13 Low Maintenance Plants That Anyone Can Care For


Are you thinking about setting up a green thumb indoors? If you have never cared for a plant before, choosing the right first plant can be intimidating. 

There are endless varieties of indoor plants and let’s say it, most of them look gorgeous. Falling for those looks might not be a good idea because some of them cannot tolerate neglect. Some species require more attention and care than others and this is why the right choice is important. 

There are many sturdy beauties that are almost indestructible and low-maintenance. If you want to spruce up your home with a touch of greenery and you are new to plant parenthood, check out these forgiving indoor plants.  

Choosing a forgiving plant will ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted and the plant is alive, if not happy, with your care because mistakes can occur! 

Check out 13 LOW MAINTENANCE PLANTS THAT ANYONE CAN CARE FOR and you would be good to go with these! 

1. Tradescantia Zebrina

As pretty as it looks, taking care of this species is very easy and can be a good option for novice gardeners. You have to keep it in indirect sunlight, water it when the topsoil is dry, and keep it in a humid place. This plant can tolerate missed waterings, but over-watering can be fatal. Make it blush by fertilizing it once, every month, leaving the winter season. 

2. Air Plants

I like variety and if you can relate with me, this would be a good choice. Air plants come in so many shapes and colors and they are low-maintenance. They absorb everything from the air and soaking it in water every few weeks would do the job. Keep them stands or even display it on fridge magnets, they look super cool! 

3. Coffee Arabica

It is very unlikely to be the substitute for coffee seeds, but it is an easy plant to grow and you can feel the fresh aroma of those coffee blooms anytime. Keep them in a warm spot, in medium light and water it only when the soil is dry. If the leaves get droopy, you just have to water it and they would be right back up. 

4. Aloe

You might be familiar with the goodness of aloe, and the list is really big. Besides blessing us with all the benefits of aloe juice and gel, it is not demanding and can thrive on dry soil, plenty of light, and have small water requirements. It is my favorite of the lot and it is worth it! 

5. Monstera

Loved for their tropical look, monstera plants is a quite forgiving one and has very small demands. They can tolerate low light and only needs water when the topsoil is dry. If you want a good growth, keep it in medium to a brightly lit environment. 

6. Peperomia

The leaves of this species store water as a reserve and it can function well if you have missed one or two waterings. They don’t have any specific light requirement, they can blush on a bright windowsill and thrive in an indoor office as well. 

7. Parlor Palm

I have come across many who prefers to have a tall, grassy plant in their indoor garden. These species also make good centerpieces for tea tables and this lush palm plant can adapt to low light. Avoid over-watering, keep the soil on the dry side, and avoid frequent watering during winter. To make it blush, arrange for occasional misting in a warm spot! 

8. Lavender

A well-known herb and medicinal plant, lavender is widely used for making essential oils. Use well-drained soil and plant lavender in full Sun. Avoid frequent watering, but make sure the water is reaching the roots. Don’t forget to prune right after bloom to maintain healthy growth. The bottom line would be- growing lavender is easy and rewarding.

9. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are stunning and can be a top choice for home decor. With white, purple, and pink colors, they look so subtle. Peace lilies need low light, moist soil, and moderate temperatures. They are low-maintenance and you can opt for this one even if you have no experience in gardening. 

10. Pothos

I find this species very cute because they have a dwarf-like resemblance and it can be a good indoor plant. Preferably, it can thrive in bright, indirect light but it can also survive in low light. Since pothos likes dry soil, make an erratic watering schedule for this one and a well-drained soil would be a perfect choice. 

11. Asparagus Fern

This species of fern is so fluffy and can tolerate a lot more abuse than other fern varieties. Asparagus can adapt to both dark and bright corners of your room and their looks are attractive. I would admire the fluffiness and the fact that it is actually not a fern. Keep them in a moisty soil and see them blush! 

12. Guiana Chestnut

Commonly known as the money tree, Guiana chestnut is a famous indoor plant, and why not? They are low-maintenance, can tolerate neglect, and hardly demands attention. Keep them in bright, indirect light and the leaves would blush. You must water it frequently because they grow naturally in a swamp. 

13. African Violet

It does look like a succulent, but it’s a flowering plant, extremely well-known as an indoor species due to several blooms in a year. African violets need bright, indirect light, and moist soil. Maintaining good drainage and fertilizing it every other week would keep it healthy and happy. 

Having a green thumb indoors is never a bad idea and it turns out to be wonderful decor items, but it’s not a bed of roses for a novice gardener. Avoid challenges and choose these forgiving plants and you won’t regret your decision. Gear up and get your green friend right away!