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71 Flowers that Start with G

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

If you got any assignment based on flowers that start with the letter G or some kind of superstitious belief that convinced you to grow only the flowers that begin with G. Then you are at the right place as here is a list of 71 flowers that begin with the letter G.

71 Flowers that Start with G

1. Garden Angelica

Going by the scientific name of Angelica archangelica, this is a perennial plant with showy flowers. The blooms are mainly greenish-white in color and work best in a bouquet with colorful flowers.

2. Garden balsam

Impatiens balsamina or garden balsam is an annual type plant species that grows paper-like flowers. The blooms are mostly red, purple, white, orange, and yellow in color.

3. Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides or simply gardenia is a shrub species that survives in moisture and humid environment. The perfectly shaped flowers show graceful white petals, have fragrance and they are mostly showy.

4. Gaura (Crimson Butterflies)

Gaura lindheimeri “Crimson Butterflies” is one of the varieties of Gaura flower and going by the name, the blooms are hot pink in color. They resemble butterflies with two beautiful antennae coming out of the center.

5. Gaura (Whirling Butterflies)

Gaura lindheimeri “Whirling Butterflies”, another variety of the gaura species, has creamy white-colored blooms. They are similar in appearance to crimson butterflies.

6. Garden heliotrope

Garden heliotrope or Valeriana Officinalis is a perennial that survives in a wet environment and has cluster-like blooms. The beautiful flowers are showy, have fragrance and the color varies from white to pale pink.

7. Garden phlox

Phlox Paniculata is one of the most common garden plants and the credit would go to those pinkish-white flowers. The spade-shaped petals are pink on the sides and whitish near the veins and they attract birds and butterflies.

8. Garden pinks

Dianthus “Rainbow Loveliness”, this one has bloom straight from fairytales. The petals have hair like ends, the color is mostly pastel-mix and they have a soothing fragrance.

9. Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy or Gerbera jamesonii is one of the most well-known flowers, blooming in every nursery and garden in cooler temperatures. The color is a mixture of orange, red, and yellow and has long petals, one of the main flowers in a bouquet.

10. Garden verbena

Verbena × hybrida or garden verbena has blooms that are as classy as its name. This perennial has small blooms with colors like blue, violet, purple, rose, red, yellow, white, and bicolor.

11. Gentiana acaulis

A variety of Gentian, Gentiana acaulis has pretty deep blue blooms that can steal the show any day. They have a trumpet-like structure and enjoy full sun.

12. Gentiana alba

Having similar structures to Gentiana acaulis, Gentiana alba one has white, yellowish-white, or greenish-white blooms. The trumpet shape is very attractive.

13. Gumamela

Gumamela or Hibiscus belongs to the Malvaceae family, has big flowers and most of them have five petals, some are layered. The petals are scooped and the flowers are bell-shaped and can be pink, red, peach, yellow, and purple in color.

This flower is extremely popular because it has both male and female parts of a plant. The fruit is the long capsule in the middle, which contains several seeds in each lobe.

14. Geranium Albanum

A variety of Geranium, Geranium Albanum one has purple-white petals and dark-pink veining in the blooms. The petals are heart-shaped and they look amazing!

15. Geranium 

Pelargonium or simply Geranium is the most renowned variety of this species. The blooms can be white, red, pink, purple, or blue and they have dark-pink dots in the petal center.

16. Germander Shrub

A shrub and perennial, Teucrium fruticans, or Germander shrub have tiny blue or violet blooms that are drought-resistant. These can be used as showy flowers as well.

17. Giant Barrel Cactus


Going by the name of Echinocactus Platyacanthus, as the name suggests, this is one is indeed a cactus flower and huge in size. They are yellow in color with thorns all over the body.

18. Giant rhubarb

Gunnera manicata, also known as giant rhubarb, is not a colorful flower. The blooms are huge and they are clump-forming herbaceous perennials that can grow up to 2.5m tall.

19. Glade purple coneflower

A perennial known as Echinacea simulate and commonly called glade purple coneflower bears pale pinkish-purple inverted cone-like flowers. The petals are hairy and coarse and the flowers are long-stemmed and come with a fragrance.

20. Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth is a well-known flower, mostly found in the mountains. They have long-stemmed flowers with white to yellow centers with blue-magenta bracts where the petals form a cluster.

21. Giant Chin Cactus

Here comes another cactus species, Gymnocalycium Saglionis or Giant Chin Cactus bear pink or white flowers. These are drought resistant, not much showy, and hardy flowers.

22. Giant hyssop

Agastache “Blue Fortune” is a perennial that survives on moisture. The blooms are lavender-blue in color and look amazing. The giant hyssop has a long, tube-like structure with thorns throughout the body.

23. Globe Flower

Globe flower or Trollius × cultorum is nothing less than a yellow wonder. The small, semi-circular flowers are mostly yellow in color, but some species can also bear orange or cream blooms.

24. Globe Flower (Trollius ledebourii) 

A different species of the Globe flower, Trollius ledebourii have bigger blooms and they are mostly orange in color. It somewhat looks like a big daisy flower and it can be used for ornamental purposes.

25. Globe Thistle

Echinops bannaticus or Blue Globe is a wonder in itself. It is a species of the sunflower family with spherical blue flowers and prickly foliage. These intense blue, perfectly round flowers bloom in summer.

26. Gazania

Gazania produces unique, patterned, and large daisy-like flowers. These are mainly flower heads composed of disk florets at the center. The florets are maroon to brown in color while the petals can range from yellow to cream. These are annuals in a cool climate and seasonal in warm temperatures.

27. Geum

Belonging to the Rosaceae family, Geum is a versatile plant that blooms in spring and summer. It produces single or double-layered petals with colors ranging from vibrant red, yellow, pink, and many more. They are suitable for borders and rock gardens.

28. Grevillea

An exotically shaped, nectar-rich, and in vibrant colors, the flowers of Grevillea is nothing less than a wonder in the flora kingdom. The flower heads are composed of many small flowers in different colors and these evergreen blooms come in different shapes and sizes as well.

29. Godetia

Clarkia amoena or Godetia is an annual plant that has pink and white blooms where the sides are deep pink and the center is white. These are easy to grow flowers, attract butterflies, and are fast-growing.

30. Gold Dust Plant

Aucuba or Gold Dust plant that survives in a humid environment. They bear white blooms with circular hair-like petals and looks amazing. You can see the dark green foliage covered in yellow spot and thus the name.

31. Golden Chamomile

Going by the scientific name of Anthemis Tinctoria, Golden Chamomile looks like the twin sister of the mighty sunflower. With fragrant yellow flowers, a species can also bear white petals with a yellowish-white center. These flowers are dried up and used to make herbal tea.

32. Golden Cholla

A drought-tolerant flower going by the name Cylindropuntia Echinocarpa is a unique yellow flower and is a part of the cactus family. Spherical in shape, these blooms have a green center and the petals are quite big.

33. Golden corydalis

I am sure this one looks familiar, the Corydalis aurea or Golden corydalis is a renowned perennial that has yellow blooms and a thick, green stem. The flowers are poisonous and hence, must be handled carefully.

34. Golden Dew Drop

One of my favorites, Duranta Erecta bears tiny violet flowers that look so subtle and you can even use it for decorative purposes. The petals are spade-shaped with a white center and the combination is striking!

35. Golden Knee

Chrysogonum virginianum or golden knee has nothing to do with a human knee. They produce a plethora of pretty, bright yellow daisy-like flowers. The yellow blooms are very showy, the petals aren’t clustered, and have star-like shapes with fuzzy stalks.

36. Golden Wattle

Golden wattle or Acacia pycnantha is one of the largest flora genera of Australia and those beautiful golden flowers deserve every praise. Arranged in dense or elongated round clusters, the golden wattle has five, very small petals and the blooms are mostly yellow and whiteish in some.

37. Garden Rockcress

Aubrieta deltoidea commonly goes by the name Rock Cress, which is a beautiful perennial flower the color of which varies from lavender to deep pink petals. The leaves are spoon or oval-shaped, some of them are even lobed. The fruit is inflated and hairy.

38. Garden Stock

Matthiola incana or Garden Stock is commonly referred to as stock and this one is an annual flower. The flower consists of four petals and the colors are generally pink, lavender, purple, red, and yellow.

39. Gladiolus hybridus

Also knowns as Sword Lilly, it belongs to the Iris family of Iridaceae. The leaves are plane or cruciform in cross-section and have flower spikes in the middle. They come in varieties of colors like purple, orange, white, yellow, and blooms during summer.

40. Gooseneck Loosestrife

Lysimachia clethroides belongs to the family Primulaceae. This perennial flower somewhat resembles a tall speedwell. The leaves are scattered and the grouped flowers are tiny with five petals, each being snow-white in color.

41. Goldenrod hispida

Solidago hispida, a member of the aster family, Asteraceae, is usually found in open areas like meadows, savannas, and prairies. The leaves and stems can be hairless or not and the flower heads are like lilies only with a distant ray and disc florets. They are bright and yellow-colored, blooming in late summer.

42. Grape Hyacinth

As the name suggests, Muscari produces spikes, usually blue, grape-like flowers during the spring season. The color usually varies from pale blue to very dark blue, sometimes even black. They belong to the genus perennial bulbous and are also known as bluebells in some regions.

43. Greater Periwinkle

Vinca Major, the scientific name of Greater Periwinkle, is a part of the Apocynaceae family.  It trails and spreads on the ground forming dense masses of cover, and then scrambles up high a little. The flowers are violet-purple in color and the season of blooming in spring to autumn.

44. Greater Masterwort

A much-used flower in the garden, Astrantia Major is a member of the Apiaceae family. The stem is erect having little branches and few leaves. The flowers are greenish-white in color having five reddish petals.

45. Green Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Engelmann’s hedgehog cactus, scientifically known as Echinocereus Engelmannii, is a bright magenta flower that blooms during April and continues till late May. The flowers are funnel-like shaped and the fruits with black seeds, become pink when ripe. The spines vary in color and size.

46. Gladiolus tristis

Also known as ever-flowering gladiolus, Gladiolus tristis is a South African species with off-white petals and a dash of deep pink near the borders. They widespread in the winter rainfall regions.

47. Gum Trees

Eucalyptus, commonly known as gum trees, bear distinctive flowers that do not have mainstream petals. The flowers look like fluffy clumps of color, like a dandelion flower, and comes in a range of colors like red, deep pink, and lime green.

48. Gypsophila

Gypsophila belongs to the carnation tribe, Caryophylleae, which are mostly found in the mountainous steppes. Each of these flowers has a cu-like calyx and five white or pink petals. The fruit is round or oval. It often contains kidney-shaped black or brown seeds.

49. Golden Bamboo

In Phyllostachys Aurea or Golden Bamboo, flowers occur in spikelets up to 5cm long and they do not resemble regulars flowers. The flowers are produced in mass and mostly sporadically and synchronously.

50. Goldenrod (rigida)

Solidago rigida is another variety of the Goldenrod species that has a somewhat weedy and rhizomatous appearance. They are different from their cousins in appearance and mainly occur in open woods.

51. Goldenrod (dwarf)

Also known as dwarf goldenrod, Solidago virgaurea subsp. minuta is a mound-forming, woody-based, herbaceous perennial that is a well-known variety of Goldenrod. With lance-shaped, leathery petals, these are mainly yellow in color and attract butterflies and nectar seekers.

52. Great Globe Thistle

Echinops sphaerocephalus or Great Globe Thistle is another variety of the mighty globe thistle and this one is white in color. Belonging to the thistle tribe of the sunflower family, it is a vigorous perennial with golf-ball sized, densely packed flowers that are very showy and attracts birds.

53. Gaultheria mucronata

Via A. Barra, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Belonging to an evergreen shrub, Gaultheria mucronata bears blooms that are small and bell-shaped. The colors range from pink to white and they generally bloom from May till June.

54. Great White Trillium

Trillium grandiflorum flowers grow mostly in late April to mid-June. These blooms are mainly white and have 3 almost triangular petals only. The color of the blooms can range from white to purple depending on the growing conditions.

55. Galanthus

Also known as Snowdrops, Galanthus is a bulbous species with beautiful white flowers. They are well-known for bell-shaped, loosely hanging white flowers, so much modesty and sophistication in one bloom!

56. Gentian speedwell

Gentian speedwell or Veronica gentianoides is a perennial flower that is mostly white and blue in color. They have slightly oval petals that make them showy and attractive.

57. Gladiolus italicious

Commonly known as the field gladiolus, gladiolus italicious are native to North Africa and some to Eurasia. The flowers are generally marked with pale pink markings on the lower petals and have a good fragrance. The color range can vary from pink, purple, white, and violet.

58. Goat’s Horn Cactus

Astrophytum senile or Goat’s horn cactus is a succulent with yellow flowers. The blooms are mostly showy, drought-resistant, and is one of a kind.

59. Goat’s Beard

Aruncus Aethusifolius or Goat’s beard is a perennial that loves wet soil and their blooms are mostly small, circular seed-like structures. Amidst the arching long stem, those cream-colored round beads look very chic.

60. Goat’s Beard (Aruncus Dioicus)

This is another well-known variety of Goat’s Beard, Aruncus Dioicus has white flowers with dust-like petals. These blooms are very showy, tolerant rabbits and can be used for ornamental and decor purposes.

61. Gossypium Sturtianum

Gossypium Sturtianum or Sturt’s Desert Rose bears attractive, large hibiscus-like flowers. The color varies from violet to light pink. The inner disk florets have dark red petal-like marks and the outer florets have five petals.

62. Gaillardia

A perennial species, Gaillardia produces richly-colored daisy-like flowers. Each flower is made up of central disk florets and the sides are more showy burgundy colored florets. These sun-loving blooms are easy to maintain and drought tolerant.

63. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Arizona Apricot)

An award-winning flower, Gaillardia x grandiflora is commonly known as Arizona Apricot. The large, rich apricot flowers are mostly yellow in color, gifted with multiple rows of pointed petals. The petals have a darker orange center and exhibit yellow tips.

64. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Arizona Sun)

Another from the Gaillardia wonders, this one looks like the desert sun in Arizona. It has single flowers with mahogany red color and yellow tips. These are rich in nectar and the flowers attract butterflies.

65. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Aristata)


This one is very similar to the burgundy Gaillardia in appearance, except the blooms are scarlet red in color. These eye-catching petals are tipped with light yellow and these Blanket flowers are amazing for bordering a garden.

66. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Fanfare)

With one-of-a-kind pinwheel blooms, the Fanfare species of the Blanket Flower can be the show winner any day. The scarlet blooms are decorated with trumpet petals and bright yellow tips. Rich of nectar, these flowers make a statement and can pass for an ornamental flower.

67. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Mesa Bright Bicolor)


A short-lived perennial with brilliant yellow-colored petals, Mesa bright bicolor is praised for the red band around the brown cone in the center of the flower. This daisy-like flower is gorgeous and the red, brown hues complement the glowy yellow which makes it even more beautiful.

68. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Orange and Lemons)

Also known as Blanket flowers, it is taller and a little bit upright than other gaillardias. It is a herbaceous perennial having large orange petals with lemon-yellow tips and golden central florets.

69. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Sunset Mexican)

A layered gaillardia variety, this one is adorned with two rows of flat petals having yellow tips. The center is hued with graceful watermelon pink and this showy flower is eye candy!

70. Gaillardia x grandiflora (Sunset Spice)

A short-lived, red-orange variety of this species, Sunset spice is truly a wonder of the flora universe. They have a magenta center and bright yellow tips in the double-layered petals. From bicolor to double layering, this one has got it all!

71. Gaultheria procumbens

Gaultheria procumbens or American wintergreen has small, bell-shaped white to pink flowers that tend to hang on short stems from the leaves. They have a waxy surface and generally bloom from June to August.


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