Full Sun Perennials: 15 Stunning Low Maintenance Plants that thrive in Sun


Plants and shrubs are downright embellishments to any backyard or patio. Their presence adds the perfect amount of aesthetics to our anyway dull backyards and courtyards. 

Growing up in a place where you get sunlight during most hours of the day, I realize the struggle of maintaining a good yielding plant. Sunlight, however necessary for the survival of any plant, if provided in a bulk amount can even cause some plants to die. 

If you’re a resident of such a region and are looking to set up a garden, choose wisely. There are some plants that would not only be able to withstand the excessive amount of sunlight but are also everlasting. 

We’ve got the most viable options for you! Now, you can have a beautiful garden all year long without any extra efforts. Sounds great, right? 

15 Stunning Low Maintenance Plants that Thrive in Sun (sun-loving perennials)

1. Peony

Get a scented garden all year long with these colorful and vibrant peonies. They’re easy to maintain and require full sunlight to grow i.e. at least six hours a day. 

Choose a well-drained soil and water about an inch per week. You’d need to provide this plant with a nitrogen-based fertilizer around the spring every year. 

Bonus point? You can also plant the peonies in a container in case you run short of space. 

2. Thrift   

To grow a thrift plant, choose well-drained sandy soil with a limited amount of fertile matter. Once the plant is established properly, it doesn’t need much watering or care. 

The plant naturally grows alongside the ocean bank. Expose the plant to full sunlight and provide a little shade if you live in the southern states.

Besides the ornamental importance, the plant also has medicinal values as it is used as a common sedative and so many other utilities. 

3. Catnip

As the name suggests, cats are quite fond of the catnip plant. If you have a pet cat, she/he would definitely love you for growing this plant. 

The plant has simple green-colored foliage and prefers full shade. It is tolerant to extremely warm conditions like drought. Water it frequently allowing the soil to try in between the consecutive waterings. 

The soil must be well-drained with slight alkalinity i.e. pH of more than 7. Best part? You don’t need to spend bucks on fertilizer as they don’t need one. 

4. Lavender

Widely known for its fragrance and aesthetics, lavender is one of the most common houseplants. Another reason for its popularity could be the ease of growing and maintenance. 

The soil must be sandy and well-drained and needs to be watered regularly ( leaving it to dry in between the waterings ). Feed the plant an all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer two times in a year. 

5. Hollyhock    

The pink-colored flower of the hollyhock plant is such an eyecatcher and it’s going to add every missing spark to your home garden. Lookup for a soil that is well-drained, moist, and rich in organic matter. 

Hollyhock plants will attract a variety of pollinators to your garden as the plant is considered to be tasty food for certain bees and flies. 

Water it regularly and keep checking out for rust as the plant is susceptible to getting rust.

6. Chrysanthemum   

Whenever you think of giving someone a green friend, chrysanthemum seems to be the most feasible option for you. Chrysanthemum alias mum is a cheerful plant that you can grow in plants as well as in soil. 

This plant favors sunlight and water when the top layer of soil becomes dry. Make sure the soil is aerated in order to avoid excessive humidity.

 7. Russian Sage

Don’t worry if you’re not a resident of Russia, you can still grow Russian sage in your home garden! The plant is usually known for its scented foliages and purple color. 

Choose a fertile soil which is also well-draining and expose them to full sunlight. Once the plant is established, it can go without water for a long stretch. 

8. Daylily

If you manage to grow the daylily properly, you’ll witness the most beautiful and effortless perennial in your garden and I can vouch for that. 

The plant is drought tolerant and disease-free which means that you can just plant and forget them. Select a soil that is moist and well-draining and keep the plant under sun for at least six hours a day. 

9. Pink Muhly Grass     

Ornamental grasses are like cherries on the top of the cake. You just can’t miss out on growing them if you long for a displayable garden. One such grass is pink muhly grass. 

It can mesmerize you with its long and colorful foliage. All you need is a soil which is well-draining, water when the soil is dry while the plant is a baby and water in a limited amount once it’s established. 

Also, make sure to feed the plant with diluted fertilizer in the spring season. 

10. False Indigo    

False Indigo is a blue-colored plant that thrives best in well-draining, drier soil with neutral to slightly acidic pH. The plant is almost drought tolerant once it’s established, however, you need to water it frequently in the first year. 

There are several varieties of false indigo that you can grow in your garden as an exotic add-on. 

11. Salvia     

Salvia looks somewhat like Russian sage which you can use as an alternative to Russian sage. Water the plant frequently at least once in a week and check that the topsoil must be wet. 

Keep the plant under full sunlight and the soil must be moist, well-draining. Weeds can be a major problem while you grow salvia, so ensure their timely removal. 

12. Mountain Marigold

Mountain marigold looks the same as the usual marigold, it’s usually heat and drought tolerant and can grow well in poor soil as well. The plant doesn’t prefer much diligent watering and to be precise rainfall is more than enough for these plants to survive. 

The plant is perennial and low maintenance so you can enjoy the vibes of marigold all year long. 

13. Liatris

Locate the Liatris plant in a sunny area in a soil that is slightly acidic or neutral and has a significant amount of fertility. The plant is short in length but has unparalleled beauty. 

You can even grow the plant in a container and it requires minimum efforts. Allow the soil to dry in between the waterings and cease irrigation once the plant is established. 

14. Agapanthus

Another plant that requires the least care and gives high returns is Agapanthus. It is also known as African Lily and thrives best in a well-drained soil mix. 

Provide the plant with ample sunlight and timely fertilization. The plant doesn’t require much watering even during the summer season. However, ensure that the soil is constantly moist. 

15. Foamy Bells     

Foamy bells are a low growing hybrid plant of coral bells and foamflower. This plant is especially known for being a low maintenance garden addition. There are several varieties of this plant that produce different colors. 

Use well-draining moist soil to provide all the required nutrients to this plant. They grow best in full sun or even partial shade. 

With these perennials, you can have a lively garden throughout the year. Even if you live in a warmer region. So try some of them and let us know!