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Top 11 Leaf Blowers in 2021

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

You got leaves scattered all around your driveway and garden? That is a common sight whenever we leave a day or two without cleaning the driveway particularly when the wind is blowing hard. And the peaceful months of Autumn especially come with this painstaking task of cleaning the leaves, sticks, and other debris from the yard, porch, driveway, and even the roof.  A similar issue happens during the early days of snowfall.

But do you know you can make the task much easier using an inexpensive machine called a leaf blower? Yes, these are the machines previously used only by commercial gardeners.

And that isn’t it. You can use this powerful tool to clean dust from the woodshop, blow-dry the car after a wash and even remove snow and leaves from the top of the roof.

And you can now have a compact version of these to clean your yard. But like all other professional equipment, leaf blowers also come in various types for different purposes.

Having a quick search would let you know the wide variety of lead blowers available right now. But don’t worry, we have brought you a list of the top 11 leaf blowers.

The list contains at least one leaf blower of each variety so that your purpose doesn’t go amiss. To make a better decision, go on and read our comprehensive buying guide below these products. Don’t forget to check with your yard requirements when you go through this review.

Top 11 Leaf Blowers in 2021

1. WORX WG512 Trivac 2.0 Electric 12-amp 3-in-1 Vacuum Blower/Mulcher/Vac, Black and Orange

WORX 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum - WG512
  • [LEAF BLOWER, MULCHER & VACUUM] The proprietary design changes from a blower to a vacuum with a...

Designed to clear the largest of yards with its motor spinning at 16500 revs/min at 75MPH, you might be surprised that it’s not its power that attracted us in the first place. It’s the ease of usage of this 3-in 1 blower. All you have to do is turn a knob to switch from vacuum to blower, unlike some leaf blowers that require detaching parts to do so.

You also get an easy 2-speed switch from which you can choose the slower speeds to clear the tight corners and the faster one to wind up the leaves in your yard in a flash. The vacuum blower allows easy one-handed operation which comes in extremely useful if you have to clean the whole yard yourself.

And don’t worry about fatigue because all it weighs is just 8.6lbs. You don’t have to worry about the power of the motor even in that lightweight blower as its wide mouth delivers 600CFM of air reducing your work substantially.

It also comes with a 1.4-bushel collection bag in which you can collect 16 times the leaves of a regular bag since the metal impeller and shredded blades chop them into minute particles.


-The 12A motor is suitable to work in large yards delivering 600CFM air in a wide stream

-It comes with a metal impeller and blades that let you store 16 times the leaves in a single bag reducing your work and the hassle of carrying bags

-One-Handed Control

-Lightweight at 8.6lbs

-One-Touch Conversion from Blower to Vacuum


-The short machine might make it difficult to work for long periods for taller people

-It is made of plastic so you may need to handle it carefully to increase its life.

2. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

If you are looking for a budget blower vacuum for a small to medium-sized yard, the Toro Ultra is an excellent option for you. Despite its low price, Toro Ultra looks quite tough and built to last long. Its rugged metal impeller and leaf shredders allow you to mulch your debris and reduce them by 88%.

Its bottom dump zipper bag will keep all the leaves in a crushed form from your medium-sized yard. That will help reduce the hassle of carrying multiple bags to carry leaves. Once you have completed cleaning your yard, you can easily store the machine and hang it on the wall.

It can deliver up to 250mph airspeed with a volume of 410CFM in the vacuum mode which is respectable at its price range. The machine though is a bit heavier at 8.5lbs looking at the power it delivers. You get the option to lower the speed with the variable speed function to make handling easier.


-Large metal impeller reduces mulched debris by 88%

-250mph air stream clears larger leaves with ease

-Variable speed function for proper control

-The quick-release latch can help switch from blower to vacuum in seconds

-The bottom dump zipper is durable


-You would need to practice a bit to make the job smooth as the intake pipe jams at times if you start from the top of the leaf pile.

3. KIMO 20V Cordless Leaf Blower

The weight of the blower is a must-consider factor if you are aged or have a large yard. It would be better to clean the yard with a lightweight blower for 30 minutes than a heavyweight one for 15 and you can do just that with the KIMO cordless blower.

It naturally isn’t the most powerful delivering air at a maximum of 150mph but the 2.2lbs weight ensures it works like a breeze. Moreover, it saves you the hassle of getting a separate extension cord and struggling with wires while cleaning the yard.

The 4.0Ah battery of the KIMO blower can deal with moderate density leaves for medium-sized yards easily. And you might be surprised that the fast charging technology has reached leaf blowers too and you can charge this one in just about 90 minutes.

You are also getting a variable speed function with the ability to change the speed of the motor from 0 to 20000V with a sensitive trigger. The blower also works pretty quietly which is a delight for the neighbors and doesn’t give you headaches operating for long hours.



-Battery Operated without Cords

-Quick Charging

-Variable Speed

-easy to set up

-quiet and noiseless


-It isn’t suitable for large yards as the blower isn’t powerful enough. It will take longer to clean up a large yard with this.

4. Cordless Leaf Blower – 20V 2.0 Ah Lithium Battery

Another cordless option from the reliable house of KIMI, this cordless leaf blower is more suited to the budget buyer. It’s a pretty versatile blower and vacuum that isn’t just made to clean up leaves in the yard but will also effectively suck in your pet hair, window slit, and more in the house.

It’s a pretty compact battery-operated machine which you can use around smaller places as well as the yard easily. It has a smaller battery than the other option from KIMI but gets charged faster in just about 60 minutes.

You can adjust the speed in the range of 0 to 20,000 revs per minute which allows you to clear away both piles of leaves as well as dust and debris from the car with ease. Again, it isn’t ideal for large yards though as it is a pretty small machine and doesn’t include a shredder either.

The product is pretty strong and built to last for years. It comes with a 2 years warranty and is a handy option for older people or those looking for a versatile blower and vacuum.



-Versatile, can be used in the car and home too

-Cordless and Portable

-Quick Charge in just 60 minutes

-Contains all useful accessories like a collection of bags and blow tube


-It struggles with heavier debris because of its moderate speed but is good enough for most light materials, scattered leaves, and debris.

5. Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless Axial Blower

Greenworks Pro 80V (125 MPH / 500 CFM) Cordless Axial Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included GBL80300
  • Up to 70 minutes of continuous runtime on low speed , 28 minutes on high speed, and 12 minutes on...

If you are looking for a powerful yet cordless blower good enough to clean the whole yard, Greenworks Pro is an excellent option. Although it is one of the most expensive leaf blowers you will find, Greenworks Pro offers a unique ability to deliver 500CFM powerful air at 125 mph despite operating with a battery.

It has been made possible by the inclusion of 80V lithium-ion batteries. The blower has three-speed settings which you can switch between for various conditions and places. If you’re worried that it would get discharged in quick time, you would be glad to know that it offers a maximum of 70 minutes run-time on speed 1.

Understandably the run-time decreases as you speed up with 28 minutes on medium speed and 12 minutes on high speed. You would have cleared most of the yard in those 12 minutes due to its power operation though.

It includes a rapid charger which takes just 30 minutes to completely charge its battery. The blower isn’t the lightest option because of its heavier battery and powerful motor. It weighs 8.9 lbs and takes some effort when working for long.

The price is pretty hefty even after what it offers and it depends upon you if cords are a big deal for you. The blower is pretty tough built and comfortable to handle. It also comes with a 4-year tool + battery warranty testifying the product’s durability.


-Powerful blower despite being cordless

-Large battery ensures long time operation

-Rapid Charging

-Brushless Motor for quieter operation

-Starts with just a push button


-The blower is pretty heavy and you may need to switch hands if you aren’t the strongest

-It comes without any storage means or hooks so you would need to designate a place for it.

6. Makita EB5300TH 4-Stroke Engine Tube Throttle Backpack Blower

Makita EB5300TH 52.5 cc MM4® 4-Stroke Engine Tube Throttle Backpack Blower
  • Mechanical automatic engine decompression for quick and easy starts

Heavy-duty yard work requires tough and powerful equipment like the Makita gas engine blower. Delivering an airspeed of 184mph and a high CFM of 516, this blower can help clean up your yard in minutes without much fuss.

The 52cc blower comes with a 4-stroke engine that works purely on gas and doesn’t need any oil. That makes it a cost-effective and convenient option since you won’t need any cords hanging around you while blowing leaves. The machine does weigh 19.7 lbs and is fairly expensive too but much more durable and powerful.

The weight is neutralized by the backpack holder and the wide straps that ensure you can work with it for long without hurting your back. Its handling is also pretty convenient with the tool-less handle adjustment. Several members can use the machine and set the handle as per their choice for optimum comfort.

It has a large 60.9oz fuel tank that will hold enough fuel for multiple cleaning sessions. You can use it around the yard without disturbing your neighbors because of the fairly quiet operation of the gas-fuelled engine.


-Quick Start Engine

-Adjustable shoulder straps and backpack for easy handling

-Convenient handle adjustment

-52cc powerful engine for commercial use

-Large fuel tank


-The absence of vacuum function can be a letdown looking at the price

7. ECHO PB-2520 25.4cc Handheld Leaf Blower

One of the lightest gas blowers available at the price point, Echo Handheld features an ergonomic design for reduced clogging. The double grid is the main reason why you can blow this machine right onto the heap of leaves and still avoid untimely clogs.

The 25.4cc naturally isn’t as powerful as other more expensive gas blowers, but it gets the job done with its smart design and reasonable power. It blows air at 170mph and a moderate CFM of 453 which will get the job done even in a large yard albeit taking a fair bit of time.

You can adjust the speed with the knob provided since the blower comes with cruise control for smooth hassle-free handling. It has got a curved blower tube which will reduce the fatigue that comes with handling an 11.4-pound blower for half an hour.

The S-Pipe design is also intelligently created to minimize the gyro effect happening on your wrist when using a handheld blower. The lack of a backpack option might still be a letdown if you’re old or have back issues. The lawn blower is built like a tank and comes with a whopping 5-year consumer warranty testifying to its durability.


-Variable Cruise control for reduced fatigue

-Shoulder harness point available for easy handling

-Blows air at 170mph good enough to clean medium-sized yards in minutes

-Fairly lightweight as compared to other gas blowers


-It makes a fairly loud sound which might be frustrating when using for long

8. Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower, Green

Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower
  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Sun Joe expert

Easily one of the most inexpensive leaf blowers out there, the Sun Joe blower still promises quite a lot. Firstly, it is extremely lightweight weighing at just 3.9lbs. That makes it perfect for old aged people, women, and people struggling with backaches. You can now say goodbye to the back pain you experienced every time you clean up the patio.

Because of its small size, you can use the electric blower to clean your driveways, garages, and patio apart from the yard. You might be taken aback by the power this budget leaf blower delivers too. It can blow air up to 155mph and work at speeds of up to 13500 revs per minute!

The blower is pretty to store and comes with a removable chute to make storage even easier. You can easily store it in a deck box or even the car trunk. Fair to say, the leaf blower is more suited to do the lighter jobs like cleaning the patio and garages instead of the complete yard. Not only is it small but it lacks a shredder. But at this price point, you’re getting every bit worth your money with this one.



-Ideal for sweeping porches, garages and do other light cleaning work

-Easy Handling

-Easy to store

-2-year warranty

-Extremely Cost-effective


-Not ideal to clean leaves from medium to large yards, it’s more of household equipment to clean up the car, patio, and such places

9. WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

The Worx turbine blower is an exciting leaf blower that provides loads of functionality on a small budget. It provides a 2-switch speed control which is pretty common in leaf blowers in this budget. The 110mph maximum speed may not sound very attractive but the leaf blowers offer a very wide stream of air at 600 CFM.

That allows you to clear wider areas without making many passes which helps reduce time and effort. The turbine blower also comes with a hyper stream air nozzle for the more dense areas which are tougher to clean. The nozzle concentrates the air in one place and cleans up the mess pretty fast.

The unique jet design of the Worx blower also ensures smoother operations rarely seen from electric blowers at this range. One of the little things that frustrate users a lot is the constant disturbances in the connection of the extension cord. That won’t be the case with this one as the blower comes with a cord retainer that will ensure proper connection even when the cord gets caught up on something.

The 12A turbine blower is also fairly lightweight at 6.4 pounds. You can hence use it easily with one hand and won’t need to switch hands again and again due to fatigue.


-Variable speed for versatile usage

-Wide-mouthed nozzle to clean large areas quickly

-Lightweight for easy one-handed operation

-Extension cord retainer to prevent tangles


-It’s pretty noisy considering the output

10. Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

Greenworks 7 Amp 160 MPH/150 CFM Single Speed Electric Blower, 24012
  • 160 MPH wind speeds for helping remove debris and dust from hard surfaces

Another low-budget option, the 7 Amp blower from Greenworks delivers what it promises at a highly aggressive price point. It comes with an easy electric start providing much relief to those who have used the gas-fueled mechanical start blowers previously.

The blower is pretty compact and lightweight making it ideal for one-handed use. Convenience is the unique selling point of this product which comes with an ergonomic handle and a cord lock that prevents the wires from tangling and making a mess.

The blower can deliver high speeds of 160mph and gets the cleaning job was done in the yard as well as the garage alike. It is well built and looks far beyond its cost testified by the 4 years warranty coming with the product.

It also works quietly and produces minimal vibrations so your neighbors won’t have a tough time while you mind your business. The blower though is pretty compact and you might need to bend a lot if you’re taller than 6 feet.


-Lightweight at just 4.5lbs

-Delivers air at 160mph cleaning leaves and grass clippings in a flash

-Easy handling

-Long 4-year warranty


-It comes without a power cord so you would have to buy a converter separately

11. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)
  • 7 Amp motor provides a powerful and efficient blowing performance

Coming from the reliable house of Black and Decker, this leaf blower is one of the lightest ones you will ever handle. Unlike most of the leaf blowers out there, this one isn’t one-handed. Instead, it’s the large handle is more suited to two-handed use which ensures more controlled cleanup.

That might not be the most convenient way of operation for most of us but it gets the job done pretty accurately. It is particularly useful for people struggling with back pain as you would hardly feel its weight when operating with two hands.

At the price point, the leaf blower looks decently built and can deliver airspeed of up to a whopping 180mph. That is indeed beyond every other competition at the price. Of course, the CFM isn’t as great which means it isn’t well-suited to cleaning large yards.

Cleaning debris and leaves from the patio is quite hassle-free with this one as it comes with a cord retainer. The retainer prevents the cord from disconnecting easily when it gets caught up in bushes or so. That also increases the longevity of the blower by preventing it from switching off from the mains.

The leaf blower also looks quite attractive with the orange handle and matte black tube making it look well beyond its price.


-Delivers high airspeed of up to 180mph

-Lightweight at just 4.4lbs

-Suitable for both one-handed and two-handed use

-Cord-Retainer included preventing tangles and cord disconnection


-It’s a light use model and you shouldn’t just get flattered with the high airspeed. It’s better-suited to clean dust and grass clippings from the driveway than cleaning heavy debris in the yard.

What is a Leaf Blower and Why Do You Need One?

A leaf blower just like any regular blower propels air out of a nozzle. What differentiates it from other blowers is that it’s specifically designed to clear leaves and debris along with grass clippings in your garden. The leaf blower thus qualifies as a specialized garden tool.

Typically leaf blowers come with four-stroke and two-stroke engines that are fuelled by gasoline. That is the case with commercial leaf blowers although they do produce quite a lot of noise as well as air pollution.

That is the reason why companies have started introducing electric leaf blowers and even battery-operated leaf blowers are available nowadays. They not only are cost-effective options but lighter and easier to operate in households.

If you haven’t yet used a leaf blower, you may have seen one in the hands of a roadside gardener- the people who clean the leaves from the footpaths and parks. Yes, these are the machines they have strapped on their waist holding like a backpack and using one-handed.

Autumn surely is one of the most beautiful times of the year and the falling leaves are a sight to behold. But the same can’t be said about the experience of cleaning up the piles of leaves that have fallen around your yard, patio, and porch.

Some leaves and debris even enter the garage at this time. And it can be an excessively painstaking job to sweep all these up. The task would not only take your whole weekend but give you back pain that is likely to spoil your week too.

That won’t happen if you have a leaf blower in hand though. The powerful blowing machine can clean up the leaves and debris including grass clippings in minutes! Yes, it can turn hours’ worth of tasks into seconds.

Of course, these aren’t the lightest machines you would get until you choose a compact battery operated one. Thankfully, several options of different weight, styles, and ways of operation are available now.

The demand for leaf blowers in the household has also increased because many of these provide the vacuum function. So you are getting a two in one machine that cleans up your dust and debris and collects them in packets to be disposed of later. That surely reduces much of the yard cleaning work and you can even employ your kids and the grandpa to carry out this job. It’s a good pastime apart from being a necessity.

These blowers also shred the leaves and debris and compact them to a 10:1 size so that you will need fewer storage bags to store leaves. You can hence leave the task for the next weekend or the next month and your leaf blower won’t prove your decision wrong.

Different Types of Leaf Blowers. What type should I get?

Leaf blower despite being a simple machine comes in a variety of styles. Each style is useful for a particular purpose although most of these can get the common job done.

You would need to consider factors like mobility, budget, size, weight, and more to decide these but more on that later. First, here we discuss the types of leaf blowers you will find in the market today.

Read the description for each type and you’d be able to make a better decision regarding which type of blower is suitable for you. We have listed the types based on the fuel they use and the strength of these.

A) Based on Power

1. Heavy-Duty Electric Leaf Blower

The powerful electric leaf blowers can get the cleaning task done in quick time but won’t come in cordless options. These are heavier than other leaf blowers because of the powerful engine installed.

You can use these versatile leaf blowers for multiple cleaning tasks since they are both adept at cleaning the yard, the driveway, and other smaller places. And these leaf blowers are typically less costly than the gas-operated ones.

Although you can buy these at a fairly inexpensive price, they consume a lot of electricity. But that is a fair deal since these can help you in the tougher cleaning tasks in the yard later in the summer or fall.

2. Light-Duty Electric Leaf Blower

These are the most common leaf blowers you will find when you search for residential and personal use leaf blowers. These are compact and handy machines perfect to clean lighter debris and leaves.

Typically these are lightweight and in some cases, kids can also operate these with ease. These are pretty versatile leaf blowers as you can use these in your driveway, patio, garage, and even inside the car if it has a vacuum. The smaller size also ensures these are pretty easy to store.

You should avoid buying these if you have a large yard and need to clean it after summers though. These blowers are also pretty quiet working without making much vibrations or noise.

3. Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

If you want to elevate the power game, here is your next step after heavy-duty leaf blowers. Handheld gas-powered leaf blowers naturally generate their power from gas and hence cost more in operation.

They don’t come with the limitations of the electric blowers which can’t receive power after a certain limit though. This makes the gas blowers the preferred option if you have a large yard. These machines are pretty heavy though and you would need to be strong or need to attach a strap around your waist to work for long with these. The good part is that it would get the job done quickly.

4. Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers

These are the loud leaf blowers that you would have seen the gardeners on the road or parks operating. These are incredibly heavy and loud and hence need to be worn on a backpack. You will be able to clean leaves extremely quickly and these blowers are ideal for use in apartments, parking lots, and more.

You may also need to buy headgear when using this because their loud vibrations can be painful to the ears. This is a no-no if you need a blower for your house. It has to be a large mansion, farm, or business property that would need this kind of a blower.

5. Wheeled Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Another blower you won’t find on the list of residential leaf blowers, the wheeled walk-behind blower is extremely heavy machinery. But these are a very convenient tool because of the ease of operation.

All you have to do is push it around and it will quite clean it up at lightspeed. These can make short work of the largest piles of leaves in your yard. On the downside, these are the most expensive options costing several times more than heavy-duty electric leaf blowers.

Operating these is very simple though and it is an excellent alternative to backpack blowers which you may not like to wear. You should choose any of these if you have a very large task to fulfill though.

B) Based on Fuel Used

1. Battery Operated

These leaf blowers offer you freedom from the hassle of using cords that may get stuck around while cleaning the yard. They are also cost-effective with rechargeable batteries.

You would want to buy these for lighter use though since they don’t come with enough power to clean large yards. These are lightweight and can be used by all members of the house.

The ones with larger batteries though may weigh more but would last longer. You should buy one with a rapid charging facility to ensure you take only a little break charging them between cleaning sessions.

2. Corded

These blowers typically plug into a standard outlet and operate using electricity. Typically you would need an extension cord to use this kind of a blower since they would have only limited length cords.

Even with an extension cord, you can’t use them for large spaces since extensions also have limitations. Hence these are suitable for patio and smaller yards. These are extremely lightweight because of the absence of a battery as well as a fuel tank. You can hence easily operate these to clean clogged gutters and more.

3. Gas-powered

These are the most powerful leaf blowers but they are the noisiest as well as inexpensive too. It would cost more than the other two because of fuel usage. You would also need to maintain these more frequently because of the presence of a proper 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. The weight also increases with the increase in the amount of fuel you have filled.

Now you should consider all the factors like the size of your yard, the weight you can withstand, and more. All the blowers have their pros. If you’re looking for a mobile machine for lighter tasks, cordless ones are the best for you.

Although, heavier garden work in large gardens would be best done using a gas blower. These produce consistent high-speed air that cleans even large piles of leaves in no time.

Is CFM or MPH more important in a leaf blower?

CFM or the air delivered in cubic feet per minute has more to do with the power of your leaf blower. MPH is the measure of how fast the air comes from the blower. Fast-moving air is typically more powerful than slow air but that isn’t a necessity.

Don’t get fooled into buying a high MPH leaf blower thinking it would be more powerful. Even blowers with a low mph rating deliver higher power than those with here mph if they have a higher CFM.

Larger motors with more horsepower produce higher CFM. Leaf blowers above the CFM of 500 are good enough to clean up medium yards although they are heavier. The highest CFM though can go up to 900 but these are purely for commercial use. CFM hence is a more important rating to consider than MPH.

Can You Use a Leaf Blower on Wet Leaves?

Although lead blowers don’t have any issues cleaning the wet leaves because they are wet, you may find it hard to clean them with a light leaf blower. That’s because wet leaves, as well as snowy leaves, are heavier than dry ones.

Your leaf blower hence should have a high CFM and MPH rating to be adept at cleaning up wet leaves. You can clean the recently fallen snow and dry leaves using most gas blowers.

You may even need to learn some basic maneuvering techniques to clean wet leaves when you have a fairly powerful battery or gas blower. Direct a small jet of air directly on the wet leaves to lift them off the ground. The method will lift most leaves although you may also need the blower end to scrape some stubborn ones.

Things to Look for in a Good Leaf Blower:

1. Purpose

If you just want to clear an area with leaves and don’t care about collecting them in a bag and throwing them out, you should go for a blower only. For instance, you can go for a blower if you want to clean wet leaves from the patio.

But if you want to clean the leaves and deposit them in a bag, your leaf blower should also have a vacuum function which is available in multiple blowers these days. Your vacuum cum blower will collect lighter debris and leaves but won’t be able to suck stones and sticks. A leaf blower cum vacuum is also ideal if you want to compost your garden debris.

2. How Fast You Want to Clear the Area

The faster the speed of the air the blower releases, the quicker it will clean the area in front of it. But in the case of wider areas, your blower should have a wide-mouthed tube and high CFM. A blower cum vac comes in useful here as you can first blow the leaves into a heap and then vacuum them up.

3. Size and Comfort

You must consider the size of your yard before buying a blower. The size of the machine is also an essential factor that decides how convenient it is to work with. Larger areas would demand larger machines although an electric blower with a small motor can get the job done in a small area.

You should consider the issues you have in your back and how much weight you can handle for several minutes. If you have a back issue or want your kids to use the machine, choose one with a lighter motor preferable electric.

You won’t need a strap or something either with these machines. Although gas-operated powerful machines should be preferred when you need to clean up a large area like a farm or an apartment for commercial use. Also, pay attention to the way it’s attached whether you prefer a single-handed, two-handed, or backpack machine.

CFM and MPH ratings

Only two measures decide a leaf blower’s power- CFM and MPH ratings. The CFM as discussed earlier measures the air your machine blows in a single minute while MPH is the speed of the air coming out.

The CFM rating is more significant and unrelated to the MPH rating. A small blower should deliver a CFM of about 300 for quiet and smooth operation. For large yards though, the CFM should be 500 or even higher than that.

5 Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

1. Less Effort for Cleaning

Using a rake and broom to clean leaves in the yard would typically take a lot of effort from you. You might end up having terrible back pain even before the lawn is completely clean. Prevent the toll by using a handy leaf blower that would take less effort and complete the cleaning task much more neatly.

2. Quick Cleaning

Using a leaf blower can reduce the cleaning task several times. You may clean a medium-sized yard in 30 minutes using a leaf blower while the same will take more than an hour using a manual broom. High powered leaf blowers perform faster than lighter ones.

3. Clean Multiple Areas

You aren’t limited to just cleaning a garden and leaves around it using the blower. If you buy a smaller battery-operated one with a vacuum, you can use it around the garage, the driveway, and even the sofa to do other cleaning tasks. That makes the machine worth its cost.

4. Better Reach

You will be able to extend your reach using a leaf blower. At times when cleaning the yard or garage, we may come in front of places where leaves are stuck and it’s hard to reach with hands. The flexible tube of these blowers can reach these hard-to-reach places easily. You would no longer have to spend 20 minutes removing the leaves from a single place when you have the blower with you.

5. Complete Lawn Care

Apart from leaves, the blower can clean a variety of debris like twigs and sticks. The powerful machine hardly leaves anything spoiling the look of your porch, driveway, or garden. In the winter, you can even use this to clear snow from walkways and your vehicles. It is hence must-have equipment.


You would now have understood how convenient a lear blower can make the yard cleaning process. Not only the yard but now you know about the variety of other tasks a leaf blower can do.

Worx Trivac is the best leaf blower you can buy for a medium-sized yard because of the variety of functions it can perform. You would not only blow away the leaves and debris but mulch and vacuum a large pile of leaves in a small packet. For commercial level power, gas-operated leaf blowers are the way to go.


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