9 Best Trimmer Lines to Buy in 2021


The ever-growing grasses and weeds take the fun out of gardening. Removing grasses and weeds can be a tedious task that can ruin your gardening experience. 

Small, woody plants, grass, and weed make your garden look like it survived a tornado and detract from the overall look of the garden. You want your garden to add to the aesthetic value of your house but it ends up making it look untidy and cluttered. 

Trimmer lines are your savior here for creating a clean, green, and organized garden with ease. They are excellent as an edging tool that will give your garden an organized look. You can edge the grass near pavements and keep your garden clean with trimmer lines.

Grass, weeds, and small woody plants can grow around trees making the area look cramped and untidy. A trimmer line will easily cut through all of that to give you a tidy area surrounding your favorite trees.

But, with great popularity comes great demand. Hence, you find the market inundated with several trimmer lines making selection a bit difficult.

Fret not, we have curated a list of 9 best trimmer lines to buy in 2021 so that you can decide which trimmer line suits your needs best.

9 Best Trimmer Lines to Buy in 2021

1. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

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The 0.095 inch line of the co-polymer trimmer provides good balance while trimming grass. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines constantly rank in the best list because they are fuel-efficient.


The trimmer features a patented design that lessens the noise level by 50%. So, it is perfect for senior citizens who love gardening but can’t tolerate the high decibel levels of other trimmers.

Fast acceleration due to the TitaniumForce thread is another major feature of this trimmer. It is versatile and suits all standard trimmer heads in general. Or if you have an electric or cordless feeder, it’s always better to ensure that the size will be compatible with your feeder.

The makers also provide a free line cutter with the product. The product is built to last and scores high on durability.


  • Longevity is among its biggest strengths as the product doesn’t wear out quickly.
  • It makes less noise than the other trimmer lines in the market making the job a more peaceful one.
  • Cuts grass efficiently and have fast acceleration.


  • The line tends to snap if the trimmer is used along a concrete drive at full speed. If run at a speed little more than half, the line lasts longer and trims quicker.
  • It isn’t found to be very compatible with professional high-torque models.
  • It is pricey for the amount of line.

2. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line

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Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line is suited for heavier weeds in the garden. The square trimmer line cuts through the vegetation with a clean pass.  The product is perfect for light commercial work in commercial yard businesses. It allows you to get straighter cuts without applying much pressure or effort. 


The trimmer sports a high-strength inner core that doesn’t break easily and you don’t have to frequently wind spools. It also has a .095 diameter trimmer line that works efficiently in ensuring a clean garden.

This trimmer must be used carefully as it easily cuts into decks, garden borders, and grass. If not used with care, it can ruin objects around it with its precise trimming.

The sharp edges of this square trimmer line increase its trimming efficiency as compared to round trimmer lines. Heavy weeds can be cut smoothly with the four razor-sharp edges.

The trimmer line is versatile. It is compatible with popular string trimmer models like Echo SRM 235, Stihl FS 56 RC, Ryobi RY253SS, and Husqvarna 128LD.


  • You don’t have to waste too much time reloading with this product as it is built to last.
  • It easily cuts through heavy weeds.
  • Square Trimmer Line and high-strength inner core.


  • You have to be careful while using it because it can easily mar objects that it hits.
  • The plastic heats easily and isn’t very effective against thick, woody stems.

3. Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 

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Designed for landscaping professionals, the Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 provides superior performance with its 6 bladed nylon line.


The trimmer line is 0.155 Inches in Diameter and 315 Feet in length. It sports a patented 6 bladed shape to provide additional trimming power and improved performance. The special copolymer formulation adds to its durability.

This product will cut through thick weeds and tough material. If you want a trimmer line for thick, woody stems or heavy weeds, this one is perfect for you. If you have a lot of workload, this trimmer line will suit you as it lasts long and cuts through most things.

One downside of this powerful trimmer line is that it makes a lot of noise. You may have to wear ear protection because of the noise. Eye protection is also recommended while using the product as it tosses up small rocks and debris.


  • The 6 bladed nylon line that slices with ease.
  • It cuts through most thick weeds, bramble, and woody stems
  • It is built to last.


  • It causes small projectiles of debris that may hurt your eyes if they are not protected properly.
  • It causes a lot of noise.
  • If you need a trimmer line for light to medium duty work, you might find this one a bit expensive and excessive. Other trimmer lines at lower prices may be more suited to your needs.

4. WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line

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WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line is one of the best trimmer lines out there because of its powerful specifications.


The trimmer line is 0.065″ in diameter and is designed to work for WORX trimmers. To improve its performance, the makers have focused on providing a DNA2 DoubleHelix cutting line. Its aerodynamic shape reduces drag. To spend less time on the spools, each of them containing 10 feet of line are pre-wound and can be easily installed in seconds.

Each six-pack has 60 feet of DNA2 DoubleHelix line so that you have ample supply. The line has a sharp edge for smooth slicing and edging. The DoubleHelix line has over 100 lbs of tensile strength that make the trimmer such a powerful tool.

The manufacturers have prioritized your time hence, the line with its thin diameter can be spun quickly. The line slices thicker grass with its sturdy design. The lines are strong enough to withstand impact against concrete or trees.

This has a different way of feeding the spools in. It is wound backward, or clockwise inside of the weed eater which is different from other weed eaters. If you put the string in the wrong way, you reduce its durability.

Their small size allows them to have a better cutting action.


  • The DNA2 DoubleHelix cutting line with an aerodynamic design that reduces drag.
  • 100 lbs of tensile strength.
  • Efficient cutting with sharp edges.


  • They don’t last as long as a few others and are used up quicker because of the small size.
  • It is most compatible with trimmers from the same brand.

5. Arnold Maxi-Edge

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Arnold Maxi-Edge is a trimmer line that is designed to cut three times more area than the economy line. This easy to use tool will slice through the weeds, grass, and some small plants.


The key feature of this trimmer line includes the .095″ diameter. The trimmer line is 200 feet long and contains 10 refills. Thus, it is designed to keep you company for long.

It is one of the few trimmer lines that has universal use. It can fit most gas string trimmers. This commercial-grade tool sports a 6 pt. Star line style.


  • It has been built to cut 3 times more area than the economy line.
  • The Longevity of the product.


  • Its contemporaries provide a lot more features which makes them more cost-efficient.

6. Maxpower 333695 Residential Grade Round .095-Inch Trimmer Line

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Maxpower 333695 Residential Grade Round .095-Inch Trimmer Line is easily among the top .095 trimmer lines in 2021.  


The bright orange colored trimmer line makes disposal of broken lines convenient. Even though the color isn’t the most important factor while choosing a trimmer line, a bright-colored line comes in handy when the line breaks. It is easy to sight and dispose of from your lawn.

The trimmer line has around 3 lb spool of round-cut trimmer line.  It is 855′ in length and .095″ in diameter that can give up to 42 refills approximately.

Even though the trimmer line is made from sturdy nylon components, nylon isn’t the strongest material for a trimmer line. This can be one disadvantage of this, otherwise, well-made trimmer line.


  • The bright orange color gives it a cool look as well as makes broken lines easy to spot on the lawn.
  • It gives approximately 42 refills.
  • It works well for residential use by cutting through thick weeds and grass.


  • It is made of nylon which may not prove to be very durable.

7. Eventronic String Trimmer Replacement Spool

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Eventronic string trimmer replacement spool comes with a pack of replacement spool cap cover and one spring. It is compatible with almost all Black+Decker string trimmers like GH500, GH610, GH912, and ST6600. 


The Eventronic string trimmer 0.065″ replacement line is factory wound for a superior feed.  The premium quality replacement line is 30 ft in length to last long.

It sports an Auto Feed System replacement spool that saves time spent on hand-winding string trimmers. When feeding the line, you don’t have to deal with head bumps against the ground with the auto-feed system.

The premium nylon line slices through thick weeds and grass smoothly. It is designed for convenience and can be installed in few quick steps.

The string trimmer ranks very high on value for money as it provides 8 packs of 30-feet long trimmer line at a competitive price.

The makers have advised wearing eye protection at all times. The tool must be unplugged before changing, installing, or removing accessories.


  • It packs in solid value for money with 8 packs of 30-feet long trimmer line at a competitive price point.
  • The biggest highlight is the auto-feed system.


  • One disadvantage of this product can be that few spools may be badly wounded.
  • It is mostly compatible with string trimmers from the Black+Decker range. Hence, you might have to buy one in case you don’t have it. This can increase the overall cost of the product.
  • It is not big enough to conveniently suit large yards.

8. DeWALT Trimmer Line (DWO1DT802)

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This DeWALT trimmer line is 225-feet in length and 0. 080-inch in width. It sports an aerodynamic design and is made from impact-resistant material. It’s perfect for light-duty work around the house.


You can easily use it to even out the close edges or do light work around the garden. It is designed for convenience and makes trimming a smooth process.

It is durable and built to last a long time. The trimmer line is made in the USA and ranks high on easy installation as well as longevity.


  • It is ideal for trimming grass or weed removal around the house.
  • Made from impact-resistant material


  • It may not prove to be suitable for commercial use.
  • It needs to be more competitive with either its price or features.

9. MaxPower 333665 RoundCut Trimmer Line

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MaxPower 333665 RoundCut Trimmer Line also sports a bright color like the 333695 version. 


Along with the bright blue color, the product has another unique selling point which is its longevity. The trimmer line can give you approximately 90 refills.

It is 1800′ in length and 0.065″ in diameter. The high-quality nylon composition makes for a strong trimmer line.

If your trimmer line constantly runs out, you should buy MaxPower 333665 so that you don’t have to keep buying trimmer lines after short intervals.


  • The biggest advantage of this trimmer line is that it has a long life. You won’t have to run to the shop regularly to buy trimmer lines.
  • The bright color can be sighted easily making disposal convenient.
  • It gives good value for money and ranks high on both ease of use as well as durability.
  • It provides approximately 90 refills which makes it suitable for commercial use.


  • It lacks other features that are found in many trimmer lines which makes it a less competitive product.

What is a Trimmer Line and Why dB003VPAEL Do You Need One?

A trimmer line is essentially a monofilament line used in string trimmers to slice through weeds, grass, and small, woody plants. The line spins at high speed to cut through dense vegetation and foliage. A trimmer line is fed into a string trimmer that is a must-have gardening tool to clear overgrown weeds and thick grasses in no time. String trimmers now come in gas-powered, electric, or cordless versions.

Now, I know what you’re wondering. Why should I buy a string trimmer when I have a lawnmower? Well, lawnmowers can’t reach difficult corners of your garden.

A string trimmer allows you to clean the tight corners of your garden making it more effective and efficient than a lawnmower. You can use a string trimmer to slice through tall weeds or clean the sidewalks in neat strokes. 

Thus, investing in a string trimmer is important for regular clean-ups and maintenance of your lawn.

Different Types of Trimmer Lines: What Type Should You Get?

Not all trimmer lines are born equal. They differ based on size, shape, and material. If you choose the wrong one, the string might break and you will have to reload. Reloading the wrong type of line is a struggle. Thus, it is very important to buy the right type of trimmer line for your string trimmer.

You should read the owner’s manual thoroughly before buying any trimmer line. It will inform you about the right string size and shape that fits your trimmer. You might also find this information on the maker’s website. Don’t skip this step because you don’t want to end up wasting money on a trimmer line that doesn’t fit.

To give you a better understanding of trimmer lines, the following are the different types of trimmer lines based on their shape, size, and material.

Size of Trimmer Line: What Size Should You Get?

The size of the trimmer line determines the cutting power of the machine. Larger the diameter, the more the cutting power. If you have thick grasses and weeds in your lawn, you should choose a trimmer line with a large diameter while a mid-range size will suffice for light work around the house.

The size of the line also depends on your string trimmer model. Every trimmer model has different specifications regarding the diameter of the line. Hence, you should read the guidelines carefully to check which diameter suits your trimmer.

There are 3 kinds of line sizes catering to different needs.

0.065″-0.085″ –  Trimmer lines that fall within this range are suited for light work.  If you want to remove light weed from your front or back lawn, this size will suit you. It is used for trimming grass and made for residential use.

0.085″ – 0.110″ –  Trimmer lines that fall within this mid-range are made for light commercial work and thicker grasses. If you have a bigger lawn or thick weeds, you should choose a line from this category.

Above 0.110″ – Trimmer lines above 0.110″ are for heavy-duty work. If you have thick underbrushes, this size will help in clearing them. It suits large yards, golf courses, and industrial landscaping.

People generally don’t use trimmer lines within this category for residential use. If you have light work, you don’t need to pay extra for this size.

Your perfect size depends on your need, the thickness of the grass, and ultimately on the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Shapes Of Trimmer Line:

The shape of the trimmer line determines its cutting efficiency, the noise produced while using the trimmer, and durability. The shape of the line decides how it will cut the grass. Hence, it’s a very important factor to consider before buying a trimmer line. The shape of the trimmer line depends majorly on the type of string trimmer you use therefore check the manual before finalizing any shape.

1. Round line

This is by far the most common trimmer line shape, particularly because it is suited for residential use. It easily trims light grass and weed. It is cheaper than others and lasts long if used for light work. The round trimmer line is easily replaceable, reloads quickly, and is be found compatible with most trimmers in the market.

A round line tends to rip the grass than slice through them as it doesn’t have a cutting edge. A round trimmer is not very effective against heavy weeds and foliage. Thus, a round trimmer line is suitable for those who have light work around the lawn.

2. Multi-sided line

Multi-sided lines cut cleanly through heavy weeds. If your lawn is overgrown with weeds and thick grasses, a Multi-sided line will serve you better. A 5-sided line tears smoothly through grass and weeds while a 6 bladed one can do the toughest of jobs making it suitable for professional use.

A multi-sided line might break on encountering hard surfaces hence it must be used carefully around obstacles. A multi-sided line can sometimes grip the vegetation a bit more tightly, which can pull the trimmer to the ground. You might have to exert extra pressure to use it.

The multi-sided line can be subdivided into categories like a square.

3. Square shaped line

A square-shaped trimmer line can cut through tall weeds in difficult terrains full of rocks and trees. The four sharp edges in a square-shaped trimmer line increase its cutting efficiency enabling it to slice through medium to heavy vegetation. If you have dense weed pile-up, a square trimmer will help you clear the place.

One problem you might face with these trimmer lines is that it can wrap around the grass which pulls the trimmer to the ground. You will have to exert pressure to pull the trimmer up from the ground.

Square shaped trimmer lines require a bit more maintenance as they have to be replaced properly to last long.

4. Twisted Trimmer line

If you live in an area with noise restrictions, here’s a trimmer line designed to reduce the noise produced while slicing through overgrown grass and weed. A twisted trimmer line is suitable for commercial use as it can clean large yards filled with heavy weeds and grass in smooth, neat cuts.

The strong build prevents it from breaking easily on contact with hard objects. Thus, you get a trimmer line that can do all the heavy weed whacking without producing much noise.

5. X-shaped

An X-shaped trimmer line resists overheating and is adaptable to both home and professional environments. If you want a trimmer line that does the work effectively without melting, an X-shaped trimmer line is ideal for you.

6. Serrated trimmer line

Serrated trimmer lines have sharp peaks or edges that resemble a kitchen knife or teeth. It cuts through the thickest of weeds and grass with ease. Serrated trimmer lines are fit for commercial use by professionals as it can clean large yards in relatively less time.

Heavy-duty tasks, overgrown lawns, and weed-filled yards can be cleared easily with this trimmer line.

Different Materials In Trimmer Lines:

The material of a trimmer line determines its longevity hence it becomes important to factor in the material before finalizing a string trimmer line.


Most standard trimmer lines are made of nylon as it is an economical option that finds favor with the masses. Manufacturers are reinforcing nylon with other materials to add extra strength. Often, aluminum is added to nylon to make it stronger. The polymer can also be used to reinforce nylon. Composite nylon materials can also be used to strengthen the line.


Titanium is used in trimmer lines for faster acceleration and increased cutting efficiency. It can slice through most things with ease. Titanium lines help in reducing fuel consumption as they finish the work in minimum time.

Titanium lines also cause less noise and are more durable than most trimmer lines. With so many benefits, it is natural that Titanium lines cost more than nylon ones.

For light, residential work a nylon line will suffice while Titanium lines are suited for professional use.

Things to Look for in a Good Trimmer Line: Buyers Guide

1. Welding Resistance

When a line overheats, it tends to melt and stick together. This is known as line welding. Welding occurs due to friction caused while the machine cuts through heavy weeds and grass.

If the string trimmer is used at high speeds near a fence, tar, or concrete walls, it softens from the heat and melts. You have to remove the string or get a new spool in such cases.

Thus, welding resistance is an important factor when buying a trimmer line. Lines made from Copolymer or Titanium have better resistance than Nylon.

2. Installation Method

Line installation method differs for different trimmer heads. You have to check your owner’s manual to find out which line installation method is compatible with your trimmer.

3. Pre-cut Trimmer Line

Pre-cut trimmer lines have already been cut to a particular size so that changing the line becomes a smooth and easy process. These are usually used in fixed head trimmers.

This installation method is quick but you are limited by the fixed length of the line.  If you misjudge the amount of line needed for the work, you will have to reload it frequently. If the line welds, you have to discard the line.

4. Spooled trimmer line

The spooled trimmer line is generally used by bump feed and twist feed systems. These trimmer lines are wound around the trimmer head and provide the whole length of the line for use. Thus, you don’t have to reload frequently.

Users can find reloading a bit difficult in this method but innovations in this area are making it easier to refill the line.

Durability Of Trimmer Lines:

The amount of work you can do with one spool determines its durability and it is affected by working around concrete walls, and hard objects.

Titanium and reinforced nylon lines are more durable than simple nylon lines.  Durability is impacted by the shape of the string and the nature of the work. Thicker lines are found to be more durable.

Shape, size, and material of the line

The shape, size, and material of the lines form the most important considerations. The needs fulfilled by each shape, size, and material are mentioned above. This will help you in choosing the right line for your gardening needs.


How much does a trimmer line cost?

The price of a trimmer line varies based on line size, shape, and material. The products mentioned here range from $10 to $30 to cater to every need and demographic.

What’s the point of a trimmer line?

A trimmer line is basically like a string that is fed into a trimmer to cut overgrown grass and weed. A trimmer can reach places the mower can’t hence it is an important tool in your garden maintenance kit. Be it the weedy border along the fence or the grass growing against the walls of the house, you can clear any place with a trimmer line.

If you have a particularly difficult terrain with rocks and tree roots, a trimmer will come in handy in clearing the weeds there. You can also maneuver it carefully against flower beds or sidewalks to clear the grass around it. Thus, a trimmer line achieves more efficiency in cutting grass and weeds than a mower.

Moreover, you can also add extra attachments to transform the trimmer into a sweeper or blower for different landscaping tasks.

Is a Thicker trimmer line better?

A thicker trimmer line is better for heavy-duty work like dense weed growth or thick grasses because an increased diameter leads to increased power. Thus, thicker lines are suitable for difficult tasks while thin ones suffice for light residential work. If you are a professional who wants to clear large yards of thick weeds, then thicker trimmer lines will be perfect.

It is important to remember that every model follows a specific size that must be adhered to. For eg, low voltage electric trimmer models are not very compatible with thick lines.

Is a twisted trimmer line better?

It all depends on your need and budget. If you live in a place with noise restrictions, a twisted line will serve better as it makes less noise and cuts clean through thick grasses and weeds. If you have light work, you don’t have to invest that much as a round line will suffice.

What trimmer line do professionals use?

Professionals generally prefer trimmer lines whose diameter is above 0.110″. Trimmer lines like Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 are a popular choice for landscaping professionals.

What is the best 0.095 trimmer line?


Use this guide to carefully select a trimmer line that serves your needs and take good care of the product. 

You can choose Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line for trimming efficiency or Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line for reduced noise and longevity.

The durability of a trimmer line depends on how you use it. Don’t use it carelessly in rough terrains, check whether it is overheating, and take time out for its maintenance so that it lasts long.