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7 Mood Boosting Houseplants

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

Do you want a break from all the negativity of the world? Are you thinking about growing indoor plants to purify the air around you? 

We have got a list of some mood-boosting indoor plants that will not only absorb the toxins from the air but will also attract positive vibes in your home. Undoubtedly, the touch of nature brings in a fresh feel to your home and you get that feeling of wilderness in your living room. 

What if I say we could enhance the freshness by removing the negativity? Nothing can be better than growing indoor plants like lavender and basil that have so much to offer. From medicinal benefits to delicious herbs, these indoor plants can do so much more than just purify the air. These green beauties also posses Feng Shui properties that would help a lot to maintain and mend relationships. 

Check out 7 Mood-Boosting Houseplants and get ready to energize yourselves and say goodbye to stress! 

1. Basil

A popular culinary herb, basil leaves can also light up your mood with its scent and positivity. A compound, known as linalool, present in those leaves are responsible for the delicious scent and also the freshness. It is also known as tulsi in India and it has several medicinal properties. 

It is capable of releasing oxygen for 20 hours straight and keeps the air fresh and toxin-free. Whether its the lemonade or the surrounding air, basil can bring in the freshness with no effort. Besides adding flavor to your favorite dishes, with its high antioxidant property, basil leaves eliminate negative energy for a mood-boost! 

2. Money Plant

The money plant is a kind of synonym for the indoor plants since it would be the first species that we would consider for our indoor garden. Not only popular for its good looks, but it is also said that a money plant brings fortune, good luck, and positivity to a home. 

It boosts the oxygen level and allows everyone to breathe in the fresh air. As it is a climber in nature, it can be used for wall decor or maybe adorning a window side. If you breathe fresh, you will feel energetic and happy! 

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, which might be an essential part of your skincare routine, is also full of positive vibes. It can eliminate negativity and bad luck just like it effortlessly eliminates those pimples. With many advantages, it is one of the best plants to grow at your home. 

Aloe Vera requires lots of watering and indirect sunlight, and it is better to place them near a passage where guests enter to set in a positivity. Also, if you have an Aloe Vera plant at your disposal, you can directly apply the natural gel to your skin and hair, and trust me, you will get amazing results! 

4. Lavender

If you are more into colors and scented candles, this one would be perfect for you. Lavender, famous for its intrinsic yet light aroma, is capable of easing anxious feelings and calm you down. It has several therapeutic properties which include treating parasitic infections like bug bites. 

The species Lavandula is full of neuroprotective properties which can act as a mood stabilizer and can cure depression to some extent. You see, it is way more than the soothing color and the fresh aroma. Besides, you can place it anywhere in your house and enjoy a real scented candle vibe! 

5. Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Schefflera Arboricola, commonly known as the dwarf umbrella tree is a flowering plant belonging to the Araliaceae family. It has exciting shapes and sizes with hanging roots and branches which enhances its good looks. 

From yellowish to dark green leaves, the umbrella tree is a multi-trunk species. It is a very convenient indoor plant since it is tolerant of most conditions and doesn’t require extensive care. It is one of those plants which can easily freshen up the air around it and you are up to feel indoors like its outdoors! 

6. Orchids

A multi-purpose plant, orchids are graceful and it has looks to die for. With varied shapes and sizes, it is long-lasting and can bloom throughout the year. It can readily release oxygen during the night, hence, it is a bedroom plant that could help you have better sleep as well.

Orchids are also used for Feng Shui purposes where it is welcomed to adjust relationships with a new partner. It is full of positive vibes and can attract honest and dignified partners to your life. Also, do not throw away the plant if the flowers wilt, the remaining plant is alive and will bloom again! 

7. Lily Of The Valley

Do you remember the iconic Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet? It was adorned with wild and peaceful lily of the valley flowers. The bell-like flowers are extremely popular in personal gardens, and people admire it when they sway with the wind. 

The white flowers are associated with happiness and positivity and it can bless your indoors with the same. It doesn’t require much sunlight and hence it is a very convenient houseplant. The lily of the valley is a very poisonous plant, and must not opt this one if you have kids at home! 

All these species are not only adorable, but they are also associated with so many properties that would boost your mood any day. So, don’t want and bring in your favorite indoor plant today because you know what they say- Peace Begins At Home!


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