-free.
  • Made in the USA, this watering wand focuses water on the roots of the plant.


  • The cheap plastic rain head is the biggest let down in an otherwise good watering wand.
  • Another disadvantage is that you have to spend extra money to buy the original spray head that is made of aluminum.
  • It isn’t the best when it comes to watering potted plants.

7. Orbit Pro Flo 7-Pattern 14″ Thumb Control D-Grip Wand

Orbit 58995 Pro Flo 7-Pattern 14” Watering Wand with Thumb Control
  • 7 SPRAY PATTERNS: Choose from shower, center, flat, mist, full, jet, or cone. Connection :¾-inch...

This 14-inch watering wand is highly rated for its ease of use and functionality. With its sturdy built and seven spray patterns, this watering wand is slowly making its presence felt in the market.


The wand is in line with modern needs and has a thumb controlled system that doesn’t strain the hand. It features a soft-touch dial guard that allows you to select and change spray patterns even when wet.

The wand comes with a diamond-patterned handle that provides a strong grip even when wet. It sports a D-grip so that it is easy to hang the wand. The wand weighs 13.4 ounces and has a thumb control knob to adjust the water flow.


  • It is easy to hold and the thumb control works efficiently.
  • The seven spray patterns satisfy almost every need.


  • Many find its short length to be inconvenient as it is difficult to reach hanging plants.

8.BLACK DECKER BON-013 Lightweight Snake Wand

The unconventional design makes this wand stand out among the rest. It is shaped like a snake and weighs 1.13 pounds.


This wand sports flexible ABS joints for 360-degree coverage while watering.

It is also one of the few watering wands to have an unconventional design and yet manages to pack in 9 spray patterns to suit every need.

The wand comes with a silicone comfort grip that relieves stress from the hands.


  • The wand provides 360° coverage while watering plants.
  • It has 9 spray patterns to suit everyone’s needs while most other wands have 6 or 8 spray patterns.


  • You may be exposed to chemicals like lead or lead compounds which may cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • It is not very suitable for potted plants.
  • The wand lacks a proper dial to regulate pressure. Sometimes, the water flow may become too harsh when it comes to watering delicate plants. You might have to search for add ons to regulate the water pressure.
  • Don’t keep this outside in the winter as it damages the wand.

What is a Watering Wand and Why Do You Need One?

A watering wand is a device that you connect with your hose for watering plants that are in difficult places like hanging plants. It has a sprinkler head at one end so that you have a mini shower that waters your delicate plants.

A wand also serves to reduce the water pressure without affecting the volume. This makes it ideal for seedbeds.

Now, I know you’re thinking, all this is okay but why should I buy one? My water can work just fine!

Well, apart from the obvious that you cannot attach your water can to a hosepipe, you also need a water wand if you have hanging plants or seedbeds. The gentle shower doesn’t damage the flowers and concentrates water on the root zone which minimizes water loss.

A big garden is another solid reason to buy a water wand since you don’t want to lug water can spanning the length and breadth of a huge garden. Additionally, a wand can spray off pests from the plants.

Back pain, arthritis, old age, and laziness are some other valid reasons you would want to ditch your water can for a wand.

Moreover, a water wand is multi-purpose as it can be used for cleaning your car and the gutter. To top it all, you get to possess cool gardening pieces of equipment and flaunt your modern tools to your friends.

Things to Look for in a Good Watering Wand

1. Length is a big factor when considering watering wands. Too small a wand can make it difficult to reach distant places or hanging plants while long wands in a small area can be difficult to maneuver.

2. The weight of the wand is a major factor as you want to buy a wand that isn’t too heavy to lug around. A heavy wand is difficult to hold.

3. Material: While choosing a wand, check what it’s made of. The material becomes the deciding factor when it comes to the durability and sturdiness of the product. If you live in cold areas where the winter temperature drops steeply, a plastic wand may be damaged by the regular changes in temperature. You will find a wand made of aluminum more durable in these conditions. Moreover, it may contain lead which may cause cancer or birth defects.

4. Spray Patterns: Spray patterns are another important aspect of wands. For vegetable patches, you can go for a fan or flat spray patterns. Delicate plants require the mist mode. Hence, you have to check whether the wand you are about to buy has the spray patterns you require or not.

5. Thumb control: You don’t want a wand that makes your hand exert pressure for a long time. A wand that has a shut-off valve or allows you to operate easily with your thumb should be a consideration, especially for old people.

6. Indoor Plants: When watering indoor plants you don’t want the water to spill on the floor. A wand with a narrow flow head and quick cut off valve is ideal for this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a long wand?

Whether you need a long or short wand depends on the garden size and what kind of plants you are watering. There is no one size fits all for this.

In case, you are one of the lucky ones to have a big garden then you might consider buying a watering wand with a long shaft. It will help you water the entire area without having to move frequently.

It will also allow you to reach the nooks, corners, and deep borders. For hanging plants, a long wand is preferable as it helps you get the required reach without stretching or standing on tiptoes.

In a small garden, you should go for a short wand because a long shaft will be difficult to operate in a small space. It will be awkward to maneuver it properly in a cramped space like a garden on your balcony.

How do I attach my wand to my hose?

If you have a Quick Connect Adapter it is easier to snap it into place. You just have to attach the Quick Connect to the hose then attach the wand onto it.

Otherwise, fix the wand to the end of the hose, so that water flows to the showerhead and you get gentle rain for watering delicate seedbeds.

How many spray settings do I need?

The spray settings depend on your requirements for the garden. Fan setting is best for watering a long row of plants as it gently discharges a lot of water in less time.

The shower setting is versatile and can cover most of your watering needs. Flat is suitable for a row of plants as it covers a large but narrow area. Mist suits plants that require humidity.

The cone setting allows you to cover a ring of plants as it provides a circle of the shower. Jet setting is more suited for cleaning patios, decks, debris, and gutter as the harsh blast of water can damage most plants.

Soaker setting as the name suggests is used when you want the plant to get a good soaking. A full spray setting is used when you want to water plants that don’t fall in the delicate category. Strong plants that are difficult to reach can be watered with a full spray setting. The full spray setting is like a more powerful version of the shower setting.

Check whether you have all the settings to meet your needs before deciding on a wand. For me, a wand should have a minimum of 6 settings but it differs with people and their needs.

How do I maintain my wand?

The first step is to read the maintenance instructions carefully and FOLLOWING them. Most of us avoid this and then complain that our wand didn’t last.

Some wands only support cold water or have a specific temperature for the water. If you want your wand to be durable, don’t use hot water with them.

You shouldn’t keep your wand out in the cold if you want it to have a long life, especially if it’s made of plastic. Clean

Clean the wand and don’t let it be clogged with dirt or debris for too long.

Also, it is important to remember that all wands have a life span and you cannot expect them to work perfectly forever.


To sum it up, a watering wand will protect your delicate plants and seedbeds with its gentle showers. It will also minimize water loss and focus water on the root zone. Wands are perfect for old age as you don’t have to bend or crouch as is the case with cans. It keeps away pests such as mites from your plants.

Moreover, it will also help you clean your patio, car, or deck.

Choose Green Mount watering wand for watering delicate seedbeds or Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand for easy thumb controlled operation.


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