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8 Best Seed Starting Kits To Buy In 2021

by ThatWoW Editorial Team

If you are an experienced gardener, you must have that urge of growing delicate seeds or trying some exotic species. You don’t take the bold step due to higher failure rates, right? A seed-starter kit would step right in and make you believe in magic.

Besides being a redeemer for temperamental seeds, a seed-starter makes the job very easy for regular seeds. For beginners, it can work throughout the day and never let you down. You might forget one watering session, but those efficient kits won’t!

A good seed starter kit can add an extra edge and nurture the seeds like nothing else. With several species, the success rate is quite high if they are started indoors and transplanted when they are young. 

Seed starting kits are also saviors in cold climates where there are long winters and shorter growing periods. The germination kit would provide a controlled setting for the seeds and the best part is, you would be the one regulating it. The weather conditions of your surroundings should not come between you and your green friends, right? 

To help you shop for the right kit, we have listed some of the best seed starters in the market. From traditional seed starters with a tall humidity dome to modern self-watering trays, we have reviewed them all. 

Check out 8 Best Seed Starting Kits to buy in 2021 and you are ready to shop!

8 Best Seed Starting Kits to buy in 2021

1. SuperTrive Seed Starter

Your veggie plants need perfect seed-starting supplies to boost their growth and the SuperTrive seed starter provides a no-mess and convenient way to start those seeds. It has 50 cells with 42 mm pellets which makes it a good choice for any gardener who works with all kinds of flora species. 

It has enough space that would allow the seeds to germinate in favorable conditions and would be a safe home until they are ready to live in a pot. The key here is to keep the sterile soil moist enough to support the seeds and you are good to go! 

The pellets of this kit expand sufficiently and it could be used for any species, whether it is a flowering seed or a vegetable seed. The kit comes with a clear plastic lid to cover the siblings and maintain an optimum condition inside. 

One can easily observe the greenhouse effect inside the ziplock as the droplets can be spotted on the surface. You can remove the lid from time to time and make sure you have a heat source like seed mats to ensure healthy germination. 

The best thing about this seed starter is the quality of the potting mix. Many users have claimed that the mix is good enough for the seedlings and you don’t have to invest in any outside nutrients. Also, the plastic lid ensures proper moisture and the pellets never dry out!


  • Super-easy for beginners.
  • No assembling is required. 
  • Comes with a high-quality potting mix. 
  • The soil pods make transplanting very easy. 
  • Comes with a plastic lid to retain the moisture. 
  • Great for indoor planting. 


  • You would need some prior knowledge to use a seed starter that is this big. 

2. Bootstrap Farmer Seedling Starter Kit

72 Cell Seed Starter Tray - 5 Pack - Extra Strength 1020 Starting Trays for Planting Seedlings, Propagation, Germination Plugs
  • Ultra-Durable, High-Quality, BPA Free 72 Cell Tray (with drain holes). Made to last multiple seasons

An ultra-durable, 72 cell seed starter kit, this one by Bootstrap Farmer comes with extra strength and guarantees longevity. The starter kit comes with both flat and dome shapes and is factory-made to last for many seasons. 

The domes aren’t brittle and they won’t crack while you are transplanting the plants and they can be reused for another set of seeds. The dome has 4.5 inches of interior space with built-in vents that allow controlled air circulation. The entire design is plastic-free and hence, it is an environment-friendly seed tray that could help any seed to grow and live. 

Perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more, you can start with growing materials like Rockwool, perlite, or regular potting mix. All the 72 pods are large enough to handle the seeds until they are ready to live outside and what else do we want? 

I like the depth of the cells, they are 2.25 inches deep and has ample space for the seeds to grow tiny roots in a controlled environment. It is an affordable choice to help those delicate seeds and a failsafe option to expand your green thumb. 


  • An extremely affordable seed starter kit. 
  • The material is durable and high-quality. 
  • Comes with a humidity dome that retains moisture. 
  • Transplanting can be done without creating a mess. 
  • The design supports heat mats without any hassle. 


  • The lid might not fit the tray and gets stuck with the cells very often. 
  • Some users received a tray with an air gap in the bottom lining.
  • The tray might leak if you are using it regularly. 

3. Window Seed Starting Kit

A smaller alternative to the previous products, this mini greenhouse can keep your seeds hydrated until they are ready to move into a planter or your garden. Instead of a single, big tray, it has 3 small trays that can fit any window sill providing easy access and close monitoring. Each tray has 10 pods with 30 to 36mm deep fiber soil that is enough for any seed to bloom. 

Perfect for any skill level, this reusable mini seedling starter is reusable and a failsafe option to grow a smaller collection of delicate seeds. The fiber soil pods ensure a better root system that is capable of absorbing more oxygen and nutrients, supporting healthy growth.  

The air pruning in the root is necessary as the roots would grow out. Most of the competitors have compact pods that cause a spiral, tangled root system. The roots in this tray can grow right through the biodegradable fabric and it would be a superior root system. 

I love how a seed starter kit can optimize my counter space and fit in a window sill without any hassle. The rich, organic soil can be a miracle material for most species if you keep them warm and moist. Also, there is hardly any root disturbance before transplanting and there is nothing to disturb those little wonders. 


  • Ample expanding space for the seeds. 
  • Compact size and it can fit in any windowsill. 
  • Has a biodegradable fabric in the bottom of every pod. 
  • Comes with organic and low-salt soil. 
  • Comes with easy-to-follow directions of use. 
  • The 30 pod kit can be used together or separately. 


  • Sunlight won’t suffice, most species would need a full spectrum grow-light. 
  • Doesn’t come with a lid, the soil would dry out faster. 
  • The tray is made of plastic and is not very durable. 

4. MIXC Mini-Propagator Plant Grow Kit

A floor-standing, mini-propagator for growing seeds, this product from MIXC has everything you would want in a seed starter. From an efficient adjustable vent lid to deep cells with ample expanding space, it has got all your needs covered. 

It claims to be the only design in the market that has clear plastic trays and you can see those roots growing in peace whenever you want. The lid allows you to regulate the temperature and moisture inside and provide a controlled space for germination. The whole package comes with humidity domes, watertight base trays, seed trays, and plant labels. 

Each cell is 1.9 inches in length and 2.1 inches wide, suitable for large sees like tomato, eggplants, potatoes, and so on. It provides ample room for root development and also has a drainage hole at the bottom of each cell. The design protects those young seedlings from rootrot or oversaturation. 

The best part is, the product is divided into smaller units that are reusable and a healthy way to foster your garden. The starter kit is quite affordable and as mentioned by some users, it is made of sturdy plastic and designed to last for years. 


  • Very easy to assemble. 
  • The plastic cells are detachable from the support tray. 
  • The inserts are flexible and every seedling can be removed without disturbing others. 
  • Comes with a ventilated tall lid. 
  • Can be used with a seed heating mat. 
  • Cells are big enough to grow large seeds. 


  • Some products had flimsy and brittle plastic cells. 
  • Is not that tall and there isn’t ample air circulation. 
  • If not used properly, the big holes can accumulate extra water. 

5. Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starter

Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starter Tray, 72 Cells
  • GROW LIKE A PRO: Complete indoor seed starting set includes two 36 cell planting trays, two plant...

Burpee 72 cell seed starter kit is one of a kind supply with self-watering technology. The whole package includes two 36 cell planting trays, one watering tray, and one reservoir tray, pretty much a one-stop supply for your seeds. 

Decked up with natural coconut fiber and super growing pellets, every cell can do its bit and make the seedlings ready for a life in the garden. With ample expansion space, every seed can germinate in a controlled space with good care. It has a clear greenhouse dome that can retain moisture and the pellets won’t dry out often.  

To provide instructions to the beginners, the package has plant-o-diagrams, 6 plant markers, and an instruction manual. Assembling the kit is super easy and once you are done, use warm water to set up the pellets and watch them expand. 

I love how the design has managed to dedicate space for almost everything. You have the bottom area for heat tray, a long, drip tray for convenience, deep cells to facilitate a healthy root system, a functional lid and the list continues. The self-watering setup works wonderfully and it can be a savior if you are out of town or you have just skipped a watering session. 


  • An affordable self-watering seed starter kit. 
  • Is a failsafe option to grow veggies and flowers. 
  • Convenient and reliable product. 
  • The seedling heat mats can easily fit at the bottom.
  • The watering pad would keep the soil damp and maintain a routine. 
  • The directions of use are easy to follow. 
  • Comes with a plastic lid.


  • The dirt pellets might not expand if you have not followed the right procedure. 
  • The lid is not ventilated. 
  • One might experience mold issues with some seeds. 

6. Jump Start Germination Station

Jump Start CK64050 Germination Station w/Heat Mat Tray, 72-Cell Pack, One size, 2" Dome
  • UL-listed waterproof heat mat, 17 Watts, 120 Volt, 8.875" x 19.5"

Unlike other competitors, this germination station comes with a heating mat as well. It is a one-stop device to help the seedlings bring greenery to your indoor green thumb or garden. With 72 functional cells, it has enough space for expansion and you don’t have to worry about anything at all! 

The package includes a 2-inch humidity dome, a watertight base tray, and a waterproof heat mat with a power of 17 watts at 120V. The seedling inserts can work well with the heating mat and you can regulate the humidity and moisture retention with the help of the clear dome. 

The cell packs can be removed from the base tray, a convenient design when transplanting, and it works well with coco plugs, grow plugs, soilless mixes, and regular soil. The cell containers and dome are made with sturdy materials and can last for years. 

I love how the bottom heating pad is covered in vinyl and it encourages germination and also boosts growth. Except for the seed mix, you would have pretty much everything in one package. The device comes with an efficient instruction manual and you must read it thoroughly to understand the whole mechanism. 


  • This functional germination supply comes at an affordable cost. 
  • The heat mat doesn’t consume any extra electricity. 
  • The efficient dome maintains good humidity. 
  • Boosts germination rate significantly. 
  • The seed plugs have enough ventilation. 
  • An amazing choice for indoor gardens. 


  • The tray material is not of high quality. 
  • The dome or cover is shorter than regular seed starters. 
  • If you are not germinating a lot of seeds at once, the device might kill a few. 
  • For some users, the heating mat was not functional. In such cases, make sure you test every unit after the purchase. 

7. Super Sprouter Propagation Kit

Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit with Heat Mat, 10" x 20" Tray, 7" Dome & T5 Light, 5 Piece, Black/Clear
  • Super Sprouter 7 in Ultra Clear Vented Dome with built in light track channels

One of my favorite additions to this list, this premium propagation kit by Super Sprouter is here to help you with your gardening chores. We know how difficult it is to start a seed, mostly the delicate ones that do not germinate on garden beds. This electric propagation kit can take care of any seedling or cuttings effortlessly. 

The package includes an ultra-clear vented dome with built-in light track channels and a high output T5 fluorescent grow light is attached to the channeled dome. The superior tray is made of sturdy plastic and can last for years. Finally. The seedling heat mat would take be enough to regulate the temperature inside the dome. What else do we need? 

No doubt, this item is great for sprouting seeds, especially if you have an indoor green thumb. Many users have stated that the humidity dome is super-functional and you can cut down the water supplies as moisture is maintained for hours. 

Unlike other products, this one doesn’t have cells for pellets. You can pick any plastic cell tray and fit it inside this one as per your need. The temperature can be fine-tuned very easily and there is hardly any mold issue. Overall, this product is very reliable and it won’t let you down! 


  • The dome and the tray don’t have any air gap. 
  • Very easy to use and beginner-friendly. 
  • Great for sprouting seeds. 
  • Accelerates growth rate and encourages faster germination. 
  • Comes with a functional seedling heat mat. 
  • It has a T5 growing light fixed with the dome. 
  • An affordable, one-stop seed starter kit. 


  • Some users faced watering dripping problem. 
  • The heat mat might overheat and kill the seeds. Use a controller to regulate the temperature. 
  • The growing light might not be suitable for some species. 

8. iPOWER Heating Seed Starter Kit

iPower Heating Seed Starter Germination Kit Seedling Propagation Tray with Heater and 5in Vented Humidity Dome, 1-Pack, Black&Transparent
  • Built-in Heater: iPower Heating Propagation Tray comes with a vented humidity dome, which can help...

The combination of a heating propagation tray and a vented humidity dome can be everything growing seedlings would need. The heating tray provides sufficient heat and the vented humidity dome would regulate moisture and help you control the conditions inside. 

The propagation tray has a 3-in-1 design with a flat tray, a cell tray, and a functional humidity home. The 24 cell seedling tray has drain holes to prevent oversaturation and it fits perfectly in the propagation flat tray. Weighing 2.5 pounds, the device has a convenient overall size and is easy to carry around. 

Ideal for indoor gardens, specifically in cold climates where seed propagation is tough in natural conditions. The heating tray keeps the seeds at a constant temperature of 40 degrees, which is optimum for healthy root growth. The 5-inch dome with vents is sturdy and would work as a protective blanket for the seeds. 

Unlike similar products, the iPower Seed Starter Kit has a self-heating tray and you don’t have to invest in heating mats. This could be a cheap and efficient choice to work with delicate seeds and boost your indoor green thumb. 


  • It has a functional drainage tray. 
  • The propagation tray is self-heating and you don’t need heating mats. 
  • The dome is properly vented and retains good moisture. 
  • The lid and tray sit very well together. 


  • The heating cannot be controlled as it maintains a constant temperature. 
  • The materials aren’t sturdy enough. 
  • Grow media not included. 
  • It doesn’t come with an instruction manual or hazard warnings. 

What is a Seed Starting Kit and Why do you need one?

A seed starter kit is a whole package, consisting of every supply a delicate seed would need while germinating. They provide extensive support to young seedlings and help them grow in a controlled environment until they are ready to be transplanted. 

A typical seed starter kit has a propagation tray, a cell tray with a number of pods to hold the seeds, and a humidity dome. Some kits might have a growing medium like coco fiber or peat pods while other products would come with a heat mat. There are self-watering and self-heating designs that could make your work super easy as the system is automated. 

Seed starting kits can give a kickstart to young seeds and speed up the germination. While a species might take weeks to germinate in a garden bed, it would start to bloom in 4-5 days in a propagation tray. Besides, people living in cold climates do not have optimum natural conditions to support plant growth. One can make the seeds grow and transplant those green friends to their greenhouse with ease.

Automated models or designs can be a savior when you are traveling. For example, a self-watering tray would water the seeds regularly and you don’t have to run around with a watering can. Everything is done in a controlled environment and the results are mostly favorable in comparison to natural growth. 

Things to Look for in a Good Seed Starting Kit: Buyers Guide

Among several varieties available at the market, there are certain factors that must be considered before you choose a seed starter kit. Here is a list of things that would help you with the search. 

1. Cell Number and Size

Based on your requirement, you can choose a big kit with 60 or 72 cells or go for a small one with 32 cells. A greater number of cells can germinate a whole lot of seeds simultaneously which might be a problem if there isn’t sufficient expansion space. Smaller trays, on the other hand, would work with fewer seeds and if there is enough space, transplanting would be very easy. 

The overall size and dimensions of the tray matters because you would need space during transplantation. You would never want to disturb a young plant while transplanting the other, would you? 

2. Humidity Dome

Most of the seed starter kits come with a clear plastic cover or dome which mainly retains moisture. The humidity domes keep the moisture intact and it would never let the seeds dry out. The plastic structure acts as a mini-greenhouse for your plants. 

Don’t forget to check out the size of the dome. Some plants grow out of the structure before they are transplanted which might harm their health. Also, look for vents and adjustable openings in the dome. A ventilated humidity dome would help you regulate the moisture level inside. 

3. Growing Medium

As mentioned above, a seed starter kit may or may not come with a growing medium. If it has a medium like pellets or coco fiber, match your requirements with it. If it only has empty cells, you are free to work with any soil or other alternatives according to the species you are growing. 

4. Durability

A major factor when you are looking for seed starters, you must test the sturdiness of the trays before you buy one. You would always expect the kit to last for years and a flimsy plastic would not suffice your needs in the long run. It is better to go for double-layered materials that are durable and won’t crack. 

5. Ease of Use and Efficiency

It is not about how effortlessly you can work with it, but things to look out for to reduce manual work. If you have worked with seed starters before, you must know the importance of drip trays, adjustable heating for self-heating trays, the gap between the water tray and the cell tray, and so on. Check for these minute details before you pick one and go for it. Beginners can take some expert advice and assess their needs thoroughly. 

Mostly the automated designs can be assessed for efficiency. You can check user reviews and analyze how efficient a heating pad is or how effectively the self-watering tray works and choose the best. 

5 Benefits Of Using A Seed Starting Kit

Starting seeds indoors itself has several benefits like faster process, low cost, and everything can be regulated. I love how we can witness the entire process whenever we want and check for their health conveniently. Using a seed starting kit would add up to these advantages. Here are 5 benefits of using a seed starter. 

1. Cost-Effective

Growing plants from seeds have always been an economical choice in comparison to buying young plants. When you purchase a plant, you are paying somebody else for growing it for you. You can start them yourself using a seed starter and since all the supplies are reusable, you can cut costs for years to come. 

2. Larger Selection

Most gardeners, experts or beginners, have limited options when it comes to growing plants from seeds. Climatic conditions and vivid growing conditions of delicate species cause a hindrance as trying them out would be a risky affair. 

Seed starters or propagation kits treat every species equally and you can choose among the endless varieties without worrying about the results. Seed starters are no doubt the most helpful device if you want exotic or heirloom plants in your garden. 

3. Saves Energy

They reduce the amount of micromanagement essential to growing a plant and most of the heating pads or automated propagation trays also consume minimal electricity. You can germinate a huge number of seeds at once and all of them would receive the same care and nutrients.

You can cut down the chore of planting seeds in your veggie garden and transplant them directly when they are self-sufficient. After all, having a mini-greenhouse for your green thumb is not a small thing!  

4. Healthier Plants

As the seeds germinate in a controlled environment and you get to choose the growing medium for them, indoor starter plants are healthier in comparison to those in your garden beds. You will be able to manage their stress, allow enough air for the roots, and add fertilizers as and when required. Healthier plants turn out to be more productive and they live longer. Try to look out for pest invasions and molds inside the domes and there is nothing else to worry about. 

5. A Failsafe Method

When you are experimenting for the first time, a few seeds from the lot might not make it. Trust me, it gets better with time and one day you would see all the cells blooming with green leaves. 

Raising plants in a small-scale controlled agricultural environment ensures each and every seedling gets enough care during its initial days. The results are mostly positive and you get to welcome some young plants to your garden. 

How Many Seeds Should I Plant Per Hole?

You can always plant more than one seed in each cell if you want to expand the space. Make sure you put enough growing medium in the holes to support the germination of two or more seeds simultaneously. 

However, I would recommend you plant one seed per hole to avoid tangling the root system. Though for similar species cross germination would not be an issue, it is difficult to analyze the growing requirements of different seeds planted together. 

What Happens If You Put Too Many Seeds In a Hole? 

If you overcrowd a hole in your seed starter tray, it might lead to a tangled root system of the young plants. You have to transplant them together and separating them would possess the risk of disturbing the root system which might eventually kill the plants. 

Besides, the tray might not have enough expansion space and the young plants would surely exceed the space allotted to each cell. It is better to plant one or two seedlings per hole to ensure healthy growth. 

Can You Start Seeds In Regular Potting Soil?

Regular potting soil or garden soil tends to drain poorly when used in small seed-starting trays. As a result, the seeds are prone to pest invasions and plant diseases that can harm or even kill the seedlings. It is better to use an organic mix as the growing medium in seed starter trays. You will get the best results if you use soil mixes specially formulated for starting seeds indoors.

How Do You Use a Seed Starter Kit?

Using a seed starter kit is pretty easy and it becomes a cakewalk with practice. You might find it intriguing at first, but most of the seed starters come with an instruction manual and safety hazards. Reading it thoroughly would help you get through with ease and eventually, you will get good results. Here are some quick seed starting tips related to germination kits.

1. One Tray, One Species

If you are thinking about starting more than one species at once, you will get premium results when all of them would have similar growing conditions. As different types of seeds sprout and grow at different rates along with requiring different conditions, it is better to grow them in separate seed starter kits.

2. Air Circulation is the Key

Most of the humidity domes or plastic covers in germination kits have vents. if you can see the sprouts, make sure enough fresh air is available and moisture is retained as well.

3. Heating should be just enough

Many seeds die due to overheating and you must not make this mistake. Know what your seeds need to grow and regulate the heating mats accordingly.


Seed starting kits were discovered to provide optimal growing conditions for seeds and now you know-how. From providing warmth and humidity to reducing manual work, they are doing everything so that the seeds could sprout.

Among several varieties and professional starting kits, I would recommend using a traditional kit with a vented dome for your indoor garden. It is better to avoid automated ones since nothing can understand our green friends more than us. Besides, it extremely satisfying to see those green leaves coming out, isn’t it?


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