10 Best Houseplants For Sunny Windows


Have you ever looked at the sun rays perforating in from your windowsill? Well, I did it a lot of times and wondered how useful they can be around our homes. 

Whenever we think of an indoor plant, we preferably go for the one that can grow well in shade. If you have a window or an inlet providing at least six hours of full sunlight, you can definitely expand your set of options for a perfect houseplant.

These plants will not only utilize the energy from sunlight but also spice up your home decor. Indoor plants produce a natural vibe inside your homes and create a retreat feeling you’ve been craving for so long – peace. 

Without further ado, let’s check some of the plants for your sunny windows. 

10 Best Houseplants For Sunny Windows

1. Tropical Hibiscus

One of the master plants that knows exactly how to consume those sun rays in the prettiest possible way is Hibiscus. This plant requires at least six hours of sunlight and routinely watering during the blooming season. 

To maximize the growth, feed ample of potassium-based fertilizers to it once a month. Hibiscus grows well in hot and humid conditions and can’t tolerate freezing weather, make sure to maintain the required temperature.

2. Croton   

Scientifically known as Codiaeum variegatum, these vibrant colourful plants can be the apple of your eye. The care depends upon the variety of colours of a croton. This plant grows best in well-drained soil and requires at least six hours of full sunlight. 

They even require regular misting using a humidifier or manually. Although they’re fond of warm temperatures, their leaves lose colour if you expose them to too much sun. 

Water it when the soil is dry to touch but don’t overwater as it may rot its roots. 

3. Aloe Vera   

You might have heard of the aloe vera gels available in the market dealing with innumerous health problems. Here we’re talking about growing an aloe vera plant inside your home. Sounds fun, right? 

You just need a sunny window, well-draining potting mix, porous container and a little bit of diligence. Water infrequently but deeply and let the soil stay dry up to at least an inch or two deep. 

Water sparingly during the winter months and fertilize once a month in spring and summer seasons.

4. Dwarf Citrus   

Dwarf citrus plants are smaller versions of citrus trees. Albeit they’re smaller in size but if you grow them inside your homes near a sunny window, you’ll witness the results for yourself. 

This plant not only adds to the decor but also releases a refreshing fragrance and even fruits if you’re lucky enough to have one. They grow best in humid and warm environments. You may even have to use a humidifier or a shallow tray filled with water and pebbles. 

Watering is similar to any other houseplant and this plant will additionally require fertilization in the growing season.

5. Burro’s Tail 

This plant somewhat looks like a grapevine to me but it’s actually a cactus. Yes, Burro’s tail belongs to the family of succulents and so they’re tolerant to extremely hot and drought conditions. 

Grow one of these plants inside your home in a gritty soil away from low-temperature areas. They can very well handle negligence and will still thrive. However, you need to provide them with the fertilizers during the growing season.

6. Jade Plant   

If you’re looking for something that would do justice to your less spacey indoors, this tiny succulent is there for you! You can grow them in a well-drained soil with a pH level of around 6. 

This plant craves for sunlight for at least five hours a day and frequent watering in the summer season. Cut down the watering schedule to minimum during the winter season to avoid their degradation. 

Also, don’t forget to feed them with a weak fertilizer every once in a week in the summer season. 

7. Wandering Jew Plant 

The moment I saw this plant, I knew this was going to be a part of my indoor garden. To prepare the best potting mix for your plant, add a small amount of soil into commercial potting soil. 

Water it regularly but avoid overwatering. Also, don’t pour water directly onto the plant, instead weed water to the roots. The plant needs ample of indirect bright sunlight to thrive.

8. Anthurium Andraeanum    

This engrossing red colour and heart-shaped foliage is a sight to behold. This plant just needs the right soil, which is a mixture of orchid soil and potting soil and watering in the right amount. 

This plant is ideal for a window with curtains as it can’t tolerate too much direct sunlight. Water it regularly and allow the soil to dry between the waterings. 

Feed one-quarter fertilizer every once in three to four months.

9. Common Geranium   

Geraniums are popular among the houseplants for their spectacular pink colour and effortless growing process. They require a humid and warm environment to thrive which is normally available inside the homes. 

Water the plant frequently when the soil is dry to touch and avoid overwatering. Feed water-soluble fertilizer every once in a month during the blooming season. 

Light sneaking in from the windows is sufficient for this plant’s growth. 

10. Echeveria 

Place this itsy bitsy succulent around your sunny window to bless your house with a touch of greenery. This succulent plant just requires proper sunlight, right soil mix ( a cactus mix most preferably ) and watering. 

Save your plant from lower temperatures in the winter season. During the summer season, water the plant regularly and note that soil must be completely dry between the waterings. 

There are a lot of varieties of this plant which gives you an option to create a colourful display. 

With the optimum temperature and care, your houseplant can grow well just like any outdoor plant. Ensure that you choose wisely because one single step might ruin your plant forever. 


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