Top 10 Dusk to Dawn Barn Lights


Are you worried about the darkness around your barn, garage, or entryway? You might be wondering if a thief can enter in the dark unnoticed. Lighting up these places along with the driveway, courtyard, and other outdoor places around the house can indeed add a level of security and deter thieves from entering your house.

Thieves typically refrain from entering illuminated areas and that would also help when you are out on vacations. You also have to remember to turn off the lights in the day and turn them on in the morning.

And when you leave these high watt bulbs turned on, they would massively increase your power bill. Dusk to dawn lights address this issue by offering you an automatic switch on/off according to the ambient light. Here we list 10 of the best dusk to dawn lights you can find right now.

Different types of dusk to dawn lights offer different coverage, direction, and intensity. If you are confused about which one to buy for your purpose, read the comprehensive guide below this list to get a clearer picture.

Top 10 Dusk to Dawn Lights

1. TORCHSTAR Dusk to Dawn Area Light with Photocell, 5000K Daylight Outdoor Security Floodlight

If you are looking for energy-efficient dusk to dawn light option, check out this one from Torchstar that can replace a 250W bulb despite using just 35W energy. It covers a broad light range and includes a host of cost-saving features.

The light bulb is ETL listed and DSL certified, which delivers high-quality performance on a budget. It contains photocells that are pretty sensitive and turn on exactly when the light becomes too dim.

The photocell feature, though, can be a drawback if the sensor stops working. You won’t be able to turn off the lamp in such a case. The LED barn light can work for 50,000 hours until it’s working correctly due to the daytime off and nighttime on factor.

The large light has a rugged aluminum housing making it durable and sturdy. The IP68 water-resistant rating further increases its longevity. 


-Wide coverage


-Photocells save energy

-Aluminium housing


-It needs a corded electric power source

2. Shine Tech LED Security Area Light 40 Watts – Barn Light Dusk to Dawn with Photocell

Shine Tech LED is built for a variety of uses. It delivers a massive 5500L of brightness, letting the LED shine up to 107 feet in diameter. The light is hence suitable for a large part of your front lawn and would cover the whole of smaller yards.

It provides consistent illumination and comes with an auto turn off sensor containing photocells. Much in line with the dusk to dawn lights, Shine Tech LED automatically turns off with the sunrise. 

As a result, it can save up to 88% energy as compared to the traditional mercury lights which you may already have in your home. If you haven’t got a central light outdoors, this can be a valuable first-purchase as it can last up to a whopping 50,000 hours. The versatile light can hence help you guard your barn, porches, and outdoor storage places.


-The automatic turn on and off sensor ensures you don’t have to worry about the light at all

-Long lifetime of up to 14 years makes it a value for money purchase

-It can save up to 88% power as compared to traditional lights


-You need to mount it on a pole

-The light beam doesn’t cover a wide area with a less horizontal light delivery

3. LEPOWER 3500LM Dusk to Dawn LED Security Lights Outdoor, 35W Super Bright Flood Light Outdoor with Photocell,

Lepower LED is a highly durable LED outdoor light with a unique shape that can cater to various needs. You can adjust its flexible neck depending upon your requirement. It can hence light up your tables at a party and illuminate the walls of the house otherwise. 

The aluminum build of this LED makes it look premium and helps it remain rust-free for long. Because of its adjustable design, you can fix it in the entryway, garage, porch, or any other place that needs security and illuminations.

The light will also withstand rains and splashes of water since it comes with an IP65 rating and ETL certification.


-Uses up low power of 35W

-Flexible head can be adjusted on a various angle for versatility

-IP 65 water-resistant

-Meets FCC and ETL standards


-The base is relatively shallow which means you may need extra brackets to adjust it

4. Maxxima LED Outdoor Wall Light, Black w/Clear Water Glass

Maxxima LED Outdoor Wall Light, Black w/ Clear Water Glass, Photocell Sensor, 580 Lumens, 3000K Warm White, Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor
  • Black Aluminum Base - Clear Glass Coach Light - Perfect for mounting outdoors by Front Door, Garage,...

If it wasn’t an outdoor light, Maxxima LED would still have looked beautiful as an outdoor one. The black housing and clear glass contrast with its elegant shape will enhance the aesthetic of your barn door, front porch or wherever you choose to place it.

This LED doesn’t produce a powerful output though and delivers just 580lm, which is pretty low compared to other lights on the list. It’s the beauty factor that would entice you to put it on the same walls, but it isn’t the ideal security light for tall walls.

The warm white light is pretty bright in the center though and makes the area around the loom picturesque. It can shine in the searing heat at 45 degrees and the frigid temperatures of -30, so you can have it for the extreme climate locations. Dusk to dawn lights hardly work in this range, and that makes this elegant light stand out. 


-Looks elegant and decorative

-Delivers bright light

-Works in the temperature range of -30 to 45 degrees.

5. Cloudy Bay 120V Outdoor Wall Lantern with Dusk to Dawn Photocell

The artistic design of the housing and the seeded glass panel is undoubtedly the USP of this outdoor LED, but the Cloudy Bay light doesn’t compromise on durability either. It’s water-resistant, and the housing is rust free to last for years without getting noticed.

The presence of photocells ensures it will keep doing its job while you do yours in the safe environment of your home or even lock the door safely outside. The light is pretty bright, delivering a brightness range of 30 to 90, adding an exotic and romantic glow to your porch.

It covers a wide area, and its brightness equals that of a 60W bulb lighting up a medium-sized porch to keep your house safe. The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the steel body of the light makes it further attractive and durable. It will take just about 10 to 20 minutes to install the light. You don’t have to search for any additional tools as all the installment tools are included with the product.


-Produces a warm light with a romantic glow

-Has an artistic housing to enhance the aesthetic

-The aluminium housing and water resistance makes it durable

-The construction of glass is decent to last in harsh weather conditions

6. CINOTON LED Wall Pack Light, 26W 3000lm 5000K (Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell, Waterproof IP65)

If you are looking for an outdoor light that can light up the whole yard, look no further than the Cinoton LED. It delivers an output of 3000lm without consuming much power. The LED works at just 26W and saves up to 70% more electricity than an incandescent bulb or a similar light source.

The LED looks modern and is strongly built too. You don’t have to look further than its anti-corrosion die-casting aluminium built to confirm its longevity. And despite being of the most elegantly and forcefully made outdoor lights, it’s priced at par with most others.

It delivers 5000K daylight colour for the bright spread of light and comprehensive coverage. The LED isn’t close to any of the China junks ruling the local markets and can endure extreme weather because of its IP65 water-resistant rating.

You can set this one up in multiple ways depending upon your choice. You can install it with a junction box or without one easily. Having a couple of these on your courtyard will light up the area like nothing else.


-Saves up to 70% energy

-Good enough for a large yard

-Modern yet durable built

-IP65 water-resistant

-Multiple mounting options for various needs


-The screws included with the package are of flimsy quality 

7. Superior Lighting LED Dusk to Dawn Light with Photocell – Perfect for use as an LED Yard Light

This LED from superior lighting is undoubtedly like none you would have probably seen before. It’s an expensive LED specifically built for more extensive areas for security purposes. Installing it to a pole on your garage or barn door can make the whole porch and yard well illuminated.

This kind of light comes in particularly useful when you double up your house as a storage facility for your business. You can also install with this broad coverage light to your home that has been put for sale.

The LED uses the power of just 65W but illuminates a wide area with its massive 8500 Lumens emission. The security light is exceptionally bright, emitting a powerful 5000K daylight white light.

The light bulb though expensive, is extremely tough and can last over 50,000 hours. It comes with a warranty of 5 years, so you don’t have to worry risking your money on an LED that costs nearly triple some of the weaker outdoor LED options.

The LED also has an IP68 water-resistant rating along with being dust and bug proof. This kind of light can also be installed in your warehouse for similar purposes.


-Emits 8500 lumens too bright light

-Works excellently in large yards and areas

-Includes mounting arm and bracket for quick and easy installation on a pole

-5-year warranty for manufacturing defects


-You will need tools like a drill and an allen wrench to install it properly. It’s a one time process so there’s no worry about it. 

8. LEONLITE 75W LED Barn Light, Security Flood Light with Mounting Arm

Equivalent to a 600W incandescent lamp, the Leonlite light uses just a measly 75W to run. The energy-saving light is ideal if you look for a power-saving option for a large porch or a house where you aren’t living yet. You won’t have to pay huge bills and however keep the house safe with the bright white light emitted from the barn light.

The LED has an anti-shock and anti-corrosion design built to last for years. It has an extreme endurance range of -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED also comes with an IP65 rating which protects it from heavy rains. 

The light has comprehensive coverage of up to 92 feet in diameter when you hang it around 25 feet above the ground. With a lifespan of 50k hours, it will save you about 85% of electricity compared to regular tungsten bulbs.


-Automatic switch-off/on with photocells

-Highly energy efficient

-Delivers bright light for comprehensive coverage


-Can only face downwards and only works as a security light

9. Bbounder – LightPRO 70W 9800LM LED Barn Lights Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Area Lights

If you are looking for a barn light suitable for a large wall and yard, LightPRO provides just that with 9800lm at 5000K daylight brightness. It is undoubtedly one of the brightest photocells lights. Now you might be thinking it will affect your power consumption.

But surprisingly it delivers that much brightness in just 70W power. That is a massive 140lm/W easily unbeatable in this range. It doesn’t have the most attractive design, but it’s standard and well functioning.

Its photocell is fixed in place on the side of the light. Your mounting spot should face North to ensure the photocell works appropriately. It’s a bit of a turnoff since it’s an otherwise perfect outdoor light.

You must hang it on a pole with an arm which you have to buy separately. The product doesn’t come with a bracket which would cost you extra bucks.


-IP76 waterproof

-Bright 5000K daylight and 9800lm

-Saves electricity by consuming just 70W power

-50,000 hours of life


-Doesn’t come with a bracket which you have to buy separately

-The photocell is fixed at one place, so you have to mount it facing north

10. Amico Dusk to Dawn Light LED Outdoor Flood Lighting 20W LED Security Lights

Amico Dusk to Dawn Light LED Outdoor Flood Lighting 20W LED Security Lights [180W Equivalent] 5000K IP65 Waterproof Dual Head
  • ✅【Bring Safety to Your Home】Photocell sensor is built into the LED fixture and will turn on or...

Here is a budget option from Amico that consumes 20W power and delivers light comparative to a 180W incandescent light. That is good enough for smaller areas like outside the garage. It would also be helpful if you want to create an aesthetic with a series of multiple lights.

These floodlights are best for security purposes with their two halogen bulbs that illuminate a wide area. Most other security lights have a single unidirectional bulb, unlike this one. 

It is easy to mount coming with a ½” threaded mount. You can place it in a location without shade since it’s IP65 water-resistant. It consumes low energy, and you would hardly feel its effect on your power bill.


-Consumes a measly 20W power

-2 halogen bulbs help cover a wide area

-Has flexible necks for versatility in usage

-Easy to mount on all kinds of walls


-The foam included in the package is a bit thick and may not be suitable for mounting in all locations

What is Dusk to Dawn Light, and Why Do You Need One?

Dusk to dawn lights is outdoor wall lights that illuminate areas around your door lock, porch, and entryway. These lights are pretty much just like any LED light that works with electricity but with a unique ability to operate independently.

These lights automatically turn on when the sun is and turns on when it rises. It happens because of the photocells installed in these lights. Typically you would like to place these lights on your driveway, front walls, and porch.

They help light up your backyard and act as a thief deterrent. Thieves like to prey on dark houses and dusk to dawn lights add a security layer as the tiniest movement is visible.

Other than that, they provide brightness to the yards, and some of these have gorgeous classic housing that enhances your house’s aesthetic. You can also place these lights on your entryway to make your home look safer and more welcoming.

These lights also save energy since they turn on only when they don’t detect light around. Typically you may forget to turn off your outdoor light even in the morning because it isn’t easily noticeable. These lights automatically turn off and save you the day’s lighting energy.

These lights are dimmer than incandescent lamps and don’t disturb the neighbors. You can also quickly notice any mishaps or accidents because your front porch is always illuminated. They are also useful additions to the garage door deterring an intruder from entering there. 

Working on the lawn at night also gets more comfortable when you have these lights at the place. Your house also looks better from the outside, which helps when you have a property at the sale. Buyers are attracted to luminous, positive-looking spaces than dull and dark ones.

Things to look for in an excellent Dusk-to-Dawn light: Buying Guide

1. Purpose

Establishing the purpose before going to research over the internet or the market will help you choose between types of dusk to dawn lights. Are you looking to illuminate a commercial place? Is safety more on your mind or the aesthetic?

That will save you time as you may find a light specifically for that purpose. Commercial D2D lights are more expensive and meet the standard requirement of commercial establishments.

2. Understand Lumens

Watts are typically the primary indicator people look for when buying a light. Higher wattage means more brightness, but that isn’t always the case with these lights. Lumens is the brightness indication of an LED while Watt is power consumption.

A 13W LED bulb is nearly as bright in lumens as a standard 75W bulb in an incandescent lamp. That’s why you get more light in LEDs. Check for lumens and buy according to the area of coverage.

3. Brightness

The brightness of a dusk to dawn light can range from 500 to 30000 lumens, and it’s priced accordingly. If you need to illuminate a large area like a courtyard or the parking lot, you should consider buying a 5000LM bulb.

If you’re buying one for security purposes to mount on your front wall or patio, a 500 to 2500LM light will do.

4. Water Resistance

Since your light will remain outdoors, it should be water-resistant. Look for lamps with water resistance ratings. You should also check for weather ranges the light will work in. If you live in an area that experiences frostbites, look for a light that can withstand temperatures around -10 degrees celsius and less. Lamps made of aluminum dissipate heat and would work for longer in hotter conditions.

5. Colour of Light

You can find various hues of dusk to dawn lights, including yellowish, red, and purple. But the most popular colors are different intensities of white ranging from cool white, soft white to warm white. Choose a warmer color for a better aesthetic while a cooler white will illuminate a larger area.

5 Benefits of Using Dusk to Dawn Lights

1. Adds Security

D2D lights illuminate your house and its surroundings and let you notice any movements from inside the house too. Thieves avoid entering fully lighted compounds making these lights an inexpensive security tool for you. It also allows you to easily navigate outside, on the stairs, and around the yard.

2. Convenience

It can save you from the anxiety that you may have left the garage light turned off on your summer vacations. It automatically turns off and on keeping you off the effort and concern.

3. Saves Energy

D2D lights operate on much lower wattage than regular lights from incandescent lamps or tungsten bulbs. The lower wattage combined with auto turn off minimizes your bulb’s power consumption. 

4. Long Life

D2D lights have a much longer lifespan than non-LED bulbs that fuse or stop working in a couple of months or so. Although the disk to dawn light is much more expensive, you’d recover the cost soon through less watt usage, and auto turns off as soon as the sun rises.

5. Easy to Install

You would find brackets and screws with most dusk to dawn lights. Many of these also include a manual for quick and proper installation. The power source may need hardwiring in some cases to take the help of an electrician. These cater to various lighting needs like lighting up lawns and displaying your exteriors aesthetically.


How does dusk to dawn lights work?

Dusk to Dawn lights has chips with photocells installed. These may be mounted at the back of the center in various lights. These chips sense light under 15 lux under and turn on automatically. They would turn offers soon as any light above 40 lux enters the sensor.

Do dusk to dawn lights use a lot of electricity?

No, dusk to dawn lights are energy-efficient and deliver similar brightness as incandescent lamps at a much lower wattage. They also turn off automatically on the sunrise, and hence you would never leave them turned on in the day. That will also save much energy that we waste otherwise.

Are dusk to dawn lights good?

Dusk to dawn is typically expensive but much more durable than other outdoor lights. They have better housing and come in designer shapes. You can choose from a variety of hues including different intensities of white like warm, relaxed and soft. These lights are energy-saving and easy to install. They also last for years and work automatically, so they are a valuable investment. Perhaps these are the best options when you are looking to illuminate your entryway, porch, exterior walls, garage, and barn door.

How much does dusk to dawn light cost?

Dusk to dawn lights are costlier than most other light variants because of their build quality, photocell sensor, and longevity. You can get good quality one for under $50. You shouldn’t shy away from spending a bit more than you’d like and ensure the light has a water-resistant rating and can withstand searing heat. These lights may last for decades, making them a worthwhile investment.


Now you know why most of the people around are using dusk to dawn lights outdoors. They are not only extremely convenient to use but add a level of security to your house as well. They are a bit costly but are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and work for years. Reading the above buying guide will help you get the light perfect for your location and purpose.


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