11 Herbs That Grow From Cuttings


You’re missing out on so much if you don’t use herbs in your meals or if you do, you must be knowing how expensive they are. Either way, it’s a misfortune! But what if I tell you that you can grow herbs in your home garden? 

Yes, growing herbs at your place is a no-brainer and it’s a frugal way to enjoy all their culinary and healing benefits. And you don’t have to spend even a penny to buy the seeds from the nursery. Just take the cuttings of an existing herb and further grow it in water or soil. 

There are four types of cuttings – softwood cutting, greenwood cutting, hardwood cutting, and semi-hardwood cutting. Anyway, that’s a different story but today we’re here to share about 11 herbs that grow from cuttings. 

11 Herbs That Grow From Cuttings

1. Oregano    

If you love Italian cuisine, you must be knowing the importance of aromatic Oregano. It’s one of the easiest herbs to grow from cuttings. Bear in mind to take the cutting from a freshly grown or about-to-grow part. And then you can plant it in water or soil near your kitchen to ensure an endless supply. 

2. Basil     

From a hot cup of tea to lips-smacking dishes, Basil has mastered them all. To grow Basil herbs at home, you’ll need cutting of around four-inch from an unflowered part. Keep it a container of water and place this container near your kitchen’s windowsill where it could get a minimum of six hours of sunlight. 

3. Mint    

Who doesn’t like a refreshing mocktail drink in the scorching summer heat? And needless to say that Mint is the kingpin of mocktails. It’s time to grow this highly aromatic and magical herb at home from cuttings. Cut about three to five inches of stem and remove the leaves from its lower part. Use a water jar or vase to plant them. 

4. Lavender    

Growing Lavender is an easy way to increase the aesthetic value of your home decor. You can easily grow it in water but its success rate is comparatively lesser than those planted in soil. Just cut a three-inch-long stem and clear off the leaves from the bottom. It requires little care and yields beautiful results. 

5. Sage    

Add the flavors of home-grown authentic sage to your delicacies but first, you need to grow them at your place. And why not? After all, it demands so little and can survive easily under negligence. Cut around six centimeters of the stem and plant it into a water jar. Your plant is good to go! 

6. Lemon Balm    

Lemon balm is a lesser-known wonderful herb that has a strong lemon-like aroma. The plant isn’t picky and you can easily grow it in any kind of soil. It grows best under the full sun and can be invasive if not taken care of. Prune it as you do in the case of a Mint plant, as they belong to the same family. 

7. Rosemary   

To grow Rosemary herbs from the cuttings, you’ll need to prune about a three-inch-long stem from a mature plant. Remove the leaves from the bottom part leaving a few at a higher level. Plant it in well-draining soil and keep the pot under partial sun. The plant is good for skin as you know it’s used to make essential oils.  

8. Stevia    

Stevia is a simple plant that adds a unique sweet and bitter flavor to the dishes. It’s widely used to enhance the taste of tea. Grow this useful herb in your home garden by cutting the half part of an existing plant. It needs well-drained soil to flourish in the best possible way. 

9. Scented Geraniums    

As the name suggests, Scented Geraniums are available in a large variety of scents. This herb is a must-have for your home garden as the refreshing fragrance will surround the place in no time. Cut the leaf-joint in an existing plant and remove all the leaves ( except the top two ) from this detached part. 

10. Marjoram    

If you’re looking for a herb to accelerate the influx of butterflies and other pollinators in your home garden, Marjoram could be the perfect fit! It is valuable both in the garden and the kitchen as well. Take cuttings that are at least five inches long and plant them in a container with moist soil. The plant needs an all-purpose plant food to thrive the best. 

11. Thyme  

Little do I need to tell you about the functionality of Thyme, you must be knowing it already! This herb is one of the most popular herbs around the world and you’d love to have it in your home garden. Be careful while you cut the stem from a mature thyme plant. Make sure the stem is green and there are no flowering buds on it. 

It’s hard to resist when you have a plethora of options in front of you, right? What are you waiting for? Grab the cuttings and have a herb(full) lush green garden at your home.