31 Beautiful Orange Flowers


There is nothing more stunning than orange flowers in my opinion. They’re gorgeous, add a much-needed pop of color in your garden. But it can be a little challenging to find the perfect orange flower for your garden. But you don’t have to go to plant nurseries and spend hours choosing the one that fits your garden the best.

Because we have the most beautiful 31 different types of orange flowers that will satisfy your every need. So you could probably consider this the tinder of Orange flowers. Let’s have a look!

31 Beautiful Orange Flowers

1. Orange Ranunculus

These flowers are perennial and look stunning at the same time. These cup-shaped flowers will add the much-needed spark of color you need in your garden. They look strikingly vibrant and gorgeous. Ranunculus comes in a variety of shades from deep orange to a yellowy light orange. 

2. Begonia

Begonias are very popular in the gardening world and for good reason. But apart from all its uses, this flower has an undeniable beauty and appeal. This plant is quite low maintenance and is a summer plant. It can be a year-round flower if you don’t get a lot of winters.

Begonias need to be planted in full sun for it to bloom at its finest. Just make sure you water it regularly as it does need quite a bit of water. 

3. Bulbine

Also known as Bulbine frutescens these plants are perennial as well. True to its name, the bulbs on these plants open up to the most vibrant orange color blooms ever. These plants need full sunlight and need to be watered regularly. But make sure you don’t overwater them. 

4. Orange Gerber Daisies 

If you love daisies but are tired of the generic ones maybe you should try these. Not only do they open up to the most beautiful flowers, but they are also very vibrant and will brighten up anyone’s day. These flowers hold their form beautifully and have a long shelf life as well.

5. California Poppy

As the name suggests, these flowers are made for a warm and dry climate. They are drought resistant and perennial (although if planted in the right conditions can be annual) Also known as Eschscholzia californica these beautiful blooms need to be planted in full sunlight and they don’t need a lot of water. 

6. Chrysanthemum

I’m sure you’ve heard about this flower. It’s quite popular for its timeless beauty. Also commonly known as Mums these plants are a common favorite as they come in various different varieties. You can even choose the time in which you’d like them to bloom. Typically all chrysanthemums need full sunlight and some well-drained soil. 

7. Bird of Paradise

Yet another flower is well known for its beauty, bird of paradise is a gardener’s favorite. They have fan-like foliage and bloom the best as container potted plants. Hence you might commonly see them as houseplants. Its vibrant orange color never fails to add a much-needed pop of color. 

8. Marigolds

Quite popular for their year-round bloom, Marigolds have thick ruffled petals that will win anyone’s heart. These plants can bloom all year round if you live in a warm climate. All they need is full sunlight and well-drained soil. 

9. Lilium 

Often used in flower arrangements Lilies are ornate and elegant looming. They come in a variety of colors, orange being one of them. Standing proud on long stalks, they will add a lot of beauty and color to your garden. They need full sunlight and well-drained soil. 

10. Rose

Modern roses like these have more than 2000 varieties. These fragrant flowers are very popular for obvious reasons. You might see them in Trader Joe’s near your house. Well, you can grow these roses in your garden for some sweet fragrance and a pop of color. You could also plant some white roses to create a contrast. 

11. Iris

This flower is uniquely shaped with 3 petals that stay upright and 3 petals that fan around it. This flower has various shades and can be exotic looking in a garden. They are very delicate looking flowers but make no mistake, just because they’re delicate doesn’t mean they’re high maintenance. It’s quite the opposite and actually.

12. Canna

These perennial beauties thrive in the summer season. They have a deep vibrant orange hue to them and work well in gardens. These plants need full sunlight and need to be watered regularly. The more you water it, the more beautiful it will blossom. Although you do have to be careful to not overwater it. 

13. Carnations

Also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, Carnations are infamous for their beauty. These perennials will instantly brighten your day with their vibrant colors. And the fact that they are low maintenance makes them even more attractive. All you need to do is plant them in full sunlight and water them once or twice a week. 

14. Dahlia

Nothing is more joyful than watching a bunch of Dahlia dance with your wind in your garden. This flower opens in a very intricate manner with an ombre effect. Starting with a lighter orange in the middle and a vibrant orange towards the end. They look beautiful in flower arrangements and vases, filling your day with some color. 

15. Cosmos

These bowl-shaped blooms stand pretty on long stalks. They look light and airy and are brilliant cut flowers. Its beauty is not just appreciated by humans but by animals as well. It attracts a bunch of butterflies, birds, and bees to your garden. Needless to say, this flower attributes to everything good in life. 

16. Alstroemeria

This flower is a florist or gardener favorite. And for good reason too! These flowers are not only gorgeous but pretty uncomplicated as well. They open up in 6 petals and look timeless. But a tip for the wise, if you’re planting this in your garden make sure it’s in a relatively sheltered place so it’s not destroyed by the force of wind or rain.

17. Lion’s Tail

Also known as Leonotis leonurus it’ll add the most wondrous splash of color to your garden. It’s perfect for a hot and dry climate as this plant is drought tolerant. It thrives when it is planted in full sun and gets some well-drained soil. While handling this plant, make sure you wear gloves or you’re going to get pricked by its sharp edges. 

18. Zinnia

These daisy looking flower heads bloom annually. They don’t grow that all and stand at an average height of 3 feet. This plant is very uncomplicated and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. While these plants bloom the best in full sunlight, you can also plant them in partial shade. To prolong the blooming period make sure you remove the faded blooms regularly. 

19. Cymbidium Orchid 

While Orchids are notorious for being difficult plants, Cymbidium Orchids are not that high maintenance. They are often loved for their long blooming period. These plants are perfect for those who live in a relatively cool climate as they blossom in winter. They have a fantastic color range and are uncomplicated. Although you do have to protect them from the harsh midday sun. 

20. Lantana


These plants thrive in containers and hence can often be seen as houseplants. An added bonus is the fact that they have a long blooming period and blooms from summer to fall. It produces a lot of flowers and is very low maintenance. It is literally the most perfect flower ever. Its vibrant blooms will warm your heart instantly. 

21. Red Hot Poker

Commonly known as Torch Lilies, true to their name they look like poker or a torch with their long tapered orange and red colored blooms. They stand tall on a slender stalk. You need to plant these in areas that get abundant sunlight and make sure you water them regularly.

22. Butterflyweed

Also known as Asclepias tuberosa these plants grow in clusters. They have flat-topped blooms that are a stunning orange in color. They need to grow in full sunlight and need well-drained soil. These blooms that grow in clusters frame the bush nicely and look beautiful. 

23. Helenium 

These two-toned flowers look similar to daisies. Helenium blooms a little later in the year and hence can bring some color to your garden as your summer blooms begin to fade. These plants are relatively low maintenance. Just make sure that you regularly remove the fade blooms and divide them equally to prolong the flowering period. 

24. Crown Imperial

This flower blooms in spring and looks quite unique. They have beautiful cup-shaped blooms that are surrounded by glossy green foliage that grows all the way to the top. It can be planted in full sun or partial sun and needs well-drained soil. This flower looks quite dramatic and unique when planted. 

25. Coppertips 

Also known as Crocosmia these perennial plants look absolutely stunning. They are very uncomplicated and do not need a lot of maintenance. Not only are they very vibrant and add pops of color, but they also can last the whole year if proper care is taken. All you have to do is moderately water the plant until it is established. 

26. Aloe

Also known as Aloe barbadensis these flowers grow very tall above the thick leaves below that have multiple uses. They have the most beautiful red and yellow blooms that contrast well against their green leaves. These plants grow well in containers and it is recommended to not grow them in climates that are exceedingly cool. 

27. Daylily

These plants are going to be perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to take care of their plants. Also known as Hemerocallis these plants grow very easily and are quick to spread. Although the blooming time is very short you can prolong it by removing the faded blooms regularly. 

28. Tulip

I’m sure you’ve heard about these flowers. Tulips are very popular cup-shaped flowers and come in a variety of different colors. These rainbow-colored blooms look exotic and stunning and are not that complicated to grow. They need partial to full sun and need some well-drained soil. 

29. Strawflower

Also known as Xerochrysum bracteatum these flowers are perennial and look quite gorgeous. They do not need a lot of maintenance and need to be watered more regularly only when the season is extra dry. These ornate flowers look beautiful and look like a close cousin of chrysanthemums. 

30. Trumpet Honeysuckle

Also commonly known as Lonicera sempervirens in the gardening world. These dramatic summer flowers contrast well against its glossy green foliage. They need partial to full sun and need to be watered only moderately. 

31. Globosa Gomphrena

These blooms are very cheery-looking and have a joyful and vibrant color. They bloom later in the year and hence are ideal for those who need a pop of color in their garden once the summer blooms have faded. They grow in clusters and are not that complicated to grow. 

Now I’m sure your day is already bright by looking at the pictures of these wondrous blooms, imagine how much more joyful it will be when you actually see them in your house or garden. What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest nursery now and get yourself one of those stunning blooms mentioned above and thank me later.


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