5 Best Citrus Trees for Containers


Do you know what gardeners prefer the most when it comes to fruit-bearing plants? Yes, citrus trees! I have seen my grandparents garden full of flowering and fruit species, where a special mention goes to two orange and one lime species planted together in a big container. 

Yes, it sounds weird but it has something to do with cross-breeding and they do yield good results. You can not only enjoy the vitamin C enriched delicious juices but the skin, if edible, offers a good amount of fiber. 

They are easy to grow as most of the citrus trees are low-maintenance, and they go dormant during the winters but some of them do bear fruits as a bonus of your love!  

Check out 5 best Citrus Trees for containers and be ready to bust those myths where they say ‘You cannot grow fresh fruits in your home garden!’

1. Orange 

One of the renowned citrus species belonging to the Rutaceae family, oranges are lively fruits that are full of goodness. With Brazil being the largest producer, oranges are climate-sensitive and can grow well as an indoor citrus tree with care and love. 

Oranges thrive in sub-tropical climates and moist soil together with warm temperatures can accelerate its growth. Choose the container size following the rootball. It as to be at least 18 inches tall and full of fast-draining soil. Water it regularly and don’t let the soil dry out between intervals. 

Citrus trees like oranges require repotting every 3-5 years. Make sure to take extra care of the plant if you want to harvest lots of fresh oranges. Use nitrogen fertilizers to promote growth during the summer months and bless it with ample sunlight for healthy growth.  

With so many health benefits, it would be great to choose orange as your citrus tree species. After all, those finely-textured skins are full of vitamin C and the sweet, juicy pulp can pass for a delicious snack any day!

2. Sweet Lime

Citrus limetta, also known as sweet lime, is a member of sweet lemons family and is a crossbreed between citron and bitter orange. This juicy and sweet fruit is commonly known as mosambi and is largely produced in India and Vietnam. 

It is also a perfect species for growing citrus in containers. It will never grow more than 7 feet and can survive in frost-free zones. Just like oranges, they prefer warm temperatures and sunlight for more than 8 hours every day. 

It is always advised to use a special potting mix for citrus trees that would stimulate its growth and keep it healthy. Use high-nitrogen liquid fertilizer during the summer months for the best yield and fast growth. 

With full of essential vitamin C, a glass of fresh sweet lime juice can boost immunity, reduce muscle cramps, promotes healthy skin and strengthens hair. The sweet and delicious juice can do wonders on acne as it detoxifies the body and fixes skin blemishes. 

So, growing a sweet lime tree isn’t a bad idea, is it? 

3. Lemons

Citrus limon, a small evergreen tree that belongs to the notable Rutacaea family is an excellent source of antioxidants, mainly vitamin C. Largely harvested in parts of South Asia, it is believed that having a glass of fresh lemon water every day can improve your health and shape! 

Of course, you could grow this species in containers and enjoy the freshness of these juicy fruits anytime. They enjoy both hot and mild summers and you can see them smile in coastal areas with a sub-tropical climate. Improved Meyer is the best lemon variety to grow in containers and it yields lemon-orange hybrids. 

You can grow them up to any length, depending upon the species and choose the size accordingly. Wait for the soil to reach the dry side of moist before watering again. Also, make sure it receives 8 hours of sunlight for a good harvest. It can produce fruits all-year-round, but make sure to keep it indoors during the winter. 

A lemon can boost your heart health and prevent kidney stones besides filling you up with vitamin C. I mean, I would plant a citrus lemon tree at my home garden. Would you? 

4. Kumquats 

Kumquats or oval-shaped orange are dwarf citrus trees that can thrive in containers and yield juicy fruits in optimum conditions. They also belong to the flowering plant family Rutaceae and were originally grown in China. It can enjoy both warm summers and chilly fall nights with love and affection. 

Those dark, glossy green leaves grow very well in containers and they are easy to maintain as they are unlikely to be taller than 7 feet. They need well-drained soil, direct sunlight and enough water to bear fruits. Kumquat is a heavy feeder and you must fertilize them regularly to take care of their health. 

From Fukushu to Meiwa, kumquats have a wide range of species. If you want to grow an attractive species, bring home Tavares Limequat and enjoy those variegated leaves and the beautiful structure. 

Also, in the case of kumquats, you don’t have to peel the skin. You can devour the sweet skin with tart pulp together with the delicious juice. My god, citrus fruits are love! 

5. Bearss’ Lime

Also known as Persian lime or Tahitian lime, this species of lime also belongs to the Rutaceae family and is a citrus fruit full of goodness. Primarily grown in Mexico and other sub-tropical countries like Egypt and Cuba, this dwarf citrus tree enjoys warm temperatures. 

Though Persian lime can get up to 20 feet tall, with good pruning, you can limit the height and make it appropriate for the containers. They require moist soil and good sun exposure to bear tasty fruits. 

Bearss’ lime is full of nutrients that can support digestion, cure asthma, and bless you with healthy skin. It is a good idea to have a glass of fresh lime juice, every day! 

All of these citrus fruits thrive under similar conditions and their needs are alike as well. If you want a good harvest, allow the fruits to ripe before plucking them up. So, are you having a glass of fresh citrus juice today? 


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